View Full Version : Need some advanced help with glass(not breaking)

04-25-2002, 08:46 AM
Making a multiplayer level, that has one room that has two seperate glass areas. Both of these aren't a whole wall or anything, one being one body length by one body length, the other being about three body lengths by three body lengths so they are palpable.

The issue is... When looking at them my FPS is literally cut in half, these things are not pleasant, and I'm not on a slacking computer either. I've got almost triple all the base requirements for JK2. :O I've read on several sites that reflectivity in general is a major FPS eater.

Now, I noticed with Garrison there are numerous windows that have next to zero reflectivity (And zero fps hit) but whatever it is that's doing that glass, I can't seem to find. I've scoured my textures/shaders, and experimented with a bunch of different entity commands, but I can't figure out how to get those windows. Am I missing the texture? What's the deal?

I normally wouldn't post about something so trivial, but I'm getting tired of doing fps experiments after three dozen compiles just to find out nothing has changed. :p