View Full Version : Need help with taunting and acrobatics

Silver Surfer
04-23-2002, 11:14 AM
Ok Hi i just wanted to know if u guys can get some more info on acrobatics because i really want to know is how to do cart wheels and also can u tell me how in multiplayer can i taunt the other players? Thx cheers oaks.

Jedi Howell
04-23-2002, 11:58 AM
some1 move this thread...

Silver, u posted in the editing forum. taunts and how-tos on acrobatics is not editing. try the general forums...


04-23-2002, 01:10 PM
This seems like a good Strategy Forum thread. BTW the cartwheels are a NPC-only move, so they can't be done without some sort of mod. As for taunting you need to enter

bind (key) +taunt

at the console.