View Full Version : Mod idea : EPIV Inspired me

04-18-2002, 10:03 AM
Anyone remember the Battle Chess Mod for Quake?
Anyone at all?

That's cos you were all too busy fragging to relax and play some chess!

But still, how about some nice Jedi Chess? Have all the pieces moveable by force pull, push etc, with little sequences when they meet (ie. the Pawn (Reborn or whatever) takes the Queen (Tavion say...) so there's a little sabre battle he's gauranteed to win.) Or other characters could have blasters and maybe use Force Powers (lightning / grip etc.)

Just an idea of how to mkae a fully 3D Star Wars based Chess game with animations....

For those lazy Sunday afternoons on a LAN.

(I was referring to the chess match in EPIV as the thing that inspired this)