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04-27-2002, 12:35 AM
The Story so far:

It all started politically with this speech from someone named Deac:

"If they made me ruler of the world it would only last 5 minutes because they'd put a new computer game outside my office and when I went to get it they'd lock me out and I would be able to rule the world anymore.
But now I know that plan,
Prepare to fire the Annhilatoron of Doom and Death and Destruction and general pain and suffering and unhappiness etc..!"

He Laughs maniacally, then has to take a throat sweet.
A speaking rabbit known as Zoom Rabbit Listens through Deac's speech, nothing registering, until he comes upon the words 'throat sweet' and laughs himself silly. Deac notices this and says to the rabbit:

"What is wrong with a throat sweet? They are the easy way of eating sweets in class!!"

He Turns to his minions:

"Target the rabbit... failure to respect the Annhilatoron etc... results in zapping"

The Rabbit then says:

"Throat sweets for everyone! Laced with heroin, for that extra stubborn cough... "

Now Deac is getting angry and impatient and starts screaming at his minions:

"Minion! Why has the annhilatoron not been fired?
What do you mean you can't find the throat sweet dissing rabbit? It's not hard!
Under my world rule, someone else has to get the new computer game from outside my world control office... but fear not....
Free Star Wars games at a high standard for all!!"

With a waffling British geezer voice the Rabbit goes on:

"I say...the throat sweets were delicious, the cats were lovely, and we all had a smashing good time, what?"

He then Runs far away. Deac asks himslef What is the rabbits problem with throat sweets anyway. he then fires the annhilatoron and misses the rabbit, but manages to destroy Saddam Hussain.

"Oh well." Deac sighs

Then out of nowhere someone yells:

"ah well, free oil!"

That's when Deac realizes something and says to himself:

"Wait! Why use my Annhilatoron for evil when I've just demonstated I can use it for good?!"

Once again, an unknown voice speaks and replies to Deac:

"cuz being a bad ass mofo is cool"

Anyways, Saddam cause war in the middle east, they with their suicide bombers will kill each other, US then can come in and take over. Then both Koreas nuke each other, and the US can take take that, too! Foreign policy is fun so there's more: then Spain actually listens to the 5/6 Gibraltans who say they still want to be part of Britain... and then in recognition of his successful melting of Saddam Hussain, it is given to Deac as a reward and renamed DeacLand. And then Deac is publically flogged with potatoes. But before that can happen, Deac uses the fine accuracy of the Annhiatoron to melt the terrorists. Then Cracken's Imperial Fleet hyperspaces in over the panet, and launches pinpoint air strikes from high orbit upon said uber weapon of mass destruction, then uses fighters and bombers to wipe out the rest of the air/ground defenses, and mops up the mess with a full scale ground assult. But righ then Cracken wakes up of his ridiculous daydream and realizes his fleet is being destroyed into shmitherins by the uber weapon of mass destruction. So he, Cracken, turns off the simulation, and procedes to the bridge to issue new order to the fleet, to Hyperspace in well beyond the reach pf the Uber weapon's range, and launch a mssive ground assult. But then a small rabbit materializes aboard the Uber Weapon, which is programmed with advanced AI, and talks it into cherishing its own existance as a sentient being. Uber Weapon decides not to destroy itself, then goes to the Epcot center and opens up as an animatronic ride for pasty-skinned tourists wearing shorts and mouse-ears. Deac is aware of what is going on and says:

"So, you think you can turn my annhilatoron into a feeble theme-park ride and just get away with it?"

Deac goes into the very bowels of his castle, and bonds with young sandworms... and becomes GOD EMPEROR OF DUN-I MEAN EARTH.
He then get's in a big robot suit and goes to Epcot to get back his annhilatoron.
Meanwhile, Lord Cracken receives a message from one of his generals:

comlink: "My lord, we have sighted the Deac being, permission to engage?"

Cracken: "Fire at will. Do not fail me General, for your sake"

Comlink: "Yes my lord!"

