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quite-gone gin
05-29-2000, 05:15 PM
As a Letterman fan, this is my protest against theforce.net. Not only was I not able to post my entries on their humor page, I e-mailed my entries to them and still...no reply nor has any of my entries been posted.

So...I thought I'd start the string here so those of us who are uknown will have a chance to be known...blah blah blah.

Here is my idea of a good fake rumor for Episode 2:

Aurra Sing seduces Mace Windu, who then turns to the Dark side and becomes Sidious' new apprentice...Darth Shaft!

Add yours.

05-29-2000, 05:57 PM
Here's my fake rumor:

Anakin will fall in love with Queen Amidala and spawn Luke and Leia. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif

05-29-2000, 08:12 PM
Top Ten Rumors as I've heard them:

10) Boba Fett plays a major role in killing off the Jedi.

9) Yoda has a climactic saber duel with somebody (I would say a clone Darth Maul but that rumor has seemed to have dried up).

8) The Mandalorians and the Sith initiate the "Clone Wars" and use clone Mandalorians or Storm Troopers to wipe out the Jedi.

7) Aurra Sing plays a major role in wiping out the Jedi.

6) Sideous is hinted or revealed to be Anakin's "real father."

5) Jar Jar is killed in the line of duty (wishful thinking?).

4) The next Sith is called "Darth Rage" or "Darth Malice"

3) The next Sith Lord uses two lightsabers simultaneously.

2) Anakin "gets it on" with Amidala.

1) Shmi Skywalker is killed (probably by an Imperial/Sith agent), and this "sets off Anakin" towards the Dark Side.

And just for the heck of it, the DVD set for SW SE trilogy still won't be available yet.


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Jedi Calypso
05-30-2000, 04:37 PM
the only thing that i want to happen in ep.2 is jar jar gettin wacked. speaking of annoying characters getting beaten up, did any one see the little guy that kid rock is with get whipeed last night? very cool.

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The Un-Council's Disgruntled Bounty Hunter

05-30-2000, 08:33 PM
I hope that since Jar-Jar's life debt was with Qui-Gon, we don't need to see his clumsy ass ever again!

If he be returnin, the fans will do terrible things to he! Tewwwwible things!


05-31-2000, 12:41 AM
Well, I heard that the title was going to be Star Wars: Episode II - ..., something or other, I forget.

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Commander 598
05-31-2000, 02:22 PM
-Rouge Planet
Jar Jar is in episode 2 and is now gungan ambassador.

The Battle Droid Commander With full Inteligence-Commander 5-98

05-31-2000, 03:06 PM
Palpatine = Sidious

I have proof!

Jedi Calypso
05-31-2000, 04:01 PM
you mean besides the fact that they were played by the same guy?

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Zoom Rabbit
05-31-2000, 07:26 PM
...And besides the fact that the Emperor's name is Palpatine?

My rumor (and it isn't a rumor): Shmi and C3PO conceive the next Skywalker (Uncle Owen), and Boba Fett turns out to be Han Solo's father. Meanwhile, R2-D2 studies the Force under Yoda while Jar-Jar Binks is eaten by Jabba the Hutt.

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06-06-2000, 02:18 PM
Originally posted by Commander 598:
-Rouge Planet

Did anybody else just go to a scary visual place?

Sorry, but I've been encountering this typo a lot lately:

-Rouge Squadron (Run for the hills!)
-Rouge demons (Very frightening!)
-Rouge Warriors (It's the Mary Kay Commandos!)

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06-06-2000, 04:11 PM
"The Beasts know much that...." Oops! Wrong person. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif Um, Qui-Gon will marry...oops he's dead isn't he? DAmn! Um? Darth Maul will...what? He's dead too? Uhhh, nevermind.

Commander 598
06-06-2000, 09:51 PM
Read this script sounds like its real: STAR WARS

Rouge Planet

Fear and uncertainty reign over the
Republic. Territorial conflicts erupt
throughout all sectors of the Galaxy as
Central Republic authority continues to
crumble under an oppressive and
corrupt bureaucracy.

The Jedi Knights, known for millennia
as the defenders of peace and justice
throughout the Galaxy, are sent out by
the thousands in a desperate attempt
to prevent total galactic war.

Amid this growing upheaval, a
mysterious and illusive army is brutally
attacking quiet Republic outposts and
colonies in the distant outer rim...


A squadron of mysterious fighters approach a nondescript bluegreen
planet in the Ison System.

As the unidentified squadron streaks past and disappears into the
planet, a huge dark cruiser slowly descends over the peaceful scene.
Several smaller transport vessels descend from the dark cruiser's belly
and make their way toward the planet.


The transport vessels silently descend into the woods. In the distance
can be seen the random lights of a small settlement.


The street is quiet. Most of the inhabitants are asleep. Street lights
randomly illuminate the darkness. A small animal streaks across the
road. A barking animal is heard in the distance.

Suddenly, a group of soldiers appear at the far end of the road. Fourteen
soldiers are dressed almost entirely in white cloth, two are in gray cloth,
and one soldier is clothed entirely in black. Even their heads and faces
are wrapped in cloth. A black slit for a visor hides their eyes and a round
black breather mask covers their lower face. A small antenna extends
from their cloth-wrapped helmets. The figures are entirely concealed.
Their armored boots make no noise. Marching in unison, they look like
sinister apparitions.

Without stopping, the white soldiers branch off two by two, each entering
a dwelling. The two gray soldiers and the black soldier march toward the
center of the housing block and stop. None of the soldiers speak a word.

Laser fire erupts into the night's silence. Shouting and screams soon
follow. Flashes of light can be seen bursting from various dwellings as
the two man units methodically enter a dwelling, kill the inhabitants, and
move to the next one. The black soldier does nothing. The two gray
soldiers gaze up and down the street as though waiting for something.

The tumult becomes louder and louder and then quickly fades. No more
shouts or screams can be heard. As the last few laser bolts are fired, a
white clad soldier emerges from one of the dwellings. He stops before
the gray soldier closest to him. Seeing this, the other gray soldier and the
black soldier approach and then all four enter the dwelling.


The black and gray soldiers walk through the front room and walk into
one of the back bedrooms. A white soldier stands in silent attention as
the black soldier enters a bedroom.

In the corner are three humans - an man, a woman, and a young boy.
The man is standing in front as though to guard his family from the
intruders. He has a determined face, but it is clear he is terrified. The
black clad warrior stands in front of the terrified group and raises a
device - he appears to glance at the flashing readings on its console.
Suddenly, the boy jumps forward and kicks at his legs.

BOY: You stay away from her!

Unhurt, the dark soldier ignores the boy as his father desperately grabs
the child back. The soldier observes the device a moment more, then
lowers it and stares at the boy.

Without warning, the two gray soldiers rush forward and grab the boy
and drag him away. The boy is fighting them fiercely. The white soldier
knocks the man down when he attempts to stop them. The woman,
looking silently on in horror, grabs at the bloodied man and helps him
sit up on the floor.

The man and woman stare up at the black clad demon.

MAN: W-Who are you?! What do you want from us?!!

The dark soldier stares at them for a moment. He then raises his laser
pistol. The man's face crumbles.


The two gray soldiers exit carrying the squirming and screaming boy. As
several lights flash in the back window, laser fire is heard coming from
the dwelling.

The other soldiers fall in line behind the gray soldiers. The houses begin
to smoke and burn. Exiting the dwelling, the dark soldier takes one last
look up and down the street and follows his unit.

The soldiers never speak a word.

Rising up over the street and overlooking the small town, there can be
seen many more houses going up in flames. Flashes of light and small
explosions can be seen in the distance, while fighters can be seen
streaking overhead. Shouts and screams come from everywhere. No
longer a peaceful sight, the settlement is decimated.


An X-Wing fighter approaches the desert planet of Tatooine.


As the X-Wing lands smoothly onto the desert flats known locally as The
Dune Sea, Obi Wan Kenobi stands quietly watching, incongruous on the
flat barren plain. A figure jumps out of the X-Wing. Cloaked as his
Master, in the garments of a Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker calmly
approaches Obi Wan Kenobi.

OBI WAN: (noting the X-Wing) A new fighter Padawan?

ANAKIN: (discouraged sigh) Yet another consolatory gift, Master... this
time from the Nubian Provincial Magistrate. (sarcastic) They were
grateful for our assistance in negotiating a peace with the Carbanti
Colony, but are simply unable to spare any ships at this time.

They begin to walk toward a small speeder. Mos Espa can be seen in
the distance. Anakin shakes his head in consternation.

ANAKIN (cont'd): No one is willing to assist us, regardless of any debt
owed the Jedi.

