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04-21-2002, 06:09 PM
My Idea for a expansion is

you are Still Kyle but it is 5 years Later

There are these Dark Jedi who want to fulfil Their "Prophecy" that Dark Jedi Will Rule The Galaxy there are about 100 or so of them and they have ancient Cloning Tubes so they make Clones of Desann, Jerec, Sariss and Vader (A Reborn who Stays behind at the Valley and gives them some DNA of Sariss, Jerec and Desann and and the Remant is Involved in all this so you meet characters like Kyp Streen Corran and Luke and Many Other Jedi In a Adventure To stop the Dark Jedi. Ending in a MASSIVE battle (like in attack of the clones) which will change what the galaxy will be like in the future you will meet others like Han, Leia ,Lando Jan C3PO R2D2 and many other rebels and new allies like some converted Reborn and Characters From The Books (the Jensarrai and the Nightsisters and Tavion Who Turned Good Helping You Enemies Like The Dark Jedi)

What Do you Think of My Idea?

04-21-2002, 07:56 PM
Welcome W_Wing_Pilot. Nice idea. I like how you kept a lot of the OT characters with your thought. How would the reborn stay hidden from the new elite jedis? We know there are still some out there after JO, so I would imagine Luke would want to take care of this...My idea for an expansion would be that you take the role of a young padawan trained by luke. You would start out at the academy learning the greater ways of the force. Once you are worthy of the title jedi Luke sends you out on a crucial mission where you encounter new villans. Luke and other academy students will join you on your journey as the plot widens. Kyle could make a cameo appearance. Heh, that's my idea for all it's worth ^_^. Remember though, we don't need to wait another year or so for an expansion, there are tools going to be released so you can make your own story in a sinple player level or a series of levels. Can't wait. Good luck to all on makin your fabulous maps ^_^.

04-21-2002, 07:59 PM
Personally, I think it's not a BAD idea, but it's REALLY cliched. It's really unoriginal. It almost reminds me of Alien Resurrection... *shudder*.