General Gohl targets Deac, who is headed stright for the Epcot Center and orders:

"ALL Imperial Assault troops target my target and fire at will!"

Imperial Walkers and heavy Artillary fire at deac, scoring several direct hits and nearly kills the poor bard. But suddenly, when Deac thought it was all lost and as he lies there in the desert he spots with his troubled doubled view what seems to be a desert trooper, NO! YES ! it's a FREMEN !!! and he seems to be tapping with some kind of weird hammer on the desert sand, then from nowhere this big SANDWORM pops out the spice melange. The fremen rides the beast, heading towards Deac's direction. The Sandworm stops by the dying one and the fremen extends his right arm towards Daec and says:

"Come with me if you want to live"

As the Fremen says this Harkonen patrols spot the lone warrior. They descend eager to take a new slave. Shooting a missle at the worm causing it shake off the fremen and Deac leaving them to the Harkonen troopers. The Sandworm being majorly pissed off for being shot at with a missile heads direclty for those responsable of his minor injuries. As the beast dashes towards the Harkonen patrol unit and their newly captured slaves the Harkonen start to panic and leave Deac and the mysterious Fremen without supervision so they can use their weapons and try and kill the worm before it eats them. Shaking his head, standing up, the Fremen observes the scene and realizes what has happen. He spot Deac and runs toward him.

"Damn, he is unconcious"

The Fremen drags Deac towards a Harkonen desert patrol buggy and takes advantage of the Harkonen's distraction to flee towards a hidden cave leading to abandonned underground sandworm tunnels.
the Fremen leaves the buggy and carries Deac to a safe place. To make sure everything's safe the Fremen activates a Psi-Emiter that his men have hidden in different parts of the desert, this Psi-Emiter imitates a hot female sandworm mating call to call upon the uber male sandworms so they can *clean* the area.
The Fremen does some healing on himself and Deac. He awaits Deac's awaikaning as he hears the vibrations on the walls caused by the excited worms who rush in the combat zone area...
Deac awakes and realises he has newfounded fremen friends he then says to himslef:

"No! Me and my aren't going to give up! "

He then speaks to the Fremen:

"Come, Fremen bretheren! Let us reclaim the Annhilatorn and zap the Harrkonens with it!"

The Fremen then says to Deac:

"Finally you have awaken. C'mon let us hurry, the uber male worms arn't gonna distract the harkonen anymore once they find out that their is no female worm....
I know this tunnels by heart, let's go this way, it leads to the Dark Jedi Harkonen base where your Annhilatorn has been transfered and kept. They will surely use it against us, we must stop them before it is too late."

But first the Fremen leads Deac to his secret refuge: an underground vault, Vault 13. They take some big mean sub laser machine bazooka guns, lots of ammo, Brother Hood of Steel heavy armor, of course the worm caller hammer, a couple of Psi-emiters a radio to call some backup or Vertibirds (cool helis stolen from the Enclave...) and The Fremen's vicious dog: Dogmeat.

"Let's head out!"

As they head towards the exit of the tunnel leading the the Harkonen main base they load there bad ass guns as the Fremen says:

"We're here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, Damn we're all out of gum"

04-27-2002, 12:21 PM
Right! I'm Deac!

Come Fremen warriors! Today you are the downtrodden under the various Sith Harkonnen types...but tommorrow we shalt be rulers of the universe! Let's get my annhilatoron back!

Mau'Deac...Mau'Deac...Mau'Deac...Mau'Deac...Mau'De ac...Mau'Deac...Mau'Deac...Mau'Deac...Mau'Deac...M au'Deac...Mau'Deac...Mau'Deac...