OBI WAN: Times are changing Anakin... for the worse I'm afraid. People
are losing faith in the old ways - adhering to fear now more than trust or

Anakin is stubbornly resolute.

ANAKIN: We've been in worse situations before, Master. We can handle
this on our own.

OBI WAN: (smiles) Perhaps we won't have to.

ANAKIN: (hopeful) You found help for us?

OBI WAN: (hedging) The Hutt will agree to the conditions of our
assistance. They will free the slaves if we expel the Mandalorians.

ANAKIN: But?..

As they pause before the landspeeder, Obi Wan places a hand on
Anakin's arm and takes a deep breath.

OBI WAN: (smile) I have a bit of challenge for you Padawan.

Anakin looks carefully at his Master. Obi Wan's face is enigmatic.

ANAKIN: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?


The arena is filled to capacity. Podracers are in the nearby hangar,
preparing to compete.

ANAKIN: A podrace?

OBI WAN: (nodding) True to form, Jabba is deciding to gamble for our
assistance. In exchange for our help in defeating their Mandalorian
occupiers, he must agree to deactivate all bond tags and free all the
slaves... But first we must win this podrace.

ANAKIN: And if we don't?

OBI WAN: We help him for nothing.

Anakin nods, not surprised.

ANAKIN: Do we have a racer?

OBI WAN: Two, in fact. Have a look Anakin.

Anakin looks where Obi Wan directs and sees his old Podracer - the one
which won him is first race, won him his freedom.

ANAKIN: My old racer! Master, how did you find it?

OBI WAN: (slight smile) I persuaded an old Dug to relinquish it.

ANAKIN: (confident grin) But, this is too easy.

OBI WAN: You're not the one that has to win Anakin.

Anakin suddenly looks confused. Obi Wan looks pointedly at Anakin's
old podracer. Anakin takes another look and sees that, standing in its
cockpit, is a small boy wearing dark pilot's garments.

ANAKIN: (incredulous) You must be joking Master. A boy? A human boy?

Obi Wan casts a reticent glance at Anakin, but doesn't comment.

ANAKIN (cont'd): You know humans cannot manage podracing. It's too

OBI WAN: You might recall the pod wasn't designed for someone your
size. (not perturbed) You raced, and won. This one will race and win as
well... with your help.

ANAKIN: With my help? How?...

Obi Wan had been steering them toward another larger, much
dilapidated racer.

OBI WAN: With this Anakin.

Obi Wan lays a hand on the engine of an impossibly clunky podracer -
it's turbines are huge and gangly with noticeable signs of rust and
decay. Anakin makes a face of utter repugnance as he looks at the
bulky racer. He then looks at Obi Wan, completely appalled.

ANAKIN: You can't be serious. It's a piece of junk!

Obi Wan nods in agreement. Just then they hear a loud bang from the
other side of the far turbine - an angry bleep is heard right after.

ANAKIN: That sounds like... R2? Where are... oh no.

R2-D2 comes spinning around the engine he was working on. His bright
silver dome is covered in oil and he's chirping in obvious fury. Obi Wan
winces slightly. Sighing, Anakin bends down and takes out a cloth to
clean off R2-D2's optics.

ANAKIN (cont'd): Hold on big fella, I'm gettin it... Master, exactly how am
I supposed to help?

OBI WAN: The Hutts have long memories. Remembering that you've
won before, they'd never let you race for the wager. You'll enter the race
anonymously. You won't need to win yourself, but you will need...

ANAKIN: (interrupting) ...to make sure that boy does. (grimacing) I'm
beginning to understand what you meant by a challenge. (nodding
to the other racer) So who'd you find...

OBI WAN: (interrupting) They'll be starting the race soon. We have
much to prepare.

ANAKIN: (looks disgusted) You mean repair.

R2 beeps in empathy.


Later, Obi Wan and Anakin are busy working on the old podracer.
Anakin tests the right engine and sparks suddenly shoot out of the
cockpit control display. R2 beeps in alarm. Anakin curses.

ANAKIN: This is never gonna work. The turbine vectors have fractures,
the repulsor coils are rusted together, and... (angrily yanks on the control
stick) ...the control arm is jamming.

OBI WAN: Well... it's not ideal, but it will have to do. We must win

ANAKIN: I know. I know.

Anakin jumps down from the cockpit and dusts off his filthy trousers. He
looks over at his old podracer with longing - it looks in perfect condition
compared to the one he's working on. Pit droids are busy fine tuning it
while the figure in the cockpit is running through the repulsor control
engines. Obi Wan takes note of Anakin's interest in the other racer.

OBI WAN: I could use your help with this Anakin.

ANAKIN: (distracted) Yes Master.

Just then a pit droid test fires an engine on his old podracer. Another
droid standing at the business end of the engine is sent flying. The pilot
is frantically trying to shut down the engines and, instead, shuts down
the repulsors. The two long turbines suddenly hit the ground, hard.
Anakin curses and starts toward it.

ANAKIN: Hold one moment Master...

Making sure none of the other racers are noticing, Anakin walks up to his
old racer and begins to look over the engines, lovingly running his hands
over the turbines. He shoots occasional glances at the boy silently
staring at him from the cockpit. As though impatient for the race to begin,
the boy is already wearing a black pilot suit, facemask and helmet.
Anakin rolls his eyes.

ANAKIN: (shaking his head) This is never gonna work.

In short order, Anakin gets the repulsors up and running. He notices
what a pit droid is doing and gets disgusted.

ANAKIN: No no! Keep the foil open or it will stall in a rip turn. (stalks to
the cockpit) You do know what a rip turn is, right? (stalks away shaking
his head) I doubt it.

Anakin glances back and notices the figure is adjusting controls in the
cockpit. He angrily stalks back to the cockpit again, stick his head in and
re-adjusts the settings that had been altered.

ANAKIN: Kid, let me give you some valuable advice. Don't touch anything.
In fact, just keep your hands off the controls for the entire race.

Anakin shakes his head in consternation and stalks back to his pitiful
racer. The boy sits up straighter in the pod seat then crosses his arms
in obvious anger.


A scene of the gray dimly lit planet known as Nurius III.


The dark rocky landscape howls with a baleful wind. In the distance is
the faint shapes of a huge network of dank angular stone structures.
The immense edifice seem to penetrate the surrounding black rock.
The place is gloomy and inhospitable.


A loud hum is heard within the large room. Three walls are filled with
computers and technical stations. One wall is dominated by a massive
control terminal and an enormous observation window overlooking a
giant room that is out of view. A large functional work table sits at one
end of the room and faces a holographic interface.

A dark figure enters the empty room and walks to the table. The figure
punches a data pad on the table and kneels on the floor. A massive
image of Darth Sidious slowly appears over the table.

SIDIOUS: Report.

The darkly cloaked figure looks up. The human face gazing up at Darth
Sidious with utter adoration is angelic and unlined with age. The Sith
apprentice is a youth of extraordinary beauty - a perfect woman.

DARTH OMEN: The colonies on Setor, Ison, Nosken and Saarn have
been destroyed as you willed, my Master.

SIDIOUS: And the inhabitants?

DARTH OMEN: The Saarn were tainted as you suspected, Master, and
only a dozen effective specimens were collected from the Ison

SIDIOUS: (sneer) The Corellians will breed with anything. No matter.
Is there enough?

DARTH OMEN: Yes, My Master. The professors have guaranteed no
facsimile decay.

SIDIOUS: See they keep their promise, my young friend.

DARTH OMEN: (angelic smile, bowing) Gladly, My Master.


Panning over reveals the drab desert planet Tatooine.


Overlooking the entrance to Beggar's Canyon.

Three podracers, tiny from this elevated position, can be seen entering
the narrow canyon one by one.


It's the final lap. Anakin has it all under control. The race is going well, so
far. With Sebulba permanently banned from the podraces for cheating
some five standard years prior, podracing had become much more
evenhanded and sportsmanlike on Tatooine.

Until today. Anakin has brought cheating back in grand form. Anakin
used every trick he could remember Sebulba used against him... and
Anakin used those tricks with splendid results. Including his old pod and
himself, there were only four racers left. He had knocked all others out of
the race.

He is just behind the racer Obi Wan instructed him to protect, trying to
stay in perfect tandem. Anakin is having to stretch his force control to its
limits. It is taking all his concentration to fly his own podracer, keep the
other racers off the leader, and control his old podracer in front of him.
He is sweating profusely. The anonymous pilot in his old racer has so
far dutifully kept his hands off the controls - merely sitting in the cockpit
with hands balled into tight fists at his sides. Anakin can sense nothing
but overwhelming anxiety from the boy.

ANAKIN: Hang in there, kid. We're almost there.

