View Full Version : mod idea. some new, some old. NOT A WHINE ;)

04-19-2002, 02:57 AM
if you ever have played the SBX mod(s) for jk/mots you will know what i am talking about. in the sbx mod, it added 2 "new" force powers, force push and force saber throw.(where have i heard those before?:D )
how ever when push was added to the jki mix, it needed a counter for it. shadow ended up moding jump to add a 'fly' mode, meaning when you were in the air, if you hit jump again you would get a uh... 'bump' i guess would be the right word. it was designed to help comeing down from a jump(in jki the highest level of jump would enduse falling damage when you landed, something i would have liked to see in jkii btw)
but the side affect was a counter to push. the downside to useing this addon to jump, was massive force mana useage. but you could fly just about anywhere you wanted on the map.
just think: someone grips you and does the "toss"(:D ) over a pit/hole you just bouce back and kick them in the teath.
now i am not saying i want the grip toss out, i love it, but it can be a bit nasty on some levels. therefore i will toss something else out to you; have some pits *ahem* 'suck' ala the window in the ladder level. this would mean that all the grip spammers(i will use it, but not as my main strat, unlike some of you. (yeah you! i have seen you on the servers before;) :D) ) would be standing around the sucking hole, get board and leave.

i am sorry for my spelling and grammar for i am writeing this on a laptop and i cant reach the shift key very well ;)

comments? ideas?

edit: idea. what about having the suck effect rotate thru all the holes on the map.
this way it kills the spammers and makes grip throw a useable tactic.

yeah this sounds better.

04-19-2002, 03:02 AM
I remember that mod. You could be Darth Maul in it and use a double-sided saber :dsaber:.

But that would be nice if you could flip back up. I have a habit of pushing the jump key when I fall, but I still keep falling :(.