Cmdr. Cracken
04-27-2002, 02:56 PM
*Cracken is in his meditation chamber, practiceing ancient Sith Healing tecqniues.... suddenly, his com beeps. a message from the field. Machines whir and the chamber opens and the chair swivles to the view screen. General Gohl is standing with Commander Veers*

General: My lord, it appears the Deac being has flead with assistannce from some sand people, it should not be... *The General Gasps for air*
Cracken: You have failed me for the last time, General, Commander, more re-enforcements are being landed, all Imperial Assault Troops are under your control, destroy the Uber weapon and Deac and these sand people. Do not fail me... General Veers.
*The former General Gohl now collapses in a dead heap on the floor, and now General Veers rubs his throat mildly*

Veers: Of course my lord. *transmission ends*

Veers:.. Alert all commands... regroup and commence final assault on the Annhilatoron.

*Epcot center is now the sight of the largest Imperial Invasion since Hoth, artillary raining down and killing many of these resistance sand people*

Officer: General, the target is within range!

Veers: Good, target and fire with maximum firepower!
*The entirety of the Imperial forces fire 3 mighty salvoes at the Annhilatoron, leaving nothing more than a smoldering crater....... but where was Deac...?*

04-27-2002, 06:57 PM
Fortunalty the Fremen, after he had called upon backup, had accindently dropped his radio causing it to hit into Lord Cracken's com link frequency. As the radio lies there on the floor Deac and the Fremen listen to the communication between Lord Cracken and his general. The Fremen then Says:

"Nooooo!!! My men are out there !!!"

He quickly picks up his radio and calls everyone to pull out but this doesn't stop a great number of the Fremen's men to fall on the devastating strike as they despretly try to get the hell out of there. the Fremen receives this radio message:

"We need to Evacuate Sir! *Interferance* We are like baby worms being squached over here !! S.O.S ! S.O.S! Oh noo *sizzle* AHHH !! *pchhhh* OH MY GOD MY LEGS !! MY LEGS !! MY *message terminated*"

The Fremen and Deac have vision of horror and the unconfortable silence is interupted by the Fremen:

"We can do nothing more for them. How the Hell did Cracken know where the uber weapon was? Let's go while they are still recharging their main weapons."

As they head out they manage to destroy many Evil Jedi Harrkonen units and Cracken Troopers with their bad ass sub laser sub mahine bazooka weapons and the help of the remaining Sand People.
They are about to enter the Epcot Gate when suddenly Deac and the Fremen realize that everything is silent, too silent:
Loading their guns, the Fremen says:

"I smell a trap"


Cmdr. Cracken
04-28-2002, 02:40 AM
*With the Uber Weapon Destroyed, Cracken's fleet is free to move closer to the planet, within optimum orbital fire positions for the Executor, and Imperial Star Destroyers. With most of the Imperial landing crews to safety, Cracken strools the bridge of the Executor class Star Destroyer Yamato *

Admiral, bring guns to bear, fire at the combat zone. Lt, prepare my shuttle, i will take care of this Deac personally.

*The dark lord strides toward the shuttle bay, and the Admiral turns to the Master of Arms*

Admiral: Fire at once, full salvos.
MoA: Sir! fire at will.

*The fleet's turbolasers scream and deliver thier deadly ammunition toward the planet*

04-28-2002, 03:35 AM
Deac and The Fremen pause as they realize that everything was destroyed long before they arrived and the remaining enemy troops were just a mere water drop of a whole sea of army that had already evacuated the Zone. The Fremen calls upon the remaining of his men into a rendez-vous point but then asks himself:

"Why are they evacuating if they could have easily exterminated us?"

That's when the Fremen sees his Vicious Dog Dogmeat turn around in circles with his tell under his legs, so scared of something as he had seen death: The Fremen tries to calm him down:

"What is it boy?"
"kai! kai! kai!"

Then a bright light seems to concentrate into a specific spot in the now darkened sky, Deac, the Fremen and his men all look up. The Horror:

"That 's why they're evacuating!! The Cracken is using all of his fleet's firepower upon us! He is going to blow the whole side of this planet up!"