It's the last half of Beggar's Canyon. A sharp turn suddenly approaches.
As he attempts to control the other racer around the turn, his right engine
catches fire. Cursing, he breaks his concentration long enough to put the
fire out. He sees his old racer slam into the canyon wall, sparks flying,
but it manages to clear the turn. Just then another racer flies by him.

ANAKIN: Oh no you don't.

Quickly, he slams into his opponent, catching the pod end of the other
racer. The other racer doesn't make the turn, and slams head-on into the
canyon wall, bursting into flame. Anakin cringes. They suddenly exit the
canyon into the mid-afternoon heat. The ground becomes flat. The Arena
can be seen in the distance. Its the final stretch of the race.

ANAKIN: Almost there...

Out of nowhere speeds a podracer by Anakin - the last opposition to
victory. Anakin hits the boost, trying to catch him. Both Anakin and this
last opponent fly up on either side of the leader. Anakin sees that the
kid is frantically glancing back and forth at the giant turbines surrounding
the smaller podracer. Anakin senses that the boy's nerves are at the
breaking point. Suddenly, Anakin's right engine catches on fire again.

ANAKIN: (clenched teeth) Blast!

The kid, seeing that Anakin is in trouble and that the other podracer is
about to pass him, suddenly grabs the controls, and slams the turbo
boost. Anakin's old podracer screams ahead. Thrown off concentration
by the move, Anakin loses control of his own racer and slams into the
racer next to him. Both crash. Anakin is able to leap from the doomed
racer just in time.

He sees his old racer fly past the finish line - the only one left in the race.
Throwing off his helmet with a very fierce scowl, Anakin begins to jog
toward the arena.


Anakin, covered in sweat and grime, is angrily approaching the large
crowd that has gathered around his podracer in the victory arena. People
are cheering loudly. Jabba is watching from his balcony seat, quite angry
at his loss. The Mandalorian leaders next to him are nodding their heads
in approval, oblivious to the scheming going on around them.

The human pilot is standing up in the racer looking around, as though
not exactly sure what to do. The pilot looks up and, seeing a very angry
Anakin approaching, begins to quickly remove his helmet coverings.
Obi Wan is there and tries to head off Anakin, to no avail.

OBI WAN: Padawan, this isn't the best time...

Anakin ignores his Master. He walks up to the boy, grabs the front of his
jacket, and jerks him nose to nose. The entire time, the pilot is
desperately trying to unstrap the stubborn helmet faceplate.

ANAKIN: (loud and angry) You idiot! I told you not to touch anything! That
maneuver almost got us killed!

Behind him, Obi Wan cringes. Just then the pilot finally yanks the helmet
off. It is the Queen of Naboo, and she is quite furious.

PADME: If I hadn't grabbed the controls, you conceited braggart...

At that last word, she shoves the helmet at Anakin - he staggers a step

PADME (cont'd): ...we would have lost the race!

Stunned silent, Anakin quickly glances around, belatedly noticing guards
covertly standing around the podracer, keeping the crowd back from the
queen. On the loud speaker the announcer is proclaiming the victor.

FODE/BEED: (FODE) I don't believe it! I just don't believe it! We now have
the name of the pilot racing for Sponsor Obi Wan Kenobi! The victor! -
Padme Nabarrie of Naboo! (BEED) Another human wins the Boonta
Eve?! What is outer-rim podracing coming to!

The crowd roars. At hearing her name blared throughout the arena, the
queen casts a furtive look at the crowd. She continues to scowl while
giving a quick once over at the tall young Jedi apprentice. Anakin is
staring back at her, stunned and somewhat slack-jawed, still holding the
helmet she had shoved at him.

Obi Wan sees that neither Padme nor Anakin are paying much attention
to their surroundings. Taking control of the situation, he surreptitiously
bows to the Queen, hands the helmet back to her, and begins to herd
his still stunned apprentice away from the crowd. With one last angry
glance, Padme leaps down and unceremoniously stalks off. The guards
case after her. Obi Wan hands Anakin his cloak.

OBI WAN: Here, put this on. The force can hide your identity from these
weak minds, but the Hutt is not so susceptible. If he sees you, all will be
for naught.

Anakin is completely stupefied by what just happened. Not particularly
focused, he speaks absent-mindedly.

ANAKIN: I did not think I was still known out here Master.

OBI WAN: (smiles) One does not become the best starpilot in the
galaxy and remain anonymous... even in the outerworlds.

Anakin looks back and scowls, suddenly furious.

ANAKIN: What is she doing here, Master?

OBI WAN: Helping you, of course.

ANAKIN: You know I didn't want her involved!

OBI WAN: (placating) The queen has never forgotten the wretched
conditions of the slaves here, nor, I might add, her enormous debt to
you. She eagerly agreed to assist us... You need all the help you can
get Anakin.

ANAKIN: But... why did SHE have to race?

Anakin is quickly getting a hold of himself. People are recognizing Obi
Wan from their game displays and giving him congratulations as they
pass. Obi Wan gives each congratulating passerby an impatient smile.

OBI WAN: There was no one else. Besides, the Hutt demanded it... more
to test our resolve, I think, than to win the wager. Now they understand
how committed we are.

ANAKIN: Even though he knows he can't defeat the Mandalorians without
our help.

Obi Wan sees that Anakin is still scowling and glancing back at where
Padme had been. Obi Wan places a calming hand on Anakin's back.

OBI WAN (cont'd): (in earnest) We didn't have much choice... But don't
worry... she won't come to any harm now that you're here.

The look Anakin gives him is not encouraging.

Yeah its interesting to me that preparing looks is a great bit like sitting on your ass.

Jedi Calypso
06-08-2000, 09:27 PM
hey commander, you planning on posting the rest of that, its really good

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Commander 598
06-09-2000, 02:49 AM

The door opens. Anakin cautiously enters and stands just inside the
doorway. He is still filthy from the podrace.


Anakin stands for a moment. A brightly smiling Shmi emerges from
the back kitchen.

ANAKIN: I'm home.

SHMI: Anakin...

Mother and son embrace for a long moment. Shmi finally pulls back.

SHMI (cont'd): Let me look at you... I believe you have grown!
(concerned) You're too thin. Do you eat enough?

ANAKIN: (grinning) I haven't been away that long, Mom. I take care of

SHMI: Why are you all dirty?

C-3P0: Is that Master Anakin?

C-3PO, now fully covered in shiny gold casings, hobbles into the main
room. Anakin is glad for the diversion.

ANAKIN: (grinning) 3P0! Well look at you... Gold huh?

C-3P0: Indeed Sir! I may now serve you and your honorable mother with
no fear of sandstorms or loss of dignity.

ANAKIN: These must have cost a fortune. (looks at Shmi) Where'd you
get it?

Shmi innocently hesitates.

C-3P0: Oh her most beautiful and gracious royal...

ANAKIN: (raises a hand) On second thought... nevermind. I don't want
to know.

SHMI: Annie... why are you filthy? (indicates his forehead) Is that a

ANAKIN: (grabs her hand) Nevermind that. (smiles at Shmi) I have
missed you.

SHMI: That is good to hear... as busy as you have been. (becoming
serious) All this fighting Annie - you kept this from me... has the Republic
really gotten as bad as Padme says?

ANAKIN: Padme?.. She didn't waste any time. (suspicious) What has
she been telling you?

SHMI: Only good things about you... Annie, what's wrong?

ANAKIN: (smiling, evasive) Nothing Mom. Nothing to concern yourself
over, I swear.

SHMI: (slightly chastising) Well she speaks very highly of you.

C-3P0: Oh, indeed Sir! You are a hero!

ANAKIN: (leads Shmi to a chair) That's very nice of her... why don't I
make you some tea while you tell me what has happened since I've
been gone.

SHMI: Well...

C-3P0: Ohhh we have become quite popular now that the queen has
taken up several living quarters next door. It's really very...

Shmi casts a sideways glance at Anakin.

SHMI: 3P0! Shh!

At C-3P0's statement, Anakin jerks his head around.

ANAKIN: What?!


The Queen has acquired several small apartments near Shmi's in the
slave quarters. They are used by the queen and her entourage as living
quarters and to coordinate their efforts to free the slaves. One apartment
containing a main room and two smaller rooms has been adopted as
headquarters. Padme and three handmaidens - Eirtae, Rabe, and Sabe
- are busy at work coordinating the plan to free the Hutt slaves.

Somewhat hesitant, Anakin quietly ducks in the open doorway. The
harsh Tatooine light streams in around him to grand effect. He has
cleaned up and is cloaked in his Jedi clothing.

At his entrance, Sabe and Eirtae nod their head at him with warm
smiles. He nods and smiles back, nervously placing his hands behind
his back. Unbeknownst and unintended, the nervous gesture gives him
a look of utter self-confidence.

