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04-23-2002, 09:07 PM
For years I have been a fan of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series. I was especially fond of Jedi Knight 1 being the first FPS that I was absolutely addicted to. And of all the JK multiplayer maps one stands above the rest. That map being the infamous Drazen Isle map. This was one of the most well designed and detailed maps I have ever played and has been a favorite of mine for years. To all of you map makers out there I was wondering if anybody would like to try their hand at breathing life into this old map for a second chance in JO. Now that the importer is out I hope this would be possible. You can find the map over at massassi.net's download section under JK multiplayer levels. I would try and resurrect the level myself but when it comes to map making any level I try and make crumples to ash in my hands. So I plead with the editing community in general try and resurrect this magnificent map.

(Last of the red hot swamis)

Jeff Walters
04-23-2002, 10:03 PM
Heya, Drazen Isle author here :)

Although a JO Drazen would be nice, I don't have the time to convert it (you'd basically have to rebuild the level) and I'd rather not other people try unless they're of sufficient experience that it won't be a botched job.

Unfortunately, whilst some JK levels are going to be very easy to convert...Drazen isn't one of them. Because of the "viewsave" COG I used to allow larger opener areas than JK usually liked (by adjoining and unadjoining depending on where the player was), it's not going to convert well to brushes.....and then there is the ton of COG gameplay code that'd need to be re-written in JO's script......heh, I think any sane person would just make a new level :)