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04-19-2002, 07:23 PM
Hi kinda new here, and if I wasn't at work I would hunt through the threads for the answer to this, but I just wanna know one simple thing. so please be gentle :eek:

I read on one of the skinned JKII models on another site that they also put in a custom taunt effect. I now I hear you can't edit the animation per se, but what about the sound? He said he put in a taunt he made himself by sampling one of the sounds from something else, or whatever, but I am curious to know how this was done and if it is possible, because I would naturaly like to edit that myself.

Finaly, I am curious, if I use a skin or modified file of any kind will other players see/hear it?

For example if "Jedi A" has a lame ronald macdonald skin will I see that?

Or Can the skin cheat be used by the less honorable amongst us? (Using super bright colors, and other visual aids to help with aiming and bots :mad: )

However what about that cool skin I found that someone did that I want to show off, will everyone see that? or will it just default to another skin for the other players when they look at me?

In Regards to making a personalized taunt, if they can hear it that would be very cool indeed. Though I can see some people getting annoyed with it.

So yeah basically three simple questions:

Edited taunts:

Are they piossible? How do I do it? Just sample a sound convert it to MP3, then Whatever compressed file JKII uses? How do I do that? Sorry for my newbieness by the way.

Shared mods:

Do others see my skins? see/hear my modified taunts?

I'd appreciate any help in this area I can get, kind of interested in making my own taunt, but only if others can hear it.

Well thats all. thanks for any help one of you nice people can give me.


04-19-2002, 07:31 PM
well i can answer your taunt question: yes custom taunts are possible. its just a matter of creating the taunt in .mp3 format, then putting it in the correct directory and altering the animsounds.cfg and sounds.cfg to point to that directory....

as far as skins and taunts relating to other people....they can only hear/see the customized stuff if they too have it in their base folder. if they havent downloaded the skin, it wont show. and there is no auto-download function for skins.

04-20-2002, 08:05 AM
Ok I figured as much, probably too much a drain on the server or somehting. I won't be so in a rush to make my own taunt sound then, but still I might just for my own fun :)