Glancing into the back room, he spots the point of his visit. Padme is so
busy that she does not notice her handmaidens have gone silent. Rabe
gently touches the queen's shoulder. Padme reluctantly glances up from
the data screen. Noting the direction of her handmaiden's glance, she
turns and finally notices Anakin standing at the entrance. From the
doorway, Anakin bows slightly and gives her a lop-sided smile.

ANAKIN: Your Highness.

PADME: (smiling brightly) Anakin, please come in.

Anakin flashes her a censored look and obligingly enters the smaller
anti-room, once again tucking his hands behind him.

PADME (cont'd): I was hoping we'd soon have a chance to talk. (mildly
chastising) Your visits to Naboo are becoming too infrequent.

Rabe nods in agreement. The queen was being overly polite. Anakin
has barely taken his eyes off her since he walked in the door, but his
voice is calm and reserved.

ANAKIN: My training has kept me very busy, Highness.

Padme says nothing. Her eyes tell him she doesn't believe a word of it.
Sabe and Eirtae have by now stopped what they are doing and have
entered the antechamber.

PADME: We were just discussing these Republic civil outbreaks. We hear
that these conflicts are increasing... that galactic war is inevitable.

This finally distracts Anakin from his staring. He suddenly looks grim.

ANAKIN: (sigh) Yes, even minor political disputes are collapsing into war.
And with these raiders attacking the outer rim... (somberly) Obi Wan says
he and I now have more combat experience than most Jedi Masters.

SABE: But, I thought the Jedi do not take sides in sectoral conflicts.

PADME: They don't... that they are involved to this extent is the most
significant sign that galactic war is imminent.

There is quiet expectation for a moment. The queen notes their
apprehension. Anakin and Padme stare at one another, grim faced.
Everyone is anxious.

EIRTAE: You do not deny Her Majesty's words, Sir?

Anakin puts on a smile for Eirtae, trying to lighten the mood, calm their

ANAKIN: I would not presume to deny Her Majesty anything.

Padme cocks a skeptical eyebrow at that comment and surpresses
a knowing smile. Eirtae smiles and looks down at her work, clearly
captivated by their esteemed visitor. Anakin looks embarrassed. The
women are respectful to their renown guest, but it is clear he is not
used to being the center of so much female attention. Sabe, the
most levelheaded of the handmaidens, is completely unaffected by
their guest and continues to busy herself as she talks. Anakin starts
to pace back and forth, hands still behind his back. He tries to act
at ease, but Padme knows better.

EIRTAE: (unable to help herself) We have heard a rumor, Sir... Is it true
that you defeated over one hundred fighters in the Battle of Ralltiir?

PADME: (admonishing) Eirtae...

ANAKIN: (laugh) Is it that many now?

Padme closes down her data pad and addresses Rabe.

PADME: Would you deliver this to the Hutt's representative?
(Rabe nods) Eirtae...

Eirtae is not paying attention - she is rapt on Anakin.

EIRTAE: What? (instantly snaps) Oh! Forgive me, Your Highness.

Eirtae is immediately mortified. Padme is trying not to smile.

PADME: (gently) Go with Rabe.

EIRTAE: (bowing quickly) Yes, Your Highness.

SABE: I'm done with this as well. (glances at Anakin) Shall I go and wait
for the Captain?

Padme nods. As soon as the last handmaiden exits, Anakin sets upon
the queen. His anger is now quite evident.

ANAKIN: (angry, voice raised) What were you thinking driving that
podracer?! You could've gotten killed!

Padme knows this is coming. He follows her as she moves about the
main room and antechamber.

PADME: (loud) But I wasn't... (angrily whispers) killed.

ANAKIN: If I had known I would NEVER have let you race.

PADME: Which is precisely why you didn't know.

Anakin is staring her down, making her uncomfortable. He then takes a
real good look at his surroundings - the strategy table, the equipment.

ANAKIN: I was wondering what Obi Wan was keeping from me. You
two have been planning this for weeks!

Slightly guilty, Padme won't look directly at Anakin.

PADME: You refused my help. What choice did we have?

She looks up at Anakin, somber.

PADME (cont'd): We weren't about to let you do this on your own, Annie.

They stare at one other for a moment. Anakin's shoulders slump
imperceptibly. As though reluctant to confess something, he suddenly
cannot look her in the face. He sighs with resignation.

ANAKIN: It wasn't that I would refuse your help... It's just that I didn't think
I had the right to ask for it.

PADME: (bewildered) I don't understand.

This is painful for Anakin to admit. His smile is more like a grimace.

ANAKIN: A former slave... asking the ruler of Naboo to help him free
some... misbegotten people of a poor outer-rim planet?... I wouldn't
have dared ask it of you.

Padme doesn't reply at first. She is shocked.

PADME: (whispered) I had no idea you felt this way... (about to explain)

Sabe enters. She bows her head slightly to the queen.

SABE: I'm sorry to disturb you, Your Highness, but Captain Panaka has

PADME: Thank you. Please have him enter. (looks at Anakin) We are not
through with this discussion.

Anakin says nothing. Captain Panaka enters. He looks weary. Suddenly
he sees Anakin. With a warm smile for each other, the two men shake

PANAKA: Well I'll be damned if it isn't the best starpilot in the galaxy!

ANAKIN: (grins) It's good to see you again Captain. You haven't resigned
in frustration yet?

Panaka cackles at the disparaging remark aimed at the queen. Padme
raises a brow at the impudent comment, but can't hold back a smile. All
are friends here.

PANAKA: You are as daring as ever.

PADME: (smirking) Not as daring as he'd have us believe Captain.

Anakin scowls at the statement's hidden meaning. The queen gives
Anakin a reproachful look then addresses Panaka.

PADME (cont'd): I take it the slave representatives have agreed to meet
with us.

PANAKA: With all the rumors flying around the slave quarters... they
wouldn't have missed the chance to find out what we're doing here.

PADME: (wryly) It is a wonder the Mandalorians haven't discovered us.

PANAKA: These are slaves, Your Highness. They can keep a secret
better than the slyest politician if it affords an advantage over their

Anakin, quiet until now, can no longer tolerate his own confusion.

ANAKIN: Slave representatives?... Just what were you and Obi Wan
doing while I was conveniently away?

Sabe enters.

SABE: Rabe and Eirtae have returned, Your Highness. Everything's

PADME: (addressing Anakin) Obi Wan and I will explain everything at
the meeting.


A sizable group of slaves are milling about as Obi Wan, Amidala, Anakin,
C-3P0 and R2-D2 enter the dilapidated adobe building. They are trailed
by the three handmaidens and four guards. As Anakin enters, he hears
some of the slaves whispering his name. He feels uncomfortable at
being recognized.

Anakin's old friend Kitster is among the slave representatives. Grinning
hugely, he approaches Anakin.

KIT: Well well well... lookie what we have here.

ANAKIN: Kitster! I barely recognize you!

The two embrace, patting each other loudly on the back.

KIT: Ah it's Kit now.. and nice to see you too old friend... So you're really
gonna do it eh? Free every one?

ANAKIN: I'm going to try. You're here as a slave representative?

KIT: Yes, but I'm no longer a slave. I saved my last owner's life and she
felt obligated to set me free. (shrug) Her loss!

ANAKIN: That's wonderful news Kit. (looks around) I think they want to
begin... meet me at Mom's after.

KIT: (laughing) Count on it Annie!

The room becomes silent as the slaves stare at the impressive display.
Amidala and her entourage are on one side of the room, the slave
representatives on the other. With a regal authority, Amidala steps
forward into the gap.

AMIDALA: Who here will speak for you?

An older man walks forward hesitantly. A huge humanoid, he is grizzled
with salt and pepper hair and covered in stylized tattoos. Swallowing
hard and casting quick glances at the other people behind the queen, he
approaches with a somewhat reverent posture. It is apparent that he is
in awe with the obvious display of power before him and trying to hide it.
Also apparent is the kindness and intelligence in his wizened face.
Seeing this, Amidala eases her regal stance and smiles gently up at
the large man.

AMIDALA (cont'd): What is your name?

CORUS TAK: (swallowing hard) C-Corus Tak, Ma'am.

AMIDALA: Welcome, Corus Tak. I am heartened that you and the other
representatives agreed to meet with us. I am Amidala. I am the ruler of a
small Republic planet called Naboo. (gestures to Obi Wan) This is Obi
Wan Kenobi, a Jedi Knight, and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, whom
some of you may remember.

The slave representative look at one another, quite shocked at who
stands before them. Then they erupt in discussion amongst themselves.
With a calm wave of his hand, Corus Tak hushes them. He clears his
throat, getting the courage to speak.

CORUS TAK: We heard... We heard you're here to free the slaves...
Is this true?

