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04-18-2002, 11:52 PM
I was wondering.

I was playing MP today, and this guy kept kicking my butt...

Ok I'm a newbie.

He kept crouching and slashing with his saber, and I got killed all the time :( How do I counter this? (He didn't kill me ALL the time, but alot)

Another fella kept force pulling me to him, and killed me a lot too, how do I counter this?

I hope I can get some tips ;)

Also, are there other moves in the game, not mentioned in the manual?

sir Latin

04-19-2002, 12:33 AM
I'm by no means a MAster at this game but I have encountered both situations you are talking about.

The guy why keeps crouching can be countered a couple ways. The main thing is to not get to close to being directly in front of him. There is an upwasde slash that is impossible to block from that position. Just keep moving and try to get beside or behind him. There are a lot of people who like to wait for you to make the first move so they can get you when you come in close and are swinging and cand defend. Usually I dont take the bait and either use a saber throw or get close enough that they start their attack then quickly back away so they miss. IF you can time this right, you'll flip the tables on them so that they are at a dissadvantage.

AS for the pull move, the est thing I have found is to use drain if you are a dark jedi, so they wont have the power to pull you. Otherwise, keep moving and and use push. If you move quick enough, they'll have a harder time pulling you. Also, if they do pull you, you can often move out of the way before they have a chance to take advantage of haveing you so close. Push will help because you can push them back which can either keep them far away or even knowck them down which can give you a big advantage. These tactics wont work every time, but should help keep you alive a lot longer. I'm sure there are more tactics that people have found useful so keep asking. Most I've talked to on this forum and even on the MP servers have been nice enough to help people out. Good Luck.

Gray Fox
04-19-2002, 08:49 AM
You also might want to pump more points into pull and push cuz the higher the level, the more resistence you have to each. As far as moves are concerned, basically just experiment around with the directions while holding your primary attack down (you don't have to keep clicking the mouse button for each move). Also practice the moves that are described in the manual. Oh and lastly, don't just twirl around swinging your lightsabre like crazy cuz you'll find out that precise hits will help you a lot more than lucky hits will. Good Luck