View Full Version : Lost all textures in Radient???

L'Equa Sinar
04-26-2002, 07:46 PM
Hi there, i was just testing a small level i made on JKradient, basically trying to learn how to use it all, and when i went to textures drop down menu, the list of textures to choose from had totally dissappeared, i have no idea why it happened or how to fix it? Can someone tell me, please?


L'Equa Sinar
04-26-2002, 09:27 PM
Please someone? This has totally put my editing on hold :(

I have reinstalled radient and still have same problems :(

04-26-2002, 09:36 PM
You could try to rename the assets0.pk3 to assets0.zip for a moment. If you have enough hard drive space, unzip the huge file in to the /base folder. After it is done (it will take a few) rename it back to assets0.pk3.

After it is done, look for the folder ../base/textures. Then go into JK2Radiant and make sure the map's File > Project Settings for the field 'texturepath' is pointing to that folder. So 'texturepath' would look something like e:\jk2\GameData\\base\textures

After this change, save the map again, exit JK2Radiant and re-enter it. Then look in the Textures menu and see if things are okay. JK2Radiant seems to scan files when it starts up, without any messages, but I think when it is doing this it is looking at all the files in /base. If all goes well and there is enough RAM, the editor should appear after (delay will vary based on computer configuration).

L'Equa Sinar
04-26-2002, 09:56 PM
Thanks, i'll try that, currently rdient aint working for me, keeps trying to load a project that no longer exists, so it brings up a dialogue box for about 1/2 second then it just hangs and aits there..for me to close it manually via ctrl+alt+del anyone know any ways aroudn THIS? Or how to find the registry keys for radient?

04-27-2002, 12:53 AM
Make sure that in your project settings under the "basepath" field, you're pointing it to "c:\*\*\gamedata\base". Accounting for whatever directory you have the game installed. If the basepath isn't set correctly then it won't matter where you point you're "texturepath" to. I had this problem yesterday (I just intalled JK2Radiant) and I couldn't get the textures to show, I kept playing with the "texturepath" settings to no avail, then finally I corrected the "basepath" settings and Wala, it worked.
Oh, and you shouldn't need to unzip your .pk3 files, but if you want to go for it. It won't hurt you.

L'Equa Sinar
04-27-2002, 08:18 AM
Thanks, i somehow got it working again, not sure exactly how!!! lol, but thanks, so if anyone needs to delete this thread to sve room, do so :)

Unless anyone needs to learn form my mistakes :)