Amidala is quiet for a moment. She lets the pregnant pause linger as
she silently looks over the representatives. She then stares back at
Corus Tak.

AMIDALA: Only if you wish it to be.

One of the representatives cannot contain a snort at her answer. Some
laugh nervously.

CORUS TAK: (smiling nervously) What slave does not wish to be free?

The group begins to murmur concurrence.

AMIDALA: Indeed.

FIRST SLAVE REPRESENTATIVE: (yells out) No such person would
bother with a bunch of slaves.

The rest of the slaves murmur their agreement. Amidala is not surprised
by this reaction. She addresses Corus Tak.

AMIDALA: (gestures to Anakin) Anakin Skywalker - a former slave and
resident here - helped save my planet from invasion. My people owe
him an immeasurable debt. This is why I am here.

SECOND SLAVE REPRESENTATIVE: (yelling out) It is a trick Corus!

OBI WAN: If this were a trick, my friend, then your attendance here alone
would have been enough to have you punished. Would we bother with
further pretense?

The slaves look at one another, begrudging Obi Wan's argument,
though obviously not convinced. Corus Tak continues to focus on

AMIDALA: (looking straight at Corus) We tell the truth.

Corus Tak looks at her for a moment more. Turning to the other slaves,
he raises his hand to silence their mutterings. All the slaves become
quiet. He is obviously a well established leader.

CORUS TAK: Are we such fools to let our fears outweigh our eyes? (nods
his head at Amidala) Do you really believe they are in league with the
scum that control us?

The representatives, heads lowered, look mistrustfully at the group
facing them, then back at Corus, then at each other. They are hesitant

CORUS TAK: Look at them!

As Corus Tak, and Amidala behind him, stare the district slave
representatives down, they one by one begin to nod their heads.

FIRST SLAVE REPRESENTATIVE: We trust your judgment Tak.

All of them vigorously nod at each other. None want the burden of
making the decision. Resolute, Corus Tak turns to face Amidala.

CORUS TAK: We want to be free.

That decision made, Amidala wastes no more time with diplomacy.

AMIDALA: My colleagues and I have come here to provide you an
opportunity... a choice.

Amidala glances at Obi Wan. He steps forward and addresses the

OBI WAN: We have an arrangement with Jabba. In exchange for
our assistance in removing Mandalorian control, he has agreed to
provide us the universal command code which will deactivate all
your bondage tags.

The representatives erupt in conversation amongst themselves again.
Corus Tak puts his hands up to them, asking for silence. He turns back
to Amidala.

CORUS TAK: Please understand, we would be grateful to have our bond
tags deactivated... (murmuring of concurrence) But... what then? What's
to stop Jabba from simply reclaiming us?

The representatives begin to rumble their concurrence yet again. Corus
looks pointedly at Amidala.

CORUS TAK (cont'd): We have nowhere to go.

Looking solely at Corus Tak, Amidala smiles kindly.


The little droid eagerly moves forward. He stops next to Amidala and,
with a nod from her, activates a hologram of a Carrack Cruiser.

AMIDALA: There are five transports such as this one currently orbiting
this planet. Each can hold up to 800 individuals... Enough to carry each
and every slave away from Tatooine.

All the representatives stare at the hologram, awestruck at this
incredible opportunity.

CORUS TAK: (just as awestruck) But... where would we go?

AMIDALA: To my world. To Naboo...

R2-D2 then displays a hologram of the planet Naboo. The slaves stare
in wonder at the beautiful blue planet.

AMIDALA (cont'd): Once there, you will all be offered full citizenship. All
your initial needs will be provided and you will be offered positions in
our society for which you are most ideally suited... But, most
importantly... you will be free. If the conditions on my world are not to
your liking, you will be at liberty to leave it.

Everyone is quiet for a moment. Corus Tak then turns around and faces
the other slaves - without words asking for their decision. One by one
their faces start to burgeon with hope. They begin to vigorously shake
their heads. Obi Wan and Amidala exchange looks, knowing they won
the representatives over. Amidala glances at Anakin, who has remained
quiet throughout the meeting. He is a bit overwhelmed with what has just
transpired. A decision made, the group of representatives become quiet.
With a very deferential posture, Corus Tak approaches his new queen.

CORUS TAK: What are your orders Ma'am?

AMIDALA: (smiling) It's very simple, Corus Tak. (addresses the group)
You will return to your districts and confer with the other slaves. You are
here on their behalf and we will do nothing without the approval of all
you represent.

Listening to the queen, Obi Wan smiles to himself. Corus Tak ponders
this unique idea then nods his head.

AMIDALA (cont'd): Please inform me when all the representatives have
given you their decision.

Everyone is quiet as the slaves file out of the small adobe dwelling. Obi
Wan walks up beside the queen.

OBI WAN: Your Highness, I'm not sure we can afford the extra day it will
take to wait for their decision.

AMIDALA: (thinking) As soon as these slaves leave here, Obi Wan, they
become my responsibility, my people. (looking him in the eye) They
must understand from the start that they won't be forced or coerced
into anything. Under my leadership, (glances at Anakin) they will be free.

Her tone brooks no argument. Obi Wan accedes to her decision, saying
nothing. The queen glances at her handmaidens. Recognizing she is
leaving, they move to stand behind her. She turns and approaches Anakin,
who is quietly standing next to R2-D2 and C-3P0. Anakin is looking at her
in awe, not quite believing what she is doing for these people, for his
mother, for him.

ANAKIN: I don't... I don't know what to say.

Amidala gives him a weary smile and tenderly touches his arm.

AMIDALA: (gently) Then say nothing. Simply accept my help.

Anakin dutifully says nothing, his warm gaze conveying without words
his tremendous gratitude. She turns to leave.

ANAKIN: Your Highness?

The queen turns to face him expectantly. Anakin looks suddenly very

ANAKIN (cont'd): At the race today... when I called you a... Can you
forgive me?

The queen appeared to think it over. She smiled brightly.


With a humorous glance at his confusion, Amidala turns and exits.

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Yeah its interesting to me that preparing looks is a great bit like sitting on your ass.

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Humbly awaiting part three commander, and Bango really enjoyed your script so far too.

<marquee align = "middle"> <font color = "yellow"> Bango: EEK! EEK! Good one, comander, EEK! EEK! Bango: EEK! EEK! Good one, comander, EEK! EEK! </font> </marquee>

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Commander 598
06-09-2000, 11:17 PM
No zoom I hate to break it to ya

The sun is beginning to descend. Anakin is sitting on a stair ledge with
his old friend, Kitster.

KIT: I still can't believe you're back, my friend. It's been a long time.

ANAKIN: Too long, Kit... I still can't believe you own Watto's shop!

KIT: (laughing) Watto never did learn, in gambling at least, there never
is a sure thing.

ANAKIN: (becoming serious) I want to thank you again for looking after

KIT: (dismissing the compliment) I only wish Watto hadn't sold her
before I won the shop. She's like a second mother to me, Annie.

Just then, Padme and Sabe approach Shmi's home. Both are cloaked in
deep black. Two guards walk a respectful distance behind. Both Kit and
Anakin jump to attention - Kit with an expectant grin, Anakin in surprise.
The two men bow slightly as the two women enter Shmi's home.

KIT: (grinning) Like clockwork.


KIT: After the queen had been here about a week, they started coming to
Shmi's for dinner. It's kind of a routine they have. (warning) They've
gotten very close with your mother.

ANAKIN: (smirking) I take it you've been eating my mother's cooking
quite a bit of late.

Kit raises a lascivious grin at his old friend.

KIT: Have you seen those handmaidens?

Both young men eagerly enter Shmi's home.


Anakin, Padme, Sabe, Kit and Shmi sit at the dinner table. C-3P0 is
hovering about them, serving their food and drink. Anakin has them
enthralled with a harrowing adventure. Kit, with elbow on the table and
head propped on a fist, is happily staring at Sabe - to her complete
annoyance. She tries to ignore the young man.

ANAKIN: ...an entire squadron of enemy fighters suddenly shoots out of
hyperspace. And there I was... just sitting in orbit. (laughing) They were
furious by then...

C-3P0: Dear oh dear. I would have surrendered for sure.

PADME: How did you...

ANAKIN: (interrupting) Wait - it gets worse.

SABE: Worse!?

ANAKIN: Two more squadrons come out of hyperspace - completely out
flanking me. I was trapped.

At that, Kit's head shot up from it's pedestal.

KIT: Annie, how are you sitting here? You should be dead!

Padme flinches slightly and glances over at Shmi. Complete distress
marks Shmi's care-worn face.

ANAKIN: I haven't even gotten to the good part yet. I figured I was a
goner... and then I realized... I had a full tank. They just came out of
hyperspace - their cells were empty.

Anakin pauses as he watches their reaction.

SABE: So... you weighed more?

ANAKIN: That's right.

SABE: (looks at Padme) But... how would that matter?

Padme shrugs, just as dumbfounded.

ANAKIN: When I realized that, I slammed the throttle down and took a
nose dive - straight for the planet.

By now Kit has completely forgotten his ill-fated flirting.

KIT: You went full throttle into planetary orbit?... That's insane!

ANAKIN: That was the last thing they expected. All things being equal,
the speed that extra weight provided saved my life.

KIT: You're lucky you didn't have a burn out.

ANAKIN: (taunting) Who says I didn't.

KIT: What!?

At that, Shmi's face blanched. She gets up suddenly and moves to the
kitchen. Anakin looks over at Padme with a questioning look. Padme
shakes her head. The conversation suddenly isn't pleasing to her either.

PADME: (smiles politely) I think I need some air.

Before the young men can show their manners and stand up, she gets
up and exits to the back balcony. Shmi moves to pick up the rest of the
dishes. Anakin stands up.

ANAKIN: Here, let me help.

Anakin goes to the kitchen. Seeing his opportunity, Kit edges slightly
closer to Sabe. He doesn't stop his annoying smiling stare and his chin
is still resting firmly on his fist. Sabe directs a withering gaze at him and
calmly edges away, giving him no indication that she is amiable to

KIT: So um... Naboo's with the Republic.

SABE: (suspicious) Yes.

KIT: You... do a lot of trading I take it?

SABE: Naboo's economic status is unprecedented under Her Majesty's

KIT: (lazy smile) Wizard.

Kit takes a drink. Sabe is starting to get a slightly haughty, yet disgusted

SABE: Is there something you want, Mr. Kitster?

KIT: Just Kit, and yeah, lots of somethings... do you - um you being
Naboo - ever do any trade with the outer rim?

SABE: Very little... on occasion.

KIT: Great, that's great... So tell me... what's her majesty's policy with
goods that are... shall we say uhh... less than legitimate?

Apparently not believing her ears, Sabe just stares at him. Kit grins and
raises his eyebrows, waiting for an answer.

Anakin is busy cleaning the dishes. He casts covert glances both at his
mother and the backdoor. He can see that Shmi is concerned about him.
He sighs, realizing his mistake.

ANAKIN: I'm sorry mother. I know it all seems terribly dangerous, but you
must realize..

SHMI: (smiles gently) You don't have to explain. I understand... But that
doesn't mean I cannot worry about it.

Anakin smiles, but it's clear he is upset at hurting her. Shmi smiles

SHMI: Nevermind that... Why are you still standing here with me?


SHMI: (patiently) Isn't there someone on the balcony waiting for you?

Anakin shoots a glance at the door Padme went through. Unbeknownst
to him, he'd been glancing at it constantly. He looks back at his mother
with a sheepish grin. Shmi just shoos him out of the kitchen.


Feeling quite awkward, Anakin quietly enters the balcony over looking
Mos Espa. Padme is standing at balcony's edge, staring out at the
twilight and city scape. Light from within Shmi's home illuminates them
over the darkening sky.

Padme sees Anakin, taking in his height and face, and looks away,
seemingly startled.

ANAKIN: I'm sorry. Should I leave you alone?

PADME: No no... it's just that I'm not used to you being so... (glances up
and quickly looks away again) ...tall.

ANAKIN: (relieved, smiles) Yes... I have grown a little since my last visit
to Naboo. (serious) How are things there?

PADME: Things are as they should be, but... it's only a matter of time
before this broader Republic conflict affects my world. (worried) I would
do anything to prevent that.

ANAKIN: So would I.

Padme looks up at Anakin, puzzled by the statement.

ANAKIN (cont'd): (hesitant) I mean... in the time I have spent there I
have... grown to love it.

Anakin sits down on the thick adobe railing, which affords a much
easier view of him for Padme. He looks out over the landscape and
smiles sheepishly.

ANAKIN (cont'd): Not a hard thing considering where I am from.

PADME: But.. in your years of training, your travels with Obi Wan, surely
you've seen more... (hesitates) ...impressive places.

ANAKIN: Obi Wan and I have been to almost every part of the galaxy.
I have seen people and places beyond my wildest imaginings.
(sincere, matter of fact) None of them compare to Naboo.

Padme stares silently at him for a moment.

PADME: I'm glad to hear you say that, Anakin.

Obi Wan enters.

OBI WAN: There you are.

Anakin stands abruptly. Padme self-consciously takes a step back.
Obi Wan makes quick note of this.

OBI WAN (cont'd): I've been looking for you Padawan... Your Highness...
We have received word from the Hutt. He has agreed to the conditions
of our assistance.

PADME: (slightly disgusted) Hopefully this is the end of their part and
parcel wagering on every point of negotiation. This is no way to broker
an alliance.

OBI WAN: (amused) Is it not, Your Highness?

ANAKIN: It has cost us precious time, Master. The Mandelorians will
take advantage of the delay.

OBI WAN: Perhaps you underestimate the Hutt's abilities. They have not
maintained their power in the outer worlds through ineptitude.

ANAKIN: (conceding) He's right, Your Highness. We need to be mindful
of treachery.


Anakin, Padme and Sabe approach the back balcony entrance to their
quarters. The night is very quiet. Sabe enters their sleeping areas as
Padme strays behind with Anakin.

PADME: Thank you Anakin, for the escort.

ANAKIN: (smile) Protecting you is an old habit, Your Highness.

Padme smiles. Her face then becomes serious. Anakin is keeping a
very respectful distance between them. The queen slowly closes that

PADME: Anakin... why don't you call me by my name anymore?

Anakin becomes flustered, both by the forthright question and by her
nearness. He is captured.

ANAKIN: Because... (whisper) Because it is just easier not to.

PADME: (somber) You mean it is too difficult to forget I am queen.

Anakin, suddenly having trouble looking her in the eye, says nothing.
Padme looks at him, slightly hurt.

PADME (cont'd): (quietly) Answer me something... Do you ever become
tired of being alone?

Anakin stares at her for a moment. Longing could not begin to describe
the look he is giving her.

ANAKIN: (whisper) Yes.

Padme takes a step closer.

PADME: But... you have Obi Wan to keep you company.

ANAKIN: You have your handmaidens.

Staring down at her now, Anakin swallows hard. He cannot stop staring
at her lips. They had gotten within a foot of one another. With a quick
inhale, Anakin takes a step back, then another.

ANAKIN: I better go, Your Highness.

Bewildered, Padme says nothing.

ANAKIN (cont'd): Goodnight.

Quickly, Anakin turns and stalks down the back alley. Padme stands
there for a moment, instantly hurt at the unintended rebuff. Then she
sighs and, with a sad resigned smile, turns toward the apartment

Anakin gets only halfway down the block before he stops. He curses to

ANAKIN: You're such a coward.

With a deep breath and a determined look, he turns around and
resolutely marches back.

ANAKIN: Padme.

With a hopeful look, she quickly turns to face him. She barely has time
to bring her hands up before his lips are on hers. It is a forceful kiss,
lacking finesse, but one which he more than makes up for in
exuberance. As his hands hold her about the waist, she clutches his
vest front. He breaks the kiss, but still keeps his head bent to hers.

ANAKIN: (deep breath) You know what I do when I feel alone?

Padme gently shakes her head.

ANAKIN (cont'd): I think of you... I think of you and I no longer feel alone.

Eyes tightly closed, he lowers his forehead to gently touch hers. Anakin
doesn't move. Still breathing hard, he simply continues to hold her to

ANAKIN (cont'd): I can't... I can't let go.

Padme reaches up and caresses his cheek. Their lips are barely

PADME: Don't.

Padme pulls his head down to hers. This time she guides the kiss. With
ever deepening passion, she slowly pulls herself up into him, conveying
without words that this well established desire for her is entirely
reciprocated. Hesitant at first, he quickly matches her fervor.

With neither Padme nor Anakin noticing, a handmaiden appears in the
doorway. Sabe takes quick note of the scene, and discretely ducks back
into the doorway, out of site.

SABE: (with a cough) Your Highness?

The two break their kiss, but not their hold on one another.

PADME: (calmly) Yes, what is it?

SABE: The slave representative, Corus Tak, is here to speak with you.

Anakin and Padme exchange looks.

PADME: Thank you Sabe.

Even out of site of the queen, Sabe bows slightly and leaves her to her

For a brief moment, they continue to stare at one another. Then Padme
smiles slightly, lowering her hands, letting him go. Anakin reluctantly
steps back. Their features unclouded, they gaze at each other with
unmistakable longing. Backstepping, Anakin forgets the small stairstep
up to her porch and trips slightly. Padme smiles.

