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Boba Fat
07-31-2001, 06:33 AM
Wassup everyone? anyone seen any movies lately?, gone away?, Whats some of your favourite songs? TV shows? stuff like that? :D

Boba Fat
07-31-2001, 06:36 AM
hi! :D

Boba Fat
07-31-2001, 06:37 AM
Hi wanna talk anyone? :)

Boba Fat
07-31-2001, 06:38 AM
Hi wanna talk anyone? :) sharppointyknife@hotmail.com

Boba Fat
07-31-2001, 06:41 AM
One of my favourite songs is Jaded by Aerosmith! anyone else like it? I also like Wassup by Da Muttz, Smashmouth songs and lots more talk about yourself :D sharppointyknife@hotmail.com

Boba Fat
07-31-2001, 06:44 AM
Who or What is your favourite character in star wars? mine is probably yoda, luke skywalker, R2, young Obi wan, Qui gon and lots more! i dont have just one favourite! I am the only one that has sent any posts on this topic! I make lots of topics why dont ya have a look at my other posts like A new game! :D

07-31-2001, 08:13 AM
Aack bro! No wonder you got 36-odd posts! You are just spamming the boards!

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Yes, this is my brother (Boba Fat), he is fat too :) Just kiddin' :D

Boba Fat
07-31-2001, 08:16 AM
Gotta become a Jedi Knight somehow :) Just spamming up the boards

07-31-2001, 08:20 AM
You're an apprentice at least :)

I will completely dominate you, your hopes and your dreams. I will overcome you with my overwhelming overwhelming-ness. Mwhuahaha!

Bow down. The countdown begins..

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Boba Rhett
07-31-2001, 03:59 PM
Be forwarned guys, spamming leads to banning.

Zell Raider
07-31-2001, 05:13 PM
Originally posted by Boba Fat:
<STRONG>Wassup everyone? anyone seen any movies lately?, gone away?, Whats some of your favourite songs? TV shows? stuff like that? :D</STRONG>

Speaking of songs I just got the Jarassic Park 3 soundtrack :D

07-31-2001, 09:10 PM
I just got back from seeing JPIII.

The directing/camerawork wasn't the best I've seen (wasn't the worst either, though), but in all, the movie was quite good.

I thought it was great, but I honestly can't tell if what I'm getting is what the makers intended to put across. They redesigned most of the dinosaurs, and I can't tell what changes are intentional and which are just random "errors."

They point out the spinosaur, but they never mention that the raptors look like a completely different species than we've seen before (different scale patterns, different heads, and the males[?] had dorsal spikes).

07-31-2001, 09:55 PM
My main criticisms of Jurassic Park 3 are that it felt too fast moving (skipping over chances for further character developement and motivation, etc) and was too short.

Don't get me wrong, it was entertaining to watch, but it the dialouge just felt weak at times. I've read they did this one without a script for the most part, and it shows.

In addition, many of the characters we didn't know already felt wooden and 2 dimensional. In other words, we didn't care much about them, if they lived or died.

The special effects were great this time, but the movie just felt kind of shallow compared to the first one (which is still the best IMHO). Of course nothing beats the novels, again IMHO.

If JP1 was 3 1/2 stars, and Lost World was 3 stars, then this one was 2 stars.


08-01-2001, 04:12 PM
I didn't care for the movies. Any of them.I have not seen JP3, nor do I intend to. If I want to see giant lizards stomp people, then I'll just pull out my Godzilla tapes.

Uutont Fær Uulion
08-01-2001, 04:26 PM
whats wrong with watching a bunch of giant lizards stomp around
its better than
The Continental Drift Cam (http://www.amused.com/amusements/web_cam_cinema/ceadrcam.php)

08-01-2001, 10:21 PM
I'm probably going to see Planet of the Apes shortly (which is why I've been boycotting that thread, incidentally).

I mainly went to see JPIII for the raptors (after 21 years of life, I find I can't in good conscience root for or sympathize with the stupid humans), and was dissappointed that these things seem to have absolutely no relation to the ones from the previous movies.

JPIII had an entirely different crew and writer. The previous 2 were actually (co-)written by Michael Crichton, which is really the best thing to do if you want to make a movie based on a book. With the JP franchise, you can look at the movies and books as two parallel timelines, both equally "authentic." Until III, that is.

Incidentally, the whole pteranodon cage was transplanted from the first book. How original.

BTW, dinosaurs aren't lizards, they're warm-blooded, like mammals. Otherwise they could never have been so big.

Uutont Fær Uulion
08-02-2001, 05:44 PM
so they are warm blooded giant lizards that stomp around eating each other

08-03-2001, 06:41 PM
The best ones didn't stomp, either. ;)

I like the smaller dinosaurs; they're faster, lighter, and often smarter.

ObWackiness: In JPIII, when the velociraptors ran out into the field (when they were chasing the humans), did anyone else notice the background soundFX seemed to have been sampled from the podrace in TPM?

I mean seriously, I could hear engine noise as the raptors blurred past! :p

08-04-2001, 03:41 PM
...I could hear engine noise as the raptors blurred past!

Well, they did have gas...