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07-13-2001, 01:24 AM
So what Sith Lords scare the bejesus out of everyone??? Here are mine
1.Darth Maul
2.Emperor Palpatine
4.Darth Vader

As far as favourite Sith go, Vader all the way.

For the Jedi, I would have to say Anakin Solo or Mara Jade

Boba Rhett
07-13-2001, 01:53 AM
Palpatine is definately the spookayust!!11

07-13-2001, 06:03 AM
Scary as in looks Maul looks like Satan lol but as fair as personality.

Lets see Darth Vader is a Monster kills Thousands of Jedis and killed plety of non Jedi.

Emperor is not scary at all

Darth Maul was Almost Scary with Silence and Killing attuide.

Jerec was just a dumbass Dark Jedi Wait hes No SITH! So he doesnt count.

But ya right on one thing Jedi_Prophecy Darth Vader rules I go Stand by the most Powerful "Sithlord" I go for Darth Vader.

Oh yes this poll as already be created.

07-13-2001, 11:30 AM
oh no! its a really old guy with corny makeup and bad teeth!!!!

oh,its just the emporer.....

and BTW, i went to a church "Play", and the guy playing satan wore a darth maul mask. HOW CORNY IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Pedro The Hutt
07-13-2001, 01:45 PM
Well of all the Sith's I'd least like to meet I'd say Darth Vader.

07-13-2001, 03:14 PM
Even if Jerec was a Sith he wasn't as scary as Darth Vader. Jerec made me laugh. If I had to choose between Vader and Jerec killing me i'd choose Jerec, 'cause at least I'd go out with a laugh.

Uutont Fær Uulion
07-13-2001, 04:01 PM
I don't think any of them a scary, but thats probably because I haven't met any of them.
*a dazed look comes across his face*
...I wonder if they like Oatmeal Raisin or Chocolate Chip...

07-13-2001, 04:54 PM
Emperor palpatine is by far the scariest!!!!!

As it seems to me darth vader DID NOT hunt down and kill all the jedi HIMSELF!!!!!!!
Emperor palpatine did it with vader!!!!!!

Emperor palpatine is THE most powerful Sith Lord of all time!!!!!!!!!

Vader was so weak!!!!!!! HE WENT TO THE LIGHT SIDE IN THE END FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

heh heh. sorry about my ranting and raving. ;)

07-13-2001, 05:50 PM
na Jercec was a sad sad Dark Jedi not even a good fighter hesn ot even scary I would Luaghing at him because hes so weak and cant bare to handly the true strength of the "Sith"

It would be an Honor to die from Darth Vader The Emperor weak couldnt even do stuff on his own always had to send his Strongest Sith Lord which is (Darth Vader) to fight. I dont have a problem with Darth Vader but he served a Dumbass Iam glad he wanted his sun to kill him.

The EMperor isnt scary at all!

07-13-2001, 06:00 PM
Darth Vader(the poster not the Sith) is right, Jerec was a weak fighter. HE couldn't even beat a self trained(and barely trained at that) Jedi at a lightsaber battle when he had the power of the Valley of the Jedi. To me thats a bigger failure than the Emperor or Vader ever had.

07-13-2001, 07:12 PM
The Emperor was pure evil. Even Vader was redeemed in the end. The scariest Sith...?

1: Emperor Palpatine.
2: Darth Maul
3: Darth Vader (hey there WAS good in him, at the end...)

Now Jerec? He just makes me LAUGH. Pathetic phony.

07-14-2001, 10:42 AM
What about Exar Kuhn?
He was well 'ard in Jedi Accademy series, and made a fairly inexperienced apprentice into a sick sith - Kyp Duron.

As far as the Emperor goes, I have to say he's the winner. Sure, he's not as menacing as Vader, and he's not all over you like Maul. But remember that physical appearence isn't the most important factor (yoda, anyone?) During episode II and III Palpatine will probably go through 2 or 3 more apprentices, and he will use and manipulate them ruthlessly. This is one powerfull and power-mad dude.

