View Full Version : Discovered How To Kill Robocop Z-209's

04-17-2002, 09:09 AM
I was playing on hard and I noticed that if you toggle the 'w' button whilst in front of those tall robots that can't stomp all over you, the characters sword goes off and kills much quicker than slashing with the advantage of still blocking... made some levels go much quicker because I always thought I had to "Run away, run away".:dmaul3:
Also want to mention that on hard the only real thing hard is keeping those bloody friendlies alive, just duck and let me do all the work guys, and keeping Lando alive, he just literally stands there! Oh, and the initial few levels... well, lets just say after every trooper I took down I would hit 'F12', but once you get Force heal, tis all downhill.:clone: