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04-22-2002, 03:07 AM
Rule number 1: If you know a good technique that works, don't share it with others. Swallow your pride and keep it a secret.

Rule number 2: Learn from your defeats. You should respect an opponent that can defeat you, analyze the technique used to beat you, and make it your own.

Rule number 3a Win by whatever means necessary. Spam the 1-shot kill move, use guns, push/pull/grip/drain whenever necessary. Bow and toss your saber, kick people and beat them into the ground.

Rule number 3b: Play how you most enjoy, this may mean following rule 3a, or it may be that you enjoy roleplaying a code of honor, fine whatever, just do what you enjoy, this is a game.

Rule number 4: Don't complain, whine, biatch, or moan. It makes you look like a spineless turd. If you repeatedly get beat by someone using guns/drain/push etc.. etc.. you are doing something wrong or you need to improve. Adapt or die.

Rule number 5: First master the saber. You will always have it, and its incredibly powerful. Any idiot can use a repeater secondary fire and kill people, but you don't want to be helpless without a gun. Especially when I rip it out of your hands.

Rule number 6: Be able to pull off the 1-shot kill move at anytime, going any direction, in any direction. Start a solo server and practice it until you can do this. Refer to rules 3a and 3b for when to use it.

Rule number 7: There is always a better player with a better strategy, look for them and learn from them.

Rule number 8: Use your brain. Think while you play, try to anticipate movements and positions, and visualize the map. The best players are the smartest players, not necessarily the most coordinated.

Rule number 9: Bind force powers to keys. When you change powers, rebind your keys if necessary, it only takes a minute.

Rule number 10: You can't always win. Sometimes you find yourself in a CTF game where the other team is scoring every 30 seconds, and your teammates are hopeless. Forget about trying to win and just have fun. Don't be a tool and switch to the winning team. There is more to learn in defeat than in victory many times.

Rule number 11: Size up opponents. If you are in a FFA and there is one guy that is spanking the crap out of people, stay the hell away from him! It's going to cost you more time and deaths trying to kill him than its worth. Go kill the other sorry bastards instead. Or try to kill him evertime, but resign yourself to follow rule number 10 if you choose to do this.

Rule number 12: Morons are everywhere. Deal with it. Just because someone says "You are so cheap and have no skills." Or "I owned you." Doesn't mean you have to retort. Fact is, they just want attention and will not get any satisfaction until you respond. Don't respond. Or, kill them repeatedly and make them leave the server. I prefer the latter method.

Rule number 13: Challenge yourself. You aren't going to get better if you are always on the winning team. If the other team is lacking players, switch and help them out.

Rule number 14: Be nice. Everyone appreciates a gg at the end of a round, especially from the losers. If someone asks for you to hold on in a duel because their cat is pissing on their foot, refer to rules 3a and 3b. But seriously, be cool and people will too.

Rule number 15: Adapt force powers to the map. If you are playing deathstar do you really need level 3 jump? If you are playing ns_streets do you really need saber toss? Use your head.

Rule number 16: Learn how push and pull work.Refer to rule number 1 as to why I'm not going to explain it.

Rule number 17: Taunt people. Bind <key> +taunt in the console (shift + tilde). Use it repeatedly, people will make mistakes.


04-22-2002, 03:15 AM
first off :rules 1 and 6 are crap, other than that a-ok:D

04-22-2002, 04:38 AM
Do you really think taunting intimidates people? Come on, are YOU intimidated when someone runs around making aliens gurgling noises? Thats ridiculus. However anyone who actually makes mistakes when taunted at instead of taking advantage of their lowered guard and exploiting it with a throw needs to take a step back, its a game for Gods sake.

04-22-2002, 04:48 AM
Usually true, but sometimes people get sick of hearing Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle and they rush you.

04-22-2002, 11:24 AM
Hey! You there!