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08-24-2001, 11:19 AM
Hi,(new here)

Will you be able to add AI in multiplayer games for SWGB??? I always like to add a few when my buddie and I are playing LAN...If so that would be great!.. it just opens up many more options for example: coop vs AI, head to head with AI on each side, or deathmatch...:trooper: :snow: :trooper:

I've been waiting for a game like this for a long long time.:)

Admiral Odin
08-24-2001, 12:14 PM
most likely. It is common in RTS games to have an option for AI in multiplayer.

08-24-2001, 12:34 PM
Well.... I think I know what you mean't to type... Yes you will be able to add AI players to your multiplayer games.. without patching :eek:

eg. You and a friend vs. 2 computers ;)