View Full Version : i don't know how to join a server in mots?????

05-06-2000, 04:27 AM
It's starting to piss me off, i have had jedi knihgt and mots for 4 years now and i still havent played online. What the hell do i do. I went to TCP/IP and join, then it just sat their waiting... it did nothing and found nobody. I also went to jedinights.com and had a look at the list of games they had there to play online (that other people have created)and i don''t know what to do with the ip address, i have tryed coping it off the web site and into the game where it says 'please enter an ip address of a game'... but still nothing happens..........
can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong..

05-06-2000, 05:20 AM
go to http://www.zone.com there are plenty of people who play online there, look for the Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight rooms.

There are some files that you have to download before you can play on teh zone, but they are not very big.

You also have to pick a name to use when you are on the zone, and you will download a Zone Messenger, to chat with people in a one on one basis.

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05-06-2000, 06:19 AM
When you play TCP/IP you can't expect someone to just join.. since there is no world server (other than the zone which is just a bunch of servers on a chatroom basically), you have to use a program like Qtracker to post your game that others can "see."

Try this site, in addition to the zone:
http://qtracker.stomped.com QT is free, and there's no extra plug-in's or membership to download, just the program and some mapshots if you want. Real easy to use.

Other than that you'd have to find somebody in chat or on ICQ that has JK or MOTS, and tell them your IP and then fire up the game (or vice versa) so they can join.


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