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04-18-2002, 02:48 AM
Hey guys, was just wondering if someone has a nice way to get off the ground without getting slashed. First day i started playing I speced the guy with the most kills on the server i was playing on for a bit. He used force pull, knocked them on the ground, then overhead slashed them. I started doing this. Damn it works wonders. After playing with it a while i've found where you need to be to get the guy on his back at your feet, once that happens its over for him with an overhead heavy chop.

Thing is, I cant think of how to counter it. When it gets done to me, i cant get up fast enough to block the shot. Sometimes I can hit jump and attack and I leap up sort of doing this barel roll thing, sometimes it lets in a lucky parry, but more often then not its over.

Ok I know the simple answer is, dont get on your back! But hey, it happens, some guy gets you in the crowd or behind you where you dont see him. Is it over from then on if they are following though?

Could you use force on the ground? Push them away? It doesnt seem to work when you are on your back. Is there a quick recovery, maybe i can roll away when i get pulled? Anyone found a way to deal with this?

Just some quick rambling to throw in here. I relised that playing like that was a big cruch for me, yes it works wonders, but it was a big cruch for my play style, last few days I havent used it just to get better and taking people out and timing my swings. Let me tell you, you can kill just as fast witout this hehe.

As for mr rpg people? Lol the game says when i log in that i'm supposed to kill people to get points and win. First day playing i was up by the bespin circle, some jackass was standing on the edge with his saber off, i ran over and killed him. He then called me several names. Then i saw him again running around the level with his saber off, i attacked him, he got all mad and ran away, then brought up the vote for me to be kicked and told me i was in big big trouble and he was going to tell the admin on me. I still hadn't figured out waht i had done wrong. I asked him. He told me to read the rules of engagment. I guess I misplaced those, becuase i certainly dont know where they are.

If i am in an ffa game, and i decide to not compete for the top kills and goof around, i expect to die. These people are not lamers, or whatever names you call them, they are trying to win. You are the jackass who thinks that becuase you invented some jedi honor code everyone should know what it is. As for rp servers, good idea, and no , the average joe off the street wont ruin it, why you say? well in order for it to work, you need a few people doing your roleplaying rules, most likely the majority of the server. Random guy A joins the game, he doesnt follow your rules, you kick/ban him using vote or your admin, congrats, you can play by your queer little rules you invented.

Just my 2 cp




04-18-2002, 03:24 AM
Only thing I know to do is to hit the jump key as soon as you're down. You can get up a lot faster that way so the guy doesnt have as good a chance to hit you. There may be a way to use the crouch key to either roll away or at least stay at a low enough level to avoid damage. I've never tried this cause I've never put put int he situation you decribed. It's worth a try though.

As for your rant, I agree with you for the most part. I dont mind honor codes but they need to put something in the server description letting people know. Either that or calmly let people know who join the server and arent following it. The people who get all pissed off should realize that not all servers follow the rules they like, so they should keep a calm head if someone new doesnt know. I like to play with honor codes sometimes but other times its fun to kill people with any dirty trick you can think of. Both types are fine and both types should be available to play. The only time someone should be kicked out is if they still refuse to play the way the rest of the server wants too, even after the rules have been explained. Thats my opinion anyway.