PADME: Goodnight Anakin. Please be careful tomorrow.

Unable to stop looking at her and apparently not hearing a word she is
saying, Anakin is still walking backwards. His gaze can only be
described as goofy. Padme gives him a very amused look and shakes
her head as she enters the dwelling.

Anakin turns and walks down the path, and begins to whistle.


Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin are walking toward the large sandstone
structure known as the den of the notorious Jabba the Hutt. Obi Wan
has his communicator out and is conversing with Captain Panaka.

PANAKA (V.O.): The slaves are massing at the rendezvous point.
Jabba seems to have kept his word and deactivated the bond tags.
The Carrack cruisers have already begun loading people.

OBI WAN: (into the comlink) Keep Anakin's device handy just in case.
There may be one or two tags that fail to deactivate.

Obi Wan puts away his comlink. It was time for the Jedi to do their part
of the bargain.

The heavy blast doors at the entrance are guarded by two Mandalorian
soldiers. With unconcerned boldness, Obi Wan and Anakin approach
them, their faces calm and tranquil. The two soldier look at each other.
One steps forward.


Obi Wan looks at Anakin. They never halt. As the two soldiers begin to
aim their blaster rifles, the two Jedi raise their hands. The blasters fly
from the soldiers hands. Suddenly, the approaching Jedi are pointing
the blasters back at them. Instead of shooting, Anakin and Obi Wan
knock out each soldier with the butt of the blaster rifles. They
unceremoniously drop the rifles next to each soldier at they pass, their
gait never halting. Only the soldier's proclamation and the sound of
crunching bone were heard.

They open the entrance terminal and enter a code. The blast door


The two Jedi enter Jabba's Palace, now controlled by the Mandalorians.
A small contingent of ten soldiers are there to greet the Jedi as
soon as they enter the main entry hall. With a blur, the two Jedi
unsheathe their lightsabers - Obi Wan's bright blue, Anakin's bright
green. The soldiers immediately begin to fire. The soldier's assault is
for naught. The Jedi quickly neutralize their attackers.

ANAKIN: So much for diplomacy Master.

OBI WAN: (deflecting a laser bolt) Must you always chatter during

The final soldier falls. Sheathing their lightsabers, the Jedi continue
toward the main audience chamber.

ANAKIN: (shrugging) It helps my concentration.

OBI WAN: (lightly chastising) Well it ruins mine.

ANAKIN: Sorry Master.


They finally reach the main door to the chamber. The two regular
soldiers guarding the entrance are quickly dispatched. Obi Wan
analyzes the door.

OBI WAN: It's magnetically sealed. I shall need your assistance

Standing side by side the two Jedi pierce the top of the door, their
sabers driving through metal as though it were liquid instead of the
hardest solid. Moving their sword away from each other, they begin
to cut an arch toward the floor. Finally they cut their way into the main
audience chamber. In sparks and smoke, the huge metal door falls inward
with a loud boom.

They rush in, swords at the ready.

No one is there. The palace is empty.

OBI WAN: I thought their defenses were too meager. It's a ruse Anakin.

Anakin becomes alarmed. He quickly closes his eyes, trying to
concentrate on something. Suddenly, his eye shoot open.

ANAKIN: Master, the transports!

Anakin and Obi Wan disengage their sabers on a flat run.


Obi Wan and Anakin are streaking across the desert landscape,
pushing the landspeeder to its limits. Cresting a small dune, they see
the refugee rendezvous point. A large transport can be seen heading
for space high in the distant sky.

They quickly note that the last group of refugees - approximately 50 or
so - and a dozen Naboo soldiers are gathered for the final transport.
Shmi and Amidala are overseeing the last of the escapees. Queen
Amidala's personal star cruiser is moored about fifty meters from them.
The last transport is nowhere in sight.

Sabe points out the approaching speeder to Amidala. Recognizing the
two Jedi, Amidala begins to approach the rapidly advancing speeder.
She and her handmaidens are dressed in fitted black battle dress
similar to her podrace uniform and armed with heavy blasters.

Anakin leaps from the moving speeder, hitting the ground running. With
alarm, Amidala looks back at her handmaidens and draws her weapon.
With her look they draw their weapons as well, instantly at the ready.

AMIDALA: What is?...

Before she can finish her question, one of the refugees cries in alarm -
then another and another. The Jedi become instantly alert. Panaka
raises some binoculars.

PANAKA: It's an army!

One either side of the small dune valley, two formations of Mandalorian
soldiers appear in the distance. They are converging on the rendezvous
point. Each formation seems to contain over two hundred soldiers.
Everyone becomes panicked. The guards surround Amidala, Shmi and
the handmaidens.

ANAKIN: (angry) I knew it.

OBI WAN: This is a trap. The Hutt has betrayed us.

PANAKA: The last transport is still in orbit. It will take at least five
minutes to land!

AMIDALA: We've just run out of time. Get the rest aboard my ship,
Captain. It will hold them.

PANAKA: You are going with them Your Highness.

Amidala starts to object. Anakin grabs her elbow.

ANAKIN: You all are going.

Before the queen says a word in protest, Anakin interrupts her.

ANAKIN (cont'd): (pleading) You must see these people safely home.

They stare at each other. The queen nods.

AMIDALA: Get them aboard Captain.

PANAKA: Let's move!

The guards begin to quickly heard people toward the Royal Cruiser.
Anakin runs to his mother, who is at the back of the group seeing that
there are no stragglers. His eyes are constantly watching the distant
approaching enemy.

ANAKIN: Get aboard mother.

SHMI: You are not going with us?

ANAKIN: Only after everyone is safely aboard. (looking almost eager)
Don't worry, Obi Wan and I are used to this.

Shmi looks at the advancing army, then back at her son, quite
disbelieving him.

ANAKIN (cont'd): (assertive) We will hold them off. But first I will see you
aboard that ship.

SHMI: (stubbornly) When the rest are aboard Annie.

Anakin starts to protest, but Obi Wan's shout interrupts him.

OBI WAN: (lightsaber ignited) They are almost in range! Ready yourself

There are only about two dozen people left to board. Anakin draws his
lightsaber and places himself several feet from Obi Wan. Anakin faces
one group of approaching soldiers while Obi Wan faces the other,
forming two man protective wedge. The Naboo guards are standing
behind them, pistols at the ready. Shmi, Amidala and the handmaidens
are hurrying the refugees aboard.

ANAKIN: Here we go again.

The soldiers are still a distant menacing blur when the first laser bolts
begin to fly wildly by them. With blinding speed the two Jedi deflect only
the most accurate laser fire, making sure the people behind them are
protected. Random shots can be seen to harmlessly ricochet off the
silver starship. The guards begin to fire back. The first Mandalorian
soldiers begin to slow their pace, giving the defenders more time to
board the ship. Suddenly, one guard is throw back, dying instantly from
a laser bolt to the chest. Then another falls.

The attack starts to engulf the two Jedi. Laser fire is all around them.
The enemy soldiers, now only one hundred meters away, are well within
visual range. Their aim is becoming too accurate. Anakin glances back
and sees that Amidala and her handmaidens are standing at the ramp,
firing pistols as Shmi is seeing the last refugees on board.

ANAKIN: (alarmed) Get aboard! NOW!

The women begin to back toward the entrance ramp, followed by the
guards. As Shmi turns to run up the ramp, a missed laser bolt shoots by
Anakin. It hits Shmi in the back, knocking her down.


Amidala and her handmaidens hurriedly pick up Shmi's limp body and
enter the ship. Laser fire slices through Anakin's arm, almost knocking
his lightsaber from him. The last of the soldiers run up the ramp. Obi
Wan is starting to back toward the ramp, but becomes alarmed as he
sees his apprentice begin to advance on the soldiers.

OBI WAN: Anakin! No!

But Anakin isn't listening. He is in a blinding rage. Seeing his advance,
the Mandalorians begin to converge their fire upon him, but to no avail.
The movements of his bright green saber is a complete blur. With
supernatural speed, Anakin seems to deflect a dozen bolts at once. All
the reflected bolts find their mark as, one after another, the Mandalorian
soldiers fall - twenty, thirty, then fifty soldiers lay dead on the desert

Two Naboo in the starship's cockpit stare in stupefying amazement at
the scene below. Even Obi Wan is momentarily frozen in dreadful
wonder. Anakin's fury is palpable. The Mandalorians begin to back up -
they cannot touch Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin finally glances back and sees that only Obi Wan is shouting, but
he cannot hear him. Anakin hears nothing but a white hot roar. Not able
to take the numerous laserbolts being deflected, his lightsaber begins
to oscillate its brightness. In one blinding flash, it blows out.

