View Full Version : my 350 word JO review! any comments?

04-26-2002, 10:51 AM
Jedi Outcast (JO)

Forget MoH, forget AvP2, long live Kyle Katarn…

Jedi Outcast has everything!

A simplistic options menu, huge levels, differing game modes (such as protect Lando Calrissian) and puzzles galore!

Speaking of puzzles, while the game is essentially linear. It's surprisingly free formed with many of the crucial segments passable with either the 'planned' methods (following the clues to locate passages to progress) or as I did on certain areas simply use mindless jumping techniques to achieve the same goal! Only to realise my folly later!

The learning curve is spot-on. Achieved by constantly challenging your mind aswell as your reflexes.

You start with a blaster, some taxing puzzles and a darn fine FPS! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you're introduced to your weapon of choice and ever increasing force powers.

Suddenly the game shifts up 2 gears, and you are plunged into new heights of taxing hack 'n' slash action! Put simply the game never let's you rest on your laurels.

Add the authentic sound, bland but stunning visuals, great animation the ability to customise SoF like dismemberment. Somehow it all blends together to near perfection!

Okay so from a purist standpoint JO isn't flawless (Though it must be said, these 'flaws' don’t actually spoil the game, unlike the annoying sniping in MoH). The in-game cut screens are below par, JO doesn’t bring anything 'new' to the party and I still haven't mastered throwing the thermal detonators. (I'm sure Han Solo never had a delayed throwing action!)

Other issues are related to the Star Wars universe. (Depending on your viewpoint it will either add or detract from your gaming experience) Early enemy AI isn't great relying more on Stormtrooper numbers then menace, the use of blaster type weapons leads to an underwhelming gun totting experience. Also worth a mention is the distinct lack of spine chilling moments, though the tension does build on the later stages.

SP: 95 %

On the downside, the multi-player game is more Jar Jar Binks than Han Solo. Only the Saber Duel modes offer anything worth playing

MP: 70%