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04-17-2002, 06:16 PM
I've thought of a new way to control using a light saber in a Jedi game that would be more, in
depth. You would actually be able to develop your saber fighting skills the more you trained
at it(not "game skills, or points" but actually technique in your play style).
there would be no stances of different strengths, it'd be just you, and COMPLETE control over
your saber. Here's how I propose this works.
you run around forward backward and strafing with the keyboard, as per normal.
With you mouse, you look up down and turn left and right.
With the saber in hand, HOLD your attack 1 button, and when you turn to the left, your saber
would move to the left but at an accelorated speed. For instance

you hold attack 1, you turn left this much


your saber would swing over to your left this much


and it would do the same in any direction you turned while holding down attack 1.
secondly, if you held down a second bindable button as well as attack one, your LOOK movements
will stop, and you mouse will ONLY control saber movment. so that you don't have to be
spinning around in circles to make your saber do what you want, but you cal fling your sabre
around any point of your body.. if you're in this mode, and you move your mouse all the way
up(or down if you're inverted like I am), your mouse will go ALL the way over your head and
cover your back (like Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul in that one blocking move he did behind him then
infront real fast). Or you could run with your saber out to your side if you wanted, when you got to the guy swing it upwards and across his face.. the possiblities are endless when you have complete control over the saber.

if you take this and then add realistic saber to saber hits, then two very skilled players
could have an amazing battle of blocks and attacks and it would look more like a real fight in one of the movies, then a buncha people running around trying to hit eachother as much as

This is my idea, I'm not sure how hard it would be to program such a thing into a game. or if
it can be made into a MOD for the current JK2. But I for one would love to use this style when
in saber combat, and learn it and train at it.


P.S. the basics of it are this:
basically your mouse controls your arm holding the saber and your keyboard controls your movement.
it's sorta like it is now, except instead of "predefined" attack swings, you MAKE the attack swings happen with your mouse movement

04-17-2002, 06:29 PM
looks like someone actually already suggested an idea SIMILAR to this one..


people don't seem to like that idea.. they like having pre defined moves and no control I guess.. in other words, they like it easy.

ah well.. I like this idea, and hope it can be implimented..