View Full Version : airshaft question?

04-19-2002, 01:29 AM
i entered the airshaft and i assume that i have to reach to upper platforms so how. how do i do this.

04-19-2002, 02:41 AM
Is this the first "bespin" level? If so, then is this the big area where you just landed after being sucked up a pipe? (there was three pipes to be sucked into and only one takes you to the next area - where you are now)? If so then this is the answer...

You will notice that every now and again air rips up past the platforms. When the air is blowing upwards jump into it and the air will fly you up to the next platform much like you were flowen up through the pipes moments before landing in this airshaft thing. you will need to "walk forward" to make the massive flight move forward onto the next platform. When you land on the next one keep doing it until you get to the top (where you encounter your first Reborn).

I recomend you quick save when landing on each platform as you will no-doubtedly fall to your death a lot of times as you need to be pretty much exact when riding the waves of air.

Hope that helps!