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04-19-2002, 04:15 PM

The Full force competition ladder is in full swing now, and it is AWESOME.

I am with team valar and we have been played in one true match as well as about 8 scrims now, all FF.

I notice that this forum is where the Dev team comes to see how the community is shaping, and I wanted to add some input:

1- Right now the FF ladders are 5 v 5 at jedi master level, the games are very intense, and there are no exploits in the game that cant be countered as of yet that ive seen

2- it would be really nice to have an in game IRC/Game specific IRC, it fosters a community like NOTHING else (i.e- irc.dynamix.com is still up and running after 4 years, for just tribes)

3- There are not enough maps to keep competition lively, please release the tools shortly..

4- If you have 5 friends and want to make an impact ladder-style JOIN UP! There is nothing that is as much fun as trying to take #1 on a competitive ladder, and from the games we've played, this will continue to be an awesome ladder to play on.

Team Valar

Fyunch Click
04-19-2002, 05:19 PM
Gallium is right on about the level of competition.

I'm with the Lords of Steel, same ladder and we're having a great deal of fun on the ladder.

Look out Valar here comes LoS!

(Just look for us LoSer's anywhere! :))

LoS Fyunch Click