07-14-2001, 04:41 PM
Yes! Yes! Emperor palpatine is the strongest!

And somewhere someone said that the emperor was just an old man in bad make up, well he was acctually played by the same guy that played senator palpatine in TPM!

Oh, and of course Jerec is laughable! ;)

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07-14-2001, 05:39 PM
The scariest sith is:

Darth MadPoster

I could whip any of 'em, including Yoda!

A magnet across a tape or a pair of shears to a muppet, and I am GOD! :D

07-14-2001, 09:06 PM
Yeah well Hannibal, you have to remember that Jerec was barely trained aswell because Palpatine just wanted kinda back-up Dark Jedi. You must remember that he was paranoid about other Force users becoming too powerful that they could overthrow him. I think that Lucas Arts made Jerec out to be too powerful. Even jk.net(no offense) in their character sketch of Jerec said he had powers that would rival the legendary Lord Vader. Gasp!!!!! What an insult

07-15-2001, 10:05 PM
Uh, I thought that Jerec and the rest of the dark jedi came AFTER ROTJ.

07-16-2001, 01:30 PM
Fear is a curious thing. None of the Sith (or Dark Jedi) really frighten me.

Y'see, for me, scary means "sinister," not "monstrous." I'm not scared by roaring and rippling muscles, I'm intimidated when someone's voice gets very slow and quiet.

The only time when yelling actually got a reaction out of me is on Star Trek, when Riker starts bellowing orders, and even then, it's more of a "snap to attention" than a "cringe in fear" reaction.

The only Sith/Dark Jedi I'm actually scared of is Palpatine, and that's just 'cause he's smart. Maul never struck me as being particularly bright, and I could probably out-think Vader or Jerec (or any of Jerec's minions).

The velociraptors in Jurassic Park are more frightening than the T-rex because, as big and powerful as the T-rex is, the raptors are nearly as intelligent as humans; possibly moreso. It's that element of uncertainty that gets me, the thought that the monster might actually be plotting, and could outsmart me.

07-16-2001, 03:49 PM
I think you just hit the nail on the head.

I it is more scary not KNOWING what is going to happen. So when all you see is a big show of power you aren't scared as much as when you have no idea as to what your enemy is about to do.

Basicly with a big show of power you see right away what you would have to do to stay alive, but when you don't know what your foe is plotting then you don't know how to survive his attack.

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07-16-2001, 08:09 PM
Or what about those new guys in JP3 beastmaster??? They are really supposed to be smart!!!!!

"He's calling for help!" - Sam Neill
"They set a trap!" - Sam Neill

07-16-2001, 09:29 PM
No offense but Jerec needed some chap stick. Go ahead, load up JK he is licking his lips in every scene.

Now every Dark Jedi knows that licking dry lips makes the problem worse. You need something to lock in the moisture into the skin and promote natural protection on the lips.

Maybe he liked to toture himself everytime he ate salty or spicy foods those flavors would find there way inside the hundreds of microscopic cracks in his lips and cause intense, crippling burning.

Perhaps frequent use of the lightsaber causes lips to dry and crack?

07-17-2001, 12:09 AM
Originally posted by Jedi_Prophecy:
<STRONG>Or what about those new guys in JP3 beastmaster??? They are really supposed to be smart!!!!!</STRONG>

That's what I mean.

My fave scene from the trailer is when Ellie finds what she thinks is a raptor statue in the wrecked cloning facility. it's completely lifeless as she stares at it, marvelling at the detail. . .

Then it blinks.


<small>Have you read Crichton's original books? the original version raptors were just creepy.</small>

Pedro The Hutt
07-17-2001, 12:41 AM
I read "The Lost World".. yeah... those were smart little creatures.. I would have preferred it now if Spielberg stayed ALOT closer to the books with the 1st 2 movies.