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04-18-2002, 06:41 AM
Been fun, the short time I've been here. It's taken less than a month for everyone to figure out the cheapest possible ways of winning in this game, and rather than continually whining and *****ing about it I'm just gonna move onto another game. Hope some of the stuff I posted here helped someone and thanks to all who helped me with one thing or another. Ciao!

04-18-2002, 09:53 PM
I'm sorry to hear that. I dont know what ceap ways you are talking about specifically, but I think if you played a little longer you would find that all those "cheap" moves can be countered in one way or another. I've heard a lot of peaople complain about certain techniques others use like drain, grip, using weapons, and a variety of others. Therte are ways around all these things if you know what to do. I wont list all the solutions here, both cause there are too many and I dont know them all, but there are solutions if you are patient enough to learn them. If nothing else, there are servers that restrict certain things where they be saber only, low force power, or even no force power.

I understan it can be a bit frustrating when you lose a lot due to moves you dont think can be dealt with. When I first started MP I got my butt kicked all the time. I had a ton of those "cheap" moves used on me but kept playing anyway and eventually started getting better. Now I regularly am at the top of the score list and can counter those "cheap" moves most of the time. There are still places where I get my butt kicked. Last night I played a server on jedi level so there were no real points to spend on force powers. One chick kept killing me but constantly jumping and using strong stance. She kept hitting me with that finishing move, wiping me out in one shot. Normally, guys who use that tecnique are easy to beat, but she kept kicking my butt over and over. I guess either my game was off or she was just really good at that style. eventually I did get frustrated but not because I felt her move was cheap. I just couldnt figure out a good way to defeat her. I dont think she was "cheap" because I could have used the exact same strategy against her. I'm sure there are plaenty of ways to counter what she was doing, but couldnt figure it out in the 40 minutes I played.

I've been in plenty of situations like that with all the "grip *****s" or "drain *****s" but eventually was able to counter them. Usually I was able to figure it out on my own, but sometimes asked people who were very willing to give me some help.

I realize that this will most likely not change you're mind but I just want people to understand that there are other ways to solve MP frustrations than giving up completely. I hope you enjoy whatever game you go to after this but doubt you will be able to make up for all the fun you could be having with JK2.