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05-22-2000, 03:03 PM
Sorry I have been away, gradudation was yesterday. Family and parties, the whole nine yards, if most of you can remember. Feels odd really, nothing has really seemed to change all that much. Yet, there is this weird suken feeling, and I know I will miss school. I quite my job down at the local sandwhich shop and am going cross country for a little while (my boss wasnt to happy). Life is grand though. And I hope in what lies ahead will be all the better.


05-22-2000, 03:52 PM
What lies ahead is more of the same. But some of it is a better same. Have fun!

05-22-2000, 04:36 PM

Con-GRAD-ulations! And best wishes on your travels.

A wise man once told me that "choices are the hinges of destiny," and I've found that to be true. Life is mostly about the decisions and choices we make. Yes, "chance" and "luck" (events that affect our lives but are beyond our control) play a part, too. (Of course, nothing happens in our lives that is beyond His control).

But even when things happen to us that we can't control, we still have the power to choose how we will respond to those events--so there again, life becomes a matter of the decisions and choices we make.

So my wish for you is this: That you make good choices all of your days.


"Nowhere does Jesus demand of his hearers
that they shall sacrifice thinking to believing."

05-22-2000, 07:00 PM
Yo props! Have a safe trip.

Zoom Rabbit
05-22-2000, 11:39 PM
Yes, indeedy! When that drunken bull comes crashing by you gotta let out an Indian war whoop, grab both horns and catapult yourself onto his back. Then you ride that mad bastard all the way to the sea! http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/wink.gif

Good luck and bonne chance. There's a whole, wide world out there...

But don't take my word for it.

http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif (Be safe and have faith, though, too.)

"The entire universe is simply the fractal chaos boundary between intersecting domains of high and low energy."

05-23-2000, 09:40 PM
Congrats, kid. Where'd you graduate from?

Zoomie's right, you've gotta take the horns by the bull.

<small>wait, that's not right. . .</small>

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

Zell Raider
05-27-2000, 05:16 AM
Con-GRAD-ulations! muchafraid

HEY look who came to the party http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif...

<table border=0 width=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=o><tr><td> http://www.jedinet.com/starpark/spanims/dancetroop.gif </td><td> http://www.jedinet.com/starpark/spanims/dancetroop.gif </td><td> http://www.jedinet.com/starpark/spanims/dancetroop.gif </td><td> http://www.jedinet.com/starpark/spanims/dancetroop.gif </td></table>

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05-29-2000, 06:00 PM
Damn gate-crashers.


"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

05-28-2001, 11:03 AM
woot- thread revival :)

this is you guys 1 year ago....

scary eh? hehehe

Boba Rhett
05-28-2001, 12:59 PM
Incredably scary. :eek:

05-28-2001, 04:07 PM
What's next?

Can't wait to see!