View Full Version : Replace MP bot A.I. with S.P A.I.? Plausible?

04-17-2002, 02:16 AM
I was wondering if that would be possible after the SDK/GDK comes out of course...as it is right now, the bots are very timid and do not attack you at all...I want smart agressive bots to attack me.

I also have another question. Let's say in the near future, someone releases a Duel of the Fates map. After playing through it, it would be a pain to have to keep reloading it to play it again. most of us realized this on the ladder map after we beat Desann, we wanted to keep playing, to mess around. To do this, we would use the Npc Spawn command (For those who do not know, "npc spawn (desired person)" and that NPC would come in and just begin to fight.

So here is my question, would it be possible to make the console recognize, for instance, "npc spawn Maul"?

Sorry if its confusing and I know a lot of people will say, "Why not just load bots in mp?" Well, if you are like me, you prefer the single player combat A LOT more over the MP saber combat...

Thanks and hopefully some people can help answer my question :-)

rut-wa jodar
04-17-2002, 05:30 AM
We have to wait & hope that once the SDk & GDK is released, a modder will address this issue about MP battles because I doubt very much that Raven are going to do anything about it.
There argument is that the amount of lag it would cause (as if it wasn`t already LAGGY ?).

The least they could do is fix the MP A.I (it SUCKS !!!) and sort out autoblocking.

As for spawning, I was interested in how they did it . Raven used a program called "BehavEd" to autospawn characters. Hope this was some help