The Fremen begins to give order to his men:


Hundreds of Vertibirds and Sandworms arrive but some are destroyed by the first wave of fire. The Fremen says to Deac:

"See that Green button on your Armor? No! NOT THE RED ONE!Never push the Red one, NEVER! yeah that one, the green one that has *Rocket Belt* written on it, push it now! "

They fly away, The Fremen holding his dog by the tail, towards a Vertibird and manage to get in safely, he then says to Deac:

"By the way, I am named Zassek. If this gets any worst I'll have to call, against my own will, someone that owes me a favour..."

The small army devides itself into too seperate groups, those who are equipped with the rocket belts fly towards the Vertibirds and the others use the Sandworms.

They all rush away the Danger Zone and hold tight, awaiting the eventual Shockwaves...

04-28-2002, 12:24 PM
Why do we not fight the army! We are the Fremen, the finest warriors of the universe! The mighty Sarduakar fall before us! And I'm now God Emperor of Dune!

*Deac uses his powers to push the Fremen back in time and puts all of his warrior's into Cracken's fleet*

Never mess with a God Emperor! I will have revenge for my poor annhilatoron!

Cmdr. Cracken
04-28-2002, 01:22 PM
*The Dark Lord shuttle acends to the planet, as he hear's his comlink chirp*

Admiral: Sir, we're getting reports that primitive lifeforms have invaded some of the fleet.

Cracken: Primitives should be no match for the your forces. elimenate them in close quarters, use what ever means necessary.

*Cracken abruptly turns of the comlink. Meanwhile, across several of teh ISD, bitter battles between the elite Remnant Armed forces and the Fremen. Blaster fire is exchanged, and meny fall, but the Imperials' experience in close quarters combat is too much for the Fremen, and hope is being lost.

Meanwhile, Cracken's shuttle lands and he greets Genera Veers*

Cracken: General, status report
Veers: Most of thier ground troops were decimanted in you ariel bombardment, Deac managed to evacuate the zone, but we have tracked him.
Cracken: Good, organize a strike force, i will carry the flag. Leave Deac to me.
Veers: Sir.

*Cracken fingers his lightsaber fondly, it's been too long. droids are one thing, but another human opponent is another. The Dark Side is strong in him, as much as it was in the fallen Emperor. No matter what kind of God Deac thinks he is, nothing is more powerful than the destructive power of teh Force*

04-28-2002, 07:13 PM
Encouraged by Deac's fine Pep Talk, Zassek orders for all flyng units reach Lord Cracken's Fleet and try to Board them:

"What the heck, we got nothin' to lose!"

They manages to board a couple of ships of the invading fleet, that's when this happened [Quoting from Cracken's post]:

*Blaster fire is exchanged, and meny fall, but the Imperials' experience in close quarters combat is too much for the Fremen, and hope is being lost.*

As hope is being lost, Zassek has only one solution left in mind, to call upon that person he mentioned earlier who owes him a big favour. Before Deac's curiousness he reveals a strange looking Alien device, Zassek explains:

"You can call this a *special* radio if you wish..."

Zassek then pushes a button and starts talking to who ever is in the other line:

"En Taro Adun Executor, I call upon you for desperate help. I Hope you have not forgotten what you have once said in that once apocalyptique day I aided you..."

A reply, a strange voice, is immediatly received:

"I remenber thee, we have been watching, and waiting for you Zassek. but thee surely remember what will be the consequences of our intervention"

Zassek then Says:

"We've got nothin' to lose..."

And in the middle of Lord Cracken's imperial fleet appears an entire unknow and massive fleet. Some of Lord Cracken 's ships that havn't been boarded are paralized in surprise and quickly destroyed by this fleet...

Zassek receives yet another message from the alien device he holds:

"Teleport succesful. My fleet is at your disposal. But remember the consequences...En Taro Adun Zassek!"

"En Taro Adun Executor!"

Zassek then turns toward Deac:

"We've got help, extra infantry are going to be teleported and boarded in Cracken's fleet. If you spot something alien looking that you've never seen before DO NOT shoot! they are the Protoss, our allies!"

