View Full Version : Star Wars Galaxies fansite needs writers

02-03-2001, 12:41 PM
Im building a Star Wars Galaxies fan site called "Star Wars Outpost".
A early preview is available at: http://swoutpost.3dgnet.com/

I need some help with the website. As Im the only designer and writing all update scripts (in php with mySQL databases) I need help from other guys to update the site with news and game information (check "information" at the site).

Everything is userfriendly so you can update directly by using an administration webpage.

A bounch of guys (5-6) have already told me they are going to help, but they didnt, so this is my last attempt to get a staff team.

I think a SWG fansite has great potential, but if noone is interested then I'll just cancel the whole project.

Contact me at ICQ number 2110553 if you are interested in helping.