View Full Version : Hungry for double-sided sabers, dual sabers, etc?

04-20-2002, 12:35 AM

Anybody play JK1 here? Mods such as Saber Battle X and Guardians of the Galaxy for the original JK series EASILY added a double bladed lightsaber, with new sounds and animations. That wasn't an official patch, it was a MOD. There are such talented modders out there, I'd be apalled if it can't be done.

Those mods for JK1 were very fair when it came to the equality of single-saber to double-bladed. The strength on the double bladed was reduced drastically to make up for its high hit ratio, making for equal gameplay. Cannot be hard to do for JKII. Also, the modder for Saber Battle X included handsprings, side rolls, somersaults, close combat, saber ignition, etc... all of which WERE NOT originally in JK1.

My point is that modders are so talented out there. Given the right tools, then could easily create double-bladed and dual sabers, all those dream weapons and animations all you fanboys are hungry for will easily come true.

-Stan Tencza

04-20-2002, 12:39 AM
Ya but if Raven releases a patch with that stuff it would be professionally made and everyone would download it. Mods usually don't get popular for months!