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04-20-2002, 08:34 AM
Personally I don't like it, I'm not against people who use it really, just how it has been done.

now before anyone thinks I am whining, trust me I am not... i just feel it wasn't balanced well for MP. the downward hack is kind of silly, the only real counter is to beat them to the punch (run up and kick kick em as they wind up) or avoid it... occasionally I get a force push to work though, or a pull. In real life I might try to move and stab upward, or sidestep out of harms way and come straight back with a cut of my own. Heck this isn't real life, cuz if it was, the way saber fighting is done would only get you killed in this game heheh, let alone the fact that light sabers don't exist ETC ;)

so really I would like some peoples opinions on ALL the styles. And tips on how to use, and face off against them.

Personally I use medium and light the most, strong only for those tight situations when I need to do crowd control and need one less guy hounding me. Don't get me wrong I love dodging and fighting off two or more at a time. One of the first things I enjoyed doing my first night playing MP was being hard to kill because I am hard to hit. but I noticed as I learned better how to hit, I stopped dodging so much, leaving me more open to nasty situations.

so i would like your opinions facts to these questions:

which style do you use against which style and why? I know all can work, but give me reasons to try them out for real. so:

Strong: what style do you use to face it?
Medium: ""
Light: ""

I know it depends of course, so lets say the fight is on open ground, not a pit, or tight spot. Light or medium seems to do best in those places if you ask me... whats your thoughts?

What is your favorite style? (IE use the most) why do you use it? I use medium the most on average for example for it's versitility.


How do you feel about the other styles? Is there any one you dislike? One you dislike fighting against? (please no name calling or anything else, lets keep this clean, don't call all strong stylers newbies, or light stylers fairies or somehting... ok?)

From the consensus I hear in the servers I play on so far, especialy the dueling servers, the duelists dislike strong stylers. they call it cheep etc. I wouldn't go quite that far from experience I know strong style can be very hard to land. Even the cheepo bunny chop is hard to land, which balances it somewhat...

So please this thread is open to anyone who wants to share tips or discus this topic rationally. flaming is really not desireable, sure there is nothing I can do about it, but Iwill simply ignore your post. I'm not in the mood for flaming.

A true duelist, or gamer will try reach a level of performance that can only be reached by sharing of knowledge I think. Certainly it all has to be truly learned for onself, but the path sometimes must be shown no?

So come on down post something :)

04-20-2002, 09:02 AM
I almost exclusevely use medium style. I tried strong a few times but need a lot more practice at it. Strong style is very easy to defend against if you time your dode correctly. You can also attack during those dodges very easily sith medium if you know where to move and when to swing. Saber Throwing is great against Strong style since you can usually throw faster then the person using strong can recover from their swings.

I think the balance of the styles is fine and wouldnt change much. If I were tweaking the game, I might get rid of the one shot kill with Strong style but I can easily deal with it being left in the game. The only thing I dont like about the strong style is that I've been killed by it when it appeared the the strike got close but didnt actually hit. I'm a lot better at dodging swings now so this hasnt even been an issue for a while

04-20-2002, 09:15 AM
Originally posted by Demangel
Now before anyone thinks I am whining, trust me I am not... i just feel it wasn't balanced well for MP.

I don't trust you anymore.

04-20-2002, 10:29 AM
I almost always use Medium, I am well trained in all styles of saber combat, but Medium works the best for my style of play.

I let them come to me, then I can dodge their attack and get them with their pants down.

I sometimes switch to blue when I am deflecting shots, it seems to me that blue allows me to deflect them directly back at the shooter from a longer distance, while medium I must be closer to deflect them right back at the shooter.

I can easily kill Strong stance and light is even easier. Medium vs medium is really fun. I really do not like the Strong Finishing Move, it is too easy to pull off. I have also been hit with a strong swing and have been no where near it. (My ping is always about 40-100) So I doubt that it is lag.

Saber throwing is also a very useful skill that I have come to love. I throw often, and for people who say it's cheap, I have one thing to say to you: Get Some Skill. It's so simple to dodge/block, but if you mess up with a strike or a jump I can whip that saber towards your head so fast you won't know what hit you.

I believe they need to add more damage to the Medium finishing move, the power is not good enough, considering the difficultly of pulling that move off and the time afterward where you are open for an attack.

I do not like to fight against the strong style, most of the time they just spam the finishing move, and, like I mentioned above, there is a serious problem with the hit detection.

Light saber style can be good in the hands of skilled duelists, however, alot of the times it's just flailing the saber wildly and an effort to hit someone. I enjoy dodging their crazy inaccurate attack then hitting them on the back of their head with my saber.

Well... those are my thoughts on the different saber styles. I know some people like red or blue and are good with them, this post is in no way ment to disrespect you or take away from you skil, like I mentioned, there are people who are good with the different styles.

Hamni Nadar
04-20-2002, 10:32 AM
.... i use strong style a fair bit and ill agree with ur there are some glitches to put it mildly..... mainly it clipping problems when i run up and sling the light saber over my sholder to level up a good whack i dont expect the person im gonna hit to suddenly fall down dead, it kinda feels like ur cheating ... so i have been know to use medium a fair bit more .....

04-20-2002, 01:52 PM
whadda ya mean light sabers don't exist???!?!?!?

04-20-2002, 03:00 PM
I use light and medium about evenly.. but I stay in medium unless I'm doing something specific in light (the upward hack for instance) I hardly ever use strong, but that's just because I've always been crap at slow styles in any game.

Anyway, I don't think either of the faster stances are right for beating strong.. it's just a matter of getting the other guy when he's commited himself to an attack. I think it would be hard to succesfully employ in a duel.