View Full Version : JKII Server Administrators

Lord Briss
04-20-2002, 08:49 AM
If you're running a JKii server AND participating in the MP games please exercise some sportsmanship!
I just got kicked by some saddo who was running the server - the vote failed and he kicked me anyway! I had just enough time to type in "Why?! I'm not cheating!!!!!" before getting kicked. I was following the game rules as well - saber and force only.
Maybe the fact that I was fairly and squarely kicking his *ss had something to do with it... ;) I don't know of any JKii cheats and wouldn't use them if I did - cheating's for losers.

Anyway - if you're an administrator that is unable to play the game without kicking people just because you can't stand to be beaten occasionally then you shouldnt be running a public server. GROW UP. :emperor: