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04-19-2002, 02:32 AM
Does anyone know if there is a console command to switch to heavy light saber stance. I wanted to bind heavy to a key, because in SP I like to duel with fast stance then quickly switch to heavy to finish with the final blow. It'd be easy to do this by binding the "heavy stance" to a key. Anyone know it? Thanks.

04-19-2002, 04:12 AM
As far as I know the sabre stances are only cycled. One command to cycle through them. I don't think there is any specific stance command for each stance. It would be a nice option though.

04-19-2002, 05:27 AM
I use the middle mouse button for quick changes in stances.
Works for me.
Don't forget though that your yellow stance can deal blows that are as hard or harder than some of the red ones, if done correctly.

Of course, nothing beats the jump attack in redstance when it comes to power. But a 360 degrees full swing in yellow stance deals quite a blow.

No, there is no way to bind a key to it, to my knowledge.