View Full Version : Doomgiver. Darn it I'm hung up!

04-19-2002, 11:38 PM
Well that is it, I need advice here!

I've gone through the level, and all of the many points of the level are saved.

Ok, I'm trying to get the shields off line. I've gone to every level of the core. I've gotten to the secret area, and back to the top. But dog gone it, how are the codes set up? I've gone through the levels (red green blue ) more times than I count ( I do give great credit to "Lite On" key boards for taking the pounding I've given this one LOL)

To boil it down, I'm at the level of going through the tags of each primary color (red green blue ) but I can't the door opened to move on!


This level is starting to really get on my last nerve!

I've beat the snot out of my key board, and after I posted this post I looked at the mission, OOPS and now I know what the code is "heh" oh well...

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04-20-2002, 09:34 PM
ok, what you need to do is jump around and flip the correct switches (hit the tab key to see what is right--only flip the correct color and shape). Once you have all 3 colors go back up to the top room (up th elavator) and flip the swiches in the rooms up there (youll see the symbol you switched in the large, confusing room). then go back to the room where the main control panel is.

if you did everything right, the control panel will look online. "use" the control panel.

Hope this helps...(i spent 2 hrs on this part myself...)