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04-17-2002, 11:18 AM
I'm currently working on finishing a Ubese skin ala Leia's disguise in ROTJ, which was "obtained" from the bounty hunter Boushh.

Without a way to change the models yet, this is as close as I could really get. I wanted to see what people rate this as it currently is, to see if it is really good enough to post. I will be adding sounds to it as well.

It should be the first in a series of bounty hunter based skins that I will be working on.


04-17-2002, 11:24 AM
looks good from what i can tell. any chance you could post more screenshots?

04-17-2002, 11:29 AM
I could give a few more screen shots, if someone wants to remind me how to rotate the 3rd person perspective so I can take some close up pics from the game, I will :)

04-17-2002, 12:53 PM
i like it. as you know the heads all googly from the model, but the skin is ace.


04-17-2002, 01:02 PM
Activate cheats (i.e. devmap ffa_yavin, if that's the map you like -- I find it has good lighting for skin screenshots). Then use the command thirdpersonangle #, where # is something between 0 and 359.


04-17-2002, 01:04 PM
Thanks JediMouse, that information will be most useful! :)

Tems- When I get up the nerve to work on a new model for that skin, I'll redo the helmet, but for now this is the best approximation I could do with the models availible :)

04-18-2002, 02:11 AM
I tried every variation I could to try to get thirdpersonangle to work, but it kept telling me that it was an unknown command, I tested /THEDESTROYER to make sure cheats were enabled, and that worked, any ideas as to what I'm missing?

I don't use cheats normally, so I don't know how they work

04-18-2002, 12:00 PM
Crud! Sorry! My fault!

cg_thirdpersonangle 180


04-18-2002, 06:29 PM
This fine script, supplied by Octavius, should help you...

- Quote (by Octavius)


// Skin and Model View Script
// By: Octavius
// Instructions:
// This script was originally for use with Quake3.
// Since most of the same commands between Q3
// and JK2 are the same, this script will work the same
// as it was intended in the original Q3 engine. To install
// it simply copy the file to your GameData\Base directory
// and when in game, enable cheats using the
// devmap <mapname> command. Once you are in developer
// mode, simply type "exec modelview.cfg" in the console.
// This binds your keypad to camera angle adjustments that will
// allow you to circle around your character, as well as pan
// in an out. This script uses the arrow keys of your numpad
// and the 5 (middle key) to switch between thrid and first person.
// No support is provided, use at your own risk.
bind kp_5 "toggle cg_thirdperson;vstr a0;vstr r40"
bind kp_uparrow "vstr closer"
bind kp_downarrow "vstr farther"
bind kp_leftarrow "vstr left"
bind kp_rightarrow "vstr right"

