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04-24-2002, 12:13 AM

I am tyring to make bots but dont know how..

I made the bot file but i dunno how to get it ingame, choose its force powers, and wat saber color..


04-24-2002, 01:47 AM
Wow...amazing how you can skin like an expert yet something this simple gets past you. I don't do much, but this I can do.

First you need two files...one with the bot extention, another with the jkb. The bot file goes into the base/scripts folder, and the jkb goes into base/botfiles. Think of the .bot file as an id card, and the .jkb file is an in-depth psych report. As for format, it's best to just copy an existing one from the assets0.pk3 file.

The .bot file will tell things like the name of the bot, what model and skin to use(yes, you can give it a preference, like say the j2 jedi skin), what color saber(it's shown in a color...I think it goes in order from selection. Red is 0, blue is 4, purple is 5...), and where to find the .jkb file that bot uses.

The .jkb file is a lot more in-depth, and the rem statements should tell you what most of the things do... The force powers are entirely done by numbers...you should see a set of numbers that looks like this.


First number is rank, second is alignment(1 is light, 2 is dark). The rest are all force powers, and descriptions for them should appear below the numbers. Just so you know, my force power names are one space over, so remember it's the third number that begins with the force powers...but they ARE in order.

Tricky thing with bots is that usually it'll only work right if it's in a pk3 file...if you leave it in a folder, it tends to do strange things. Sometimes they won't reload if you change maps, sometimes they'll use the wrong models, sometimes they just won't appear...so put it in a pk3 file and it should work fine, so long as the .jkb file is in the base/botfiles and .bot is in base/scripts.

Anything else you wanted to know, or clarified? By the way, love your skins. :P

04-24-2002, 01:57 AM
I was wondering how you actually use the skin in the single player game. I have these files, but how do I actually get new skins to appear in game like the new Mauls or different Lukes in single player game mode?