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04-17-2002, 04:51 AM
Yes, this is another 'replace kyle in sp' thread. I've read all of the other ones and for some reason, i still can't get it to happen.

There seems to be two methods.

Method 1 (seems way too easy):

Extract the kyle folder from assets0.pk3. (models/players/kyle) - delete all files in 'kyle' folder.

Extract the models/players/guyyouwanttobe folders.

Cut and paste all of the 'guyyouwantobe' into the kyle folder.

Delete the models/players/(now empty due to cut/pasting)guyyouwanttobe folders.

Zip models/players/kyle (now containing guyyouwantobe files)

Rename models.zip extention to whatever.pk3 (don't begin name with the letter A)

Place into base folder.

And bam, new default sp.

I wish it were so. . . doesn't work with me and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. The above method seems to mean i could just create 3 new folders, called models, player, kyle respectively and then just place the guyiwanttobe files into the created kyle folder and rezip making sure that kyle folder is in player folder which is in models folder and that would work. No?

Anyway the second method seems more likely and that method is:

Extract models/players/kyle from assests0.pk3.

Extract models/players/guyyouwanttobe from where ever it is (i'm trying to use the phantom knight kyle - a choice downloaded.pk3 - looks very cool with a purple lightsaber - lol, ya but it's true)

Now this step is the one i'm having trouble with. i think you rename the graphic files in the 'phantom knight kyle' kyle folder which are the same name as kyles graphic files except for the dark prefix (ie in normal kyle it's kyle_torso.graphfile - whatever, where as in the phantom knight kyle it's darkkyle_torso.graphfile)
and when you've done that, delete all files in normal kyle folder and replace with renamed dark kyle files. Then delete the models/players/(dark)kyle folder. Zip and rename whatever.pk3 and boom - new default SP.

Well. . . that didn't work either. So what am i doing wrong?

I should add that there are alot more files in the normal kyle folder than there are in the phantom knight kyle folder, yet i've been told to delete all kyle files and replace with renamed darkkyle files. Theres two .fpls files in normal kyle folder that don't exist in the phantom knight kyle folder - should i delete them from kyle folder or leave them in when i transfer the newly named dark kyle files?

As you can see from the length of this post i am really very anxious and quite frustrated.

Please be specific.

PS: The was a flaw in the original phantom knight kyle skin. I have the fixed version and it works fine in multi.

And hurry, i've finished the game (man - the ultimate single player game i've ever played) and because well, multiplayer sucks (and i'm a multiplayer gamer primarily - i mean, games without good multi don't last these days. Red Faction in particular has a so-so single player but mutliplayer is simply awesome - and to me that's where it counts) i'm going out of my mind! Yes i have The Ladder (NICE!) but even there i'm still boring kyle. . .

So please, give me the correct step by step method for any of the two described above. And if you must open up the model_default.skin file (with notepad) and rename the entries let me know what to rename them to.


Wes Janson SMR
04-17-2002, 05:05 AM
Replacing models in the game is easy.

My way is a little inefficient, but it certainly gets the job done with little headache. Let's say you want to replace Kyle with "DarkKyle" in SP.

First, download DarkKyle. Of course...

All the models in the game are theoretically located in your base\models\players\ directory. Extract DarkKyle to a temporary directory. If it's under this directory structure: eg, models\players\directory\DarkKyle, then you've got it made. If not, manually create this directory tree and put DarkKyle at the end - just like this example.

That's the hard part. Now just create a new PK3 file. You can do this by creating a .zip file, and renaming the extension from .zip to .pk3.

Now this is important. Open the .pk3 file. Drag-and-drop the models directory (which contains the entire tree) into the .pk3 file. Make sure that the "use file folders" option is activated, or it won't store the directory tree inside the file, and it won't work.

Once the zip is successful, right-click a file and check its properties. If it's directory tree reads models\players\DarkKyle\*filename*, then you did it right.

Go back to the DarkKyle directory and rename it to Kyle. Drag-and-drop the models directory back into the .pk3 file once again.

Go ahead and give that PK3 file a name - DarkKyle or something, and place it in your base directory.

And that's it. Kyle will be replaced with the DarkKyle skin. You can move the PK3 file in and out of the directory to "activate" and "deactivate" your mini-mod at will. You can go ahead and fiddle around the npcs.cfg file to change the 'saber colors, or whatever suits your fancy.

Hope this helps.

04-17-2002, 05:06 AM
If you're using method one, be sure to check out the dir path of the files you've added to the *.pk3

They all need to be models/players/kyle I believe.
Nothing more, nothing less.
The best way to do this is to extract the originals from the assests.pk3 to your harddrive...just plain old C:\ and don't and dont put it in any other directories. Then, when zipping them, make sure to include all path info, and it should work, it has for me. I don't know why it won't allow you to do it from say, base/models/players etc, but it just doesn't seem to.

Hope that made sense.


04-17-2002, 06:30 AM
But cornbread, when you say "when zipping them, make sure to include all path info, and it should work, it has for me" what do you mean?

I've just dl'd winrar, i've been using winace previously and havent found this option. Could you tell me where to go to ensure that 'all path info' is checked using winrar?

04-17-2002, 06:43 AM
Dakindas - Sorry, but I don't have WinRar, and so I'm unsure as to how to do it there...
I suggest you get WinZip...it's a small download and free. If you don't want to however, I might grab WinRar when I get a moment and I'll have a look.

On a guess though...I'd say that when you go to add files to the zip...there will be an option somewhere along the lines of "Included path infomation" or similiar. Make sure it's selected. Hope it helps.