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Scout Trooper
08-09-2001, 05:24 AM
Yo you rule!!!!! i love your post and need to ask some questions!

Do you like Pizza?

Are you really fat?

Do you love star wars?

If so How Much???

Are you a guy??

What games do you like???

What game systems do you have???

I loved your post A New Game!! it ruled!!! :D :D :D :D

Boba Fat
08-09-2001, 05:32 AM
*jaw drops open* I HAVE A FAN????? creepy!
Well i think you mean posts firstly.

1st Question.

Yes I like Pizza but only certain types. :)

Boba Fat
08-09-2001, 05:34 AM
2nd Question

I am not really fat! :confused:

"Watch yourself kid" "Great kid don't get too cocky" :cool:

Boba Fat
08-09-2001, 05:36 AM
3rd Question yes I like Star Wars! Duhh!! :rolleyes:

Boba Fat
08-09-2001, 05:41 AM
I love Star Wars more than you can possibly imagine!!! :) I have seen it so many times I know all the lines and say them before they come on! I could give you a breif but quite detailed description of what happens but you know what happens. :) I have seen Star Wars episode IV 198 times episode V 249 times episode VI 236 times and Episode 1 once (I don't own that one!) :D

Boba Fat

Boba Fat
08-09-2001, 05:54 AM
4th Question

Yes I'am a guy but I'am not gay you see this on my post Chicks.

Boba Fat :D

Boba Fat
08-09-2001, 05:58 AM
5th Question

I like many games. I am really looking forward to Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars Galaxies. I also like Star wars Rebellion and Jedi Knight. Half Life is pretty cool and I like many others. :D

Boba Fat
08-09-2001, 06:01 AM
6th Question *sighs* few

I have only a couple of game systems: Gameboy colour and pocket, Nintendo 64, computer and I might buy a Dreamcast.

There I have answered your questions and am quite tired! ;)

08-09-2001, 12:16 PM
Stop doing this!!! Everbody here can see what you're doing. It's just a stupid title. Be patient. :rolleyes:

Everyone let's create alternative screen names and ask ourselves questions.

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So please, stop! :mad:

Boba Rhett
08-09-2001, 08:09 PM
First Question: WTF is wrong with you, Boba Fat? We all know That you or one of your friends is Scout Trooper. We won't put up with that kind of crap here. We're not all five year olds , ya know. Get a life buddy.

Boba Fat
08-10-2001, 08:58 PM
Hey I do not know Scout Trooper if there is some way to prove that then I will just tell me how! I think your jealous that some one likes me! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


08-10-2001, 09:09 PM
Are you the dude who keeps double posting??? Man, I don't mean to be really offensive but that's annoying. We get the message. We don't need to hear your opinion *2!!

Boba Fat
08-10-2001, 09:15 PM
How do you delete a second post? I tried and it said only moderators copuld delete posts! :(

Boba Fat

08-10-2001, 09:22 PM
Don't post a 2nd post in the 1st place!!!!

Boba Rhett
08-10-2001, 09:37 PM
Yes, it does say that onlymods may do that but if you were to read down a tad further it states that the person who posted it may edit or delete it. It's also not an accidental souble post. That's whats so annoying. As for proving who Scout Trooper is. We can just have one of the mods check the ip and location.

Boba Fat
08-10-2001, 09:41 PM
It just happens some times! I can't help it the computer does it! :(

Boba Fat

Boba Rhett
08-11-2001, 01:32 AM
Five minutes apart? :rolleyes:

Boba Fat
08-11-2001, 03:54 AM
I just spend alot of my time here! Every time I'm on the Internet I always stop by! :mad: I dont see what the big deal is! if a guy wants to ask me questions I'm fine with that! Jeeez! I think it's stupid that you could accuse me of this craP!!! I thought you guys were cool but I was wrong!
Boba Fat

08-11-2001, 03:31 PM
No, we're cool and you're wrong. Stop with the double posts it's annoying. What are we suppose to think when you double post 5 minutes apart? Some of us have been here long enough to have seen people trying to get there post count up.

Just edit your previous post.

Also, someone happens to like you? Scoutrooper only had one post when he(you) posted that so what was(were) he(you) doing reading the boards trying to find someone he liked then asking them(you) what type of food they(you) liked? Give us(cool guys) a break!!!

Uutont Fær Uulion
08-11-2001, 10:04 PM
Hey, Darth Prime should we invite them over for Cookies and Doritos yet

08-12-2001, 09:40 PM
I'd give them another two weeks!!