Snapping out of his enraged trance, Anakin dashes for the ramp. The
Mandalorians, now greatly decreased in number, renew their assault on
the gleaming starship. The Jedi jump safely aboard. The Mandalorian
laser fire bounces harmlessly off the ship as it begins to take off.

As the gleaming cruiser disappears in the distance, one Mandalorian
officer watches. Separating himself from the rest, Boba Fett jumps into
Obi Wan's speeder and heads into the desert.


The doors to the royal quarters open. His face an unemotional mask,
Anakin rushes into the room and stops. Behind him, many individuals
can briefly be seen milling about in the forward and main hold - their
faces are frightened. As the door closes again, Anakin walks slowly to
the woman lying prone and unmoving on the bed. Padme is kneeling
next to Shmi on one side while Sabe, with medical kit opened on the
bed, is conducting an examination. As Anakin kneels next to his mother,
Sabe casts a quiet glance at the queen and sadly shakes her head.
She closes the medical kit and moves away. Obi Wan silently enters.

Anakin gently lay a shaking hand on his mother's forehead. He
concentrates on her face for a moment. Then his eyes close slowly
with dread.

ANAKIN: (quiet moan) No.

He knows he can do nothing for her. Without a sound, he lowers his
head to her shoulder, fighting desperately for control.

Hurting with him, Padme glances up at Sabe and Obi Wan. Seeing
the request for solitude, Sabe exits. With a compassionate glance,
Obi Wan exits as well.

Padme moves to lay a comforting hand on Anakin's back. Shoving her
hand away, he stumbles up. Taking a few steps toward the door, he
realizes he has nowhere to go and stops. Wrapping his arms around
himself as though cold, he suddenly falls to his knees. His face shows
he is failing to hold back a torrent of grief. He looks at his hands.

ANAKIN: (whispers) N-not fast enough. I wasn't fast enough!

Kneeling down, Padme gently tucks his head under her chin and
simply holds him as he begins to cry.


The landspeeder streaks by as it approaches the Slave One spacecraft.


Boba Fett jumps out of the speeder and quickly walks up the
spacecraft's ramp.


Boba Fett sits in the pilot's seat and hits a button. An image of Darth
Sidious appears.

SIDIOUS: This had better be good.

BOBA FETT: It is done. The boy left with them.

SIDIOUS: Is she dead?

BOBA FETT: Ofcourse.

SIDIOUS: (smiling) Good. Hire the assassin. See that she gets my
instructions - and her payment.

Boba Fett nods again.

Yeah its interesting to me that preparing looks is a great bit like sitting on your ass.

06-10-2000, 09:08 PM
Thats really good. I hope you have more coming

Jedi Kenobi
06-12-2000, 03:46 AM
Um Commander, where did you get that script? It's really good. BTW, I can't wait till you post the rest.

Jedi Kenobi
06-12-2000, 12:44 PM
Oh, and that can't be the title because it's rouge and rogue are two different things. Plus there is already a book called Rogue Planet (I have it).

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Commander 598
06-12-2000, 08:04 PM
I refuse to post anymore if you will critisize me.I thought that rogue planet was the name guess not.

Yeah its interesting to me that preparing looks is a great bit like sitting on your ass.

Jedi Kenobi
06-12-2000, 10:20 PM
No, I wasn't criticising, I was just making a point. George Lucas himself said that he wasn't even gonna look for a title till the filming was over. PLEASE post the rest, or tell me where you got it!

Jedi Kenobi
06-13-2000, 12:29 AM
I'm sorry, really! Please, or everyone's gonna hate me for this! They probably want to see the rest just as much as me. At least respond!

06-13-2000, 02:43 PM
Yes I do hate you Kenobi. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/wink.gif But anyway, the dumbest rumor I heard was that Natalie Portman was gonna have a nude scene.

06-13-2000, 04:25 PM
It's not the real script, but it was kind of fun to read.. I'm reading the novelization right now. So many places where it looks like Terry almost slipped and wrote Jar Jar out of existence.. doh! At least they left out that "farting camel" ; P

Yeah, huh, I heard that like, Episode II is going to be rated R.. duuuuh.


Jedi Kenobi
06-13-2000, 10:08 PM
I know it's not the real script, but it's still pretty cool.

Jedi Kenobi
06-14-2000, 02:53 AM
K, do (without the quotes) ["img"]http://starwars.com/snapshot/2000/19/img/73122_bg.jpg["/img"] and it should look like this http://starwars.com/snapshot/2000/19/img/73122_bg.jpg

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Jedi Kenobi
06-14-2000, 03:07 AM

Jedi Calypso
06-14-2000, 08:03 PM
OK, lets see if we can get this to work for you there, commander:


Yeah, it seems interesting to me that preparing looks a great bit like sitting on your ass.

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06-14-2000, 08:10 PM
OK, tomake it looklike this with this text under the sig, type it in like this: IMPORTANT!- do not put in spaces between the first img and the brackets.

[ IMG ]http://starwars.com/snapshot/2000/19/img/73122_bg.jpg[/IMG]

Yeah, it seems interesting to me that preparing looks a great bit like sitting on your ass.

Jedi Calypso
06-14-2000, 10:17 PM
OOps, well looks like you got it working already, oh well, i trid, when can we expect the rest of the script to be posted?


The Un-Council's Disgruntled Bounty Hunter

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Jedi Kenobi
06-15-2000, 03:15 AM
Commander, dont' put a space after [IMG]

Jedi Calypso
06-18-2000, 01:24 AM
So, commander, when can we expect the rest of your script?

I'm waiting.

06-18-2000, 02:52 AM
JC, I get the feeling he doesn't care, or doesn't have anymore to share...

(or else I'm a poet and didn't know it!)


Commander 598
06-18-2000, 04:50 PM
Oh I care.I'm just a little busy to post alot.

Yeah its interesting to me that preparing looks is a great bit like sitting on your ass.

06-18-2000, 07:19 PM
the strangest rumor i ever heard was that it was going to be a legal thriller...
<font size="1"> http://www.starwars.com/snapshot/1999/20/img/merchant_sm.jpg

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Jedi Calypso
06-18-2000, 08:31 PM
Bango told me that pirate monkeys will eat Jar-Jar in the next one

Jedi Kenobi
06-19-2000, 07:32 AM
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAR JAR WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!! *Dances around like a fool for 10 minutes* I'm gonna take some aspirin.

Pedro The Hutt
06-20-2000, 09:19 PM
I heard there will be the line: Look behind you, a Three Headed Monkey!

I am your father.

Pedro The Hutt
06-20-2000, 09:22 PM
Oh, wait, that's in The Escape from Monkey Island (it however would be funny in a SW film) :)

06-24-2000, 01:16 PM
So what's going on with the rest of the story? If he's not going to post the rest I'll finish it.

...Anakin gets mad says'Obi-Wan you got choclate in my peanut butter', then all the jedis suddenly drop dead and the Republic falls.

Jedi Calypso
06-24-2000, 03:53 PM
:clapping: Yeaaa!!

Commander 598
06-25-2000, 06:13 PM
I think I got it...
[IMG] http://www.starwars.com/snapshot/2000/19/img/73122_bg.jpg

Yeah its interesting to me that preparing looks is a great bit like sitting on your ass.

Jedi Calypso
06-25-2000, 11:31 PM
OK, here you go, copy and paste this right into your sig,


[img] http://starwars.com/snapshot/2000/19/img/73122_bg.jpg

06-26-2000, 09:41 PM
Geez the cows can do it by now (City Slickers in case you didn't know http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif). How I learned was to edit someone elses message and copy exactly what they did. Try that. It should help you.

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Commander 598
06-29-2000, 10:07 PM
I finally figured out how by going to the help menu on this board no help from any of you http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif
http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/tongue.gif HaHA

I like to defeat my opponents the old fashioned way...Brutaly

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06-30-2000, 05:18 AM
if you check out the star wars homepage, it has some new cast additions... There is a blonde woman (whose name I forget) that would seem to be either Aurra-Sing OR the next Sith lord OR both....

BTW Commander, did you come up with that yourself or find it somewhere.

Either way I'd like to hear the rest.


Commander 598
06-30-2000, 02:31 PM
Someone deleteed it sp I can't post anymore...

I like to defeat my opponents the old fashioned way...Brutaly

07-30-2000, 01:54 PM

Did it work?

If I had five fils for every time I have crashed I would have a billion Dinars
(Bet you don't know what a fil or a dinar is!!!)

07-30-2000, 01:56 PM
Good, it worked! That sure is a cool picture, isn't it?

If I had five fils for every time I have crashed I would have a billion Dinars
(Bet you don't know what a fil or a dinar is!!!)