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04-18-2002, 09:45 PM
I am just about finished with a UI for creating bots in JK. If anyone would like to help me out by testing it before I post it for general consumption I would appreciate it. Especially those of you who have made bots in the past and can make sure I have my technical stuff right :)

Please e-mail me if interested: digitalsin@evilemail.com

AIM: irisharmy1
MSN: kwatt01@hotmail.com


05-07-2002, 08:40 AM
Hi digitalsin.
I think your tool is a great idea, I just have a question:
I would like to create a bot for some skins that I downloaded, but I'm having problems. You see, the pk3 file of these skins usually just contains the Model directory, not the scripts & botfiles directory. So I've tried using your tool, and I create .bot file that appears to link the bot personality ("botfiles") and bot skin ("models") together, but after zipping it up as a .pk3 file, I still can only use the skin for myself, but not as a bot to play against. Can you create a Readme for process of creating a bot for a custom skin in greater detail? The one included gave me a general idea, but it'd be great if there was a walkthrough for it or something.

Here was something I just found after my initial post which may or may not prove useful in making a bot from a custom skin:

LOL I take it all back. The problem I encountered was that all the skins I was trying this on (4 of them) had named their "model_default.skin" something like "model_default_anakin.skin" which completely threw off the entire pk3 file, causing it to go to a default that it did recognize. Now I'm confident that I can fix the rest of the files that were having problems. It was just the name of the .skin files that was causing issues.... I'll leave my earlier comments up so that someone else with a similar issue will know how this was resolved. Thanks again for your tool.