View Full Version : Modding info needed from those that do it?

04-23-2002, 11:14 AM
I've been reading the forum on and off since I bought the game, and have decided I'm bored enough of the SP experience, to try a bit of editing. But first I a few few simple n00b questions to those who have "modded" JK2.

1. I've heard various model editor names here and there including GMax and Milkshape(and the EXTREMELY expensive 3dmax). I was just wondering which free or CHEAP one has best support for JK2?
2. How easy is the JK2 map editor to use?
3. Is there any other map editor worth looking at that can make fully working maps?
4. Anyone know where I can get a FULL list of console commands for JK2?
5. Anyone got a good skinning tutorial using PSP and not photoshop... including how to do "see through" textures (ala the Shadow Knights cloaking device)?

Just a few easy one until I get started... then I'll start posting the real newbie questions :)
(Got so many damn ideas for SP mods, I don't know where to start! hehehe)