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04-20-2002, 01:30 AM
So what's the word on Jk2Radiant? Any release date or news? Any news of any kind? I would love to start mapping with GTKRadiant but I'd hate for Lucasarts to release theirs with signifigant differences in the programs after I put time into learning GTKRadiant.

If the release date is nowhere in sight, I think I'll go ahead with GTKRadiant. What are the limitations with creating JK2 maps as of now? Is it fulll functional or is creating a simple room an exercise in frustration? For me to feel it's worth it, I would probably want to have full support for:

*Full architectual freedom and effects
*Full texture libraries from the game
*Full sprite(NPC's, Weapons, Ammo, etc.)
*Possibly scripted event configurations

Don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy, I just don't feel it worth my time to struggle with a crippled version of a program. Lemme get some positive feedback. I have great ideas for levels, and would love to get cracking.


04-20-2002, 01:10 PM

Nice to see I'm not the only new one around here. :-P
I'm used to making maps for Halflife - Counterstrike with the WorldCraft editor. I also can't wait to make maps for JKII and since the map editor for the game hasn't been released yet
I started working with the GtkRadient editor wich is very similar to
the WorldCraft editor. I've allmost finished a map with it already so it's not that hard to handle.
I also think that the JKII editor will not be that different from the GtkRadient editor so you'd not be wasting your time learning GtkRadient. After all... I believe JKII was created with a Q3Radient version... so I read. When we ask when the editor will be released... they say "soon :-)".
I remember the times when Shiny told there was going to be a patch for Sacrifice soon... They sayd that for about 6 months.
If I were you I would'nt wait to express my creativity until "soon" becomes "now". Start with GtkRadient... don't give up !! ;-)