set a0 "cg_thirdpersonangle 0;set left vstr a10;set right vstr a350"
set a10 "cg_thirdpersonangle 10;set left vstr a20;set right vstr a0"
set a20 "cg_thirdpersonangle 20;set left vstr a30;set right vstr a10"
set a30 "cg_thirdpersonangle 30;set left vstr a40;set right vstr a20"
set a40 "cg_thirdpersonangle 40;set left vstr a50;set right vstr a30"
set a50 "cg_thirdpersonangle 50;set left vstr a60;set right vstr a40"
set a60 "cg_thirdpersonangle 60;set left vstr a70;set right vstr a50"
set a70 "cg_thirdpersonangle 70;set left vstr a80;set right vstr a60"
set a80 "cg_thirdpersonangle 80;set left vstr a90;set right vstr a70"
set a90 "cg_thirdpersonangle 90;set left vstr a100;set right vstr a80"
set a100 "cg_thirdpersonangle 100;set left vstr a110;set right vstr a90"
set a110 "cg_thirdpersonangle 110;set left vstr a120;set right vstr a100"
set a120 "cg_thirdpersonangle 120;set left vstr a130;set right vstr a110"
set a130 "cg_thirdpersonangle 130;set left vstr a140;set right vstr a120"
set a140 "cg_thirdpersonangle 140;set left vstr a150;set right vstr a130"
set a150 "cg_thirdpersonangle 150;set left vstr a160;set right vstr a140"
set a160 "cg_thirdpersonangle 160;set left vstr a170;set right vstr a150"
set a170 "cg_thirdpersonangle 170;set left vstr a180;set right vstr a160"
set a180 "cg_thirdpersonangle 180;set left vstr a190;set right vstr a170"
set a190 "cg_thirdpersonangle 190;set left vstr a200;set right vstr a180"
set a200 "cg_thirdpersonangle 200;set left vstr a210;set right vstr a190"
set a210 "cg_thirdpersonangle 210;set left vstr a220;set right vstr a200"
set a220 "cg_thirdpersonangle 220;set left vstr a230;set right vstr a210"
set a230 "cg_thirdpersonangle 230;set left vstr a240;set right vstr a220"
set a240 "cg_thirdpersonangle 240;set left vstr a250;set right vstr a230"
set a250 "cg_thirdpersonangle 250;set left vstr a260;set right vstr a240"
set a260 "cg_thirdpersonangle 260;set left vstr a270;set right vstr a250"
set a270 "cg_thirdpersonangle 270;set left vstr a280;set right vstr a260"
set a280 "cg_thirdpersonangle 280;set left vstr a290;set right vstr a270"
set a290 "cg_thirdpersonangle 290;set left vstr a300;set right vstr a280"
set a300 "cg_thirdpersonangle 300;set left vstr a310;set right vstr a290"
set a310 "cg_thirdpersonangle 310;set left vstr a320;set right vstr a300"
set a320 "cg_thirdpersonangle 320;set left vstr a330;set right vstr a310"
set a330 "cg_thirdpersonangle 330;set left vstr a340;set right vstr a320"
set a340 "cg_thirdpersonangle 340;set left vstr a350;set right vstr a330"
set a350 "cg_thirdpersonangle 350;set left vstr a0;set right vstr a340"
set r5 "cg_thirdpersonrange 5;set farther vstr r10;set closer vstr r500"
set r10 "cg_thirdpersonrange 10;set farther vstr r20;set closer vstr r5"
set r20 "cg_thirdpersonrange 20;set farther vstr r30;set closer vstr r10"
set r30 "cg_thirdpersonrange 30;set farther vstr r40;set closer vstr r20"
set r40 "cg_thirdpersonrange 40;set farther vstr r50;set closer vstr r30"
set r50 "cg_thirdpersonrange 50;set farther vstr r60;set closer vstr r40"
set r60 "cg_thirdpersonrange 60;set farther vstr r70;set closer vstr r50"
set r70 "cg_thirdpersonrange 70;set farther vstr r80;set closer vstr r60"
set r80 "cg_thirdpersonrange 80;set farther vstr r90;set closer vstr r70"
set r90 "cg_thirdpersonrange 90;set farther vstr r100;set closer vstr r80"
set r100 "cg_thirdpersonrange 100;set farther vstr r120;set closer vstr r90"
set r120 "cg_thirdpersonrange 120;set farther vstr r140;set closer vstr r100"
set r140 "cg_thirdpersonrange 140;set farther vstr r160;set closer vstr r120"
set r160 "cg_thirdpersonrange 160;set farther vstr r180;set closer vstr r140"
set r180 "cg_thirdpersonrange 180;set farther vstr r200;set closer vstr r160"
set r200 "cg_thirdpersonrange 200;set farther vstr r220;set closer vstr r180"
set r220 "cg_thirdpersonrange 220;set farther vstr r240;set closer vstr r200"
set r240 "cg_thirdpersonrange 240;set farther vstr r260;set closer vstr r220"
set r260 "cg_thirdpersonrange 260;set farther vstr r280;set closer vstr r240"
set r280 "cg_thirdpersonrange 280;set farther vstr r300;set closer vstr r260"
set r300 "cg_thirdpersonrange 300;set farther vstr r350;set closer vstr r280"
set r350 "cg_thirdpersonrange 350;set farther vstr r400;set closer vstr r300"
set r400 "cg_thirdpersonrange 400;set farther vstr r500;set closer vstr r350"
set r500 "cg_thirdpersonrange 500;set farther vstr r5;set closer vstr r400"
// EOF

I will soon have a section up on my site for this, and other scripts, as well as skins and the likes at tribalskins.org "

- quote ends here

04-19-2002, 03:08 AM
I have been working on a head model as well, so I'll use it when more tools become availible. It's not finished yet, but it's close to finished.

04-19-2002, 03:14 AM
ace. the headmodel looks good. the render could be a little better, but i get the idea.


04-19-2002, 10:29 AM
impressive. what model is this skin currently using?

The Truthful Liar
04-19-2002, 10:45 AM
Looks like a shadowtrooper to me

04-19-2002, 12:28 PM
Yes it is the ShadowTrooper model, it was the closest I could find, I need to get rid of the torso accessories and shoulder accessories though to make it look better.