View Full Version : Artus Topside in Master (spoiler sort of)

04-20-2002, 01:13 AM
I have become rather frustrated at this bit of Jedi Master diff... I mean, I seem to have about 20 seconds total (or maybe less) to take down 2 AT-STs, and about 20 troops before I lose too many prisoners. Add to that that I am relying at this point on sheer luck not to get smacked by a missile from ATST #1, as to have close to enough ammo left to take down the stormies. The control mechanism on the turret seems sluggish and jumpy (and no that's not my box - I'm running an AMD T-bird 850, 512 MB ram, and a GeForce 3 ;) ), and even though I got up to the turret in about 5 or 6 seconds, I still don't have enough time to take every stormie out... stupid limited ammo... is there something I'm doing wrong, or did they not playtest this part on this difficulty? Right now I'm thinking seriously about skipping it, because I think I could only accomplish this part with perfect execution AND fantastic luck, and any part of any game that cannot be overcome by skill is quite unfair. My mind is snapping trying to shoot with perfect aim...

04-20-2002, 05:39 AM
I havnt tried on Jedi Master yet so my suggestionm might not hel you too much. I has some trouble with that area on JEdi Knight but found a way to dinally pass it.

First off, luck does seem to play a large part in this mission. The storm troopers seem to be able to do a lot more damage at the higher levels, so they can take out the prisoners pretty fast. You just have to hope that they dont shoot very well. I found a good way to counter them is to run out in front of them all so they shoot at you instead of the prisoners. It's easy to die doing this but you'll last longer than the prisoners will. After you take out the 3 (or however many there are on Master diff) that come at you through that door, the ATST should come out of the hangar. Haul a** towards the turret and take out that new ATST pronto. A good tip I saw posted here, is to stand next to the turret but dont activate it until the ATST on the lower level shoots a rocket at you. That way, the rocket will miss you once you activate the turret and hopefully give you enough time to take out the other one. As soon as the other one is down, get off the turret and get away from the edge of the canyon. At his point you should be ok.

Like I said, I havn't tried it on Jedi MAster yet but I can imagine after all the trouble I had with Jedi Knight difficulty. Good Luck.

04-20-2002, 06:09 AM
I managed to pull it off on about the 40th try... thanks ACGe0rge, but I did it before I caught your post. Glad to know that other ppl have some trouble with this. One thing I did notice though - you have unlimited ammo with the turret, you just get tooled on by a bunch of stormies behind you while you are saving those Red Faction rejects. It can be done, all with the turret (which is extremely effective against the troops - more than 1 per second), you just need about 3/4ths power after the first AT-ST. then sweep the area up top from left to right (no you can't afford to miss once), then take out the fools on the ground, thensweep the reinforcements up top until they are all dead and the AT-ST comes out. Then just blast the hell out of the AT-ST (this one doesn't fight back, thank God). Hostages saved. Also, I lost the turret before I could take out the last AT-ST, so I found out 3 things: One, it's easier to run past that last AT-ST than luring it to the first turret, which you probably won't have at this point. Two, that last AT-ST seems to target you instead of the turret in Master difficulty, so I had to jump out of the turret and dive for cover every time the AT-ST fired. Three, unoccupied turrets cannot be destroyed by enemies... I wonder if that applies to unoccupied AT-STs on Yavin?

04-20-2002, 08:49 AM
It does apply to unnocupied AT-ST's on Yavin, and for the record I think the easiest way to deal with the prisoner rescue is to use your bowcaster to take out the guys on the top, then the guys on the bottom, then a few more on the top, then jump on the turret and make sure you've lured the AT-ST as close to the canyon wall as possible (it might not reduce the probability of a missle launch, but I think it does) and blast him, then spin around and quickly blast the other AT-ST. Once you get the timing and your aim down it's a piece of cake (well...comparably...lol)