View Full Version : multi-duel mod!

04-17-2002, 04:26 PM
first of all: i'm not going to do this myself, i don't have the coding skills but i think it's a so good suggestion so i wanted to know what you think ;) maybe someone would like to make a similar mod. anyway:

ever tired of waiting to play in duel games? this would solve this problem :)
each map contains of 4 (maybe more) duel pits (not conected to eachother) and two players fight in each of them supporting a total of 8 players at the same time. at least i think this would be a better option than the normal duel-game(which is the only gameplay in jk2 i enjoy). as the 4 fights may not be finished in the same time maybe the players would have to wait until all 4 fights are finished but it wouldn't be as much waiting as before at least. then the players would switch opponents randomly, maybe there could be some kind of tournament where the two most high rank players meet in a final. anyone like the idea? i hope someone will make this mod someday :)

*i think this kind of gameplay was done for q3 and HL*