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04-26-2002, 11:33 AM
aright im really new to this jk2radiant editing thing, but im ready as much as i can on it, so i was followin this basic tutorial on makin a simple room and compiling it, so i made a basic room with a playerstart in it that isnt coming out of any wall. So i come to compile it( using bsp fastvis) and it crashes, heres what i get:

C:\WINDOWS>C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\qe3bsp.bat > C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\junk.txt

SoF2Map v1.0c (c) 2000 Raven Software Inc.

---- BSP ----
SetQdirFromPath: no 'base' in h

C:\PROGRA~1\LUCASA~1\STARWA~1\GAMEDATA\TOOLS\\sof2 map -vis -fast C:\
SoF2Map v1.0c (c) 2000 Raven Software Inc.

---- Vis ----

this is where a error pop up occurs saying: sof2map has caused an eror in kernel32.dll, sof2map will now close

soo this is probably a very dumb noob question but id really appreciate it if someone could help me out, thanks

04-26-2002, 03:11 PM
I just started mapping, so I don't know if this is causing the problem, but do you have your .map file in the folder called 'maps'? The maps folder is in the 'base' folder.
The bsp program needs your map to be in that folder, otherwise it won't work. Hopefully that will fix it, otherwise I don't know what the problem could be.

04-26-2002, 04:00 PM

One thing you could try is editing your Project settings (File\Project Serttings) Remove any double backslashes (\\) you may have as this has caused me problems.

If that doesn't help maybe Unikorn might have a solution. He's helped me out a few times over on the Ef boards.