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Nill the Mean
04-26-2002, 02:42 PM
In about a months time I'm going to upgrade my system.
My current system is:

P3 866
Geforce 2 MX 200
20 GB Hard disk

Anyone got any recommendations as to what I should do to get the best performance boost? I was thinking about getting a Geforce 3 TI 64MB... would that make much of a difference?
JK2 Runs totally smooth for me apart from the swamp levels and certain huge areas.

04-26-2002, 03:05 PM
that system is really pretty balanced, a GF2GTS or Ultra would be more fitting, but a GF3 is overshooting it really,

remember when you upgrade your processor that AMD is better for home use and gaming.

but, if your just gonna upgrade your video card, it'd be a better value to get a GF3 of some sort, than a GF4 or 2, if you had the money to put into a GF4, then you could reasonably advance it to your next system, without crapifying things.

Nill the Mean
04-26-2002, 04:11 PM
But would a Geforce 3 offer a substansial frame rate improvement over a better Geforce 2 than I have now? Or would my system not be able to make the best use of a Geforce 3? You said I might be overshooting it, but my system runs pretty well due to heavy system maintenance.
And (I must sound pretty stupid by now) what would make more difference: if I upgrade my processor or my video card?