He then says to himself:

"At least for now..."

He then yells:

"LET'S GO !!"

As they continue battle within the fleet, killing several enemy troops and eagerly awaiting the Protoss boarding...

Cmdr. Cracken
04-29-2002, 07:55 AM
Sensor officer: Sir, we have unknown contacts appearing right in the middle of the fleet!

Admiral: Impossible. Destroy them immediatly, concentrate all turbolaser fire on the new threat!

Stormtrooper: Sir, unknown enemy infanty have boarded our ship!

Admiral:KILL them! Seal off the bridge, launch all fighters!

*The war now kicked up one notch, the fighting grows more intense, off the starboard side of the Yamato the ISD II Devastator can be seen exploding, and in it's death throes as it plunges toward the planet. TIE Defenders and the new retro-fitted TIE Advanced-B, a new better bomber type, fight the new agressor's fleet of carriers.*

Captain: Sir, thier carriers carry no weaponry, if we pull along side, we could give full board sides with no retaliation.

Admiral: Do it!

*With new hope, the Imperial Fleet attempts the old tactics, pulling right up next to the carrier and letting loose full board sides.*

*Meanwhile, the Imperial Army closes in on Deac...*

04-29-2002, 04:36 PM
Fools! I was once just an artificial Jedi, then I got some powers that are too long and complicated to go into but give me an Avatar and a big powerful magic sword... but now I am A GOD!

*With a wave of his hand, the army fall. His fremen warriors become filled with hope and the battle rages on, *

04-29-2002, 05:04 PM
[Yo Deac, don't exagerate too much on the GOD powers or this thing wont last... :)]

As the Lord Cracken's Imperial fleet let's go of all it's fire power upon the Protoss fleet they discover with absolute astonishement the massiveness, greatness, unimaginable and horrorific technological advance of this fleet that is unknown to them: THE LASERS SEEM TO BOUNCE OF THIS STRANGE AND INVISIBLE FORCEFIELD that equipes all vessels of the Protoss fleet!

Since Lord Cracken's Imperial fleet fired almost simultaniously all laser fire power on the Protoss fleet those same lasers bounce back in unpredictable directions towards the whole area. A very large number of the fired Laser are hence bounced back towards Lord Cracken's Fleet and fighters causing serious and heavy damages and losses.

Unfortunatly The boarded ships are also victim of this force field's never seen before power and a couple of Fremen and Protoss are injured or killed along with Lord Cracken's men, these men, Lord Cracken's men, who suffered 91% of the total lost lives. 9.5% were Fremen, warned by Zassek to take cover after he realized the imperial fleet was firing, and the 0.5% left were the Protoss Zealots who had more chances of surviving because these soldiers are aslo equiped with this horrible force field.

After this Shaky experience Zassek helps Deac to get up and says with a grim smile on his face:

"Now they know why the Protoss Carriers need no weaponry"

They move along, progressing in the bridge of the boarded in search for more Imperial evilness to destroy.

Only Bombs, Missiles or Torpedoes fired from the Imperial fleet seem to have some kind of effect on the shield, they do not bounce back but it isn't sure if they cause any damage...

Cmdr. Cracken
04-29-2002, 06:42 PM
*Warning klaxxons scream all over the Yamato 's bridge. Crews scramble to secure hull breeches. For the first time, these men taste fear*

Admiral: CEASE ALL LASER FIRE, CONCENTRATE ALL TURBOLASER FIRE ON THE INTERCEPTORS, TELL THE FIGHTER TO PENETRATE THE SHIELDS OF THOSE SHIPS AND BLOW THEM UP FROM WITHIN! *comchatter* I don't CARE if it's impossible. If the Rebels can blow up our greatest achievment in military technology with fighters, our TIE Defenders should be able to destroy a few carriers! Full power to shields, kill the engines and shunn all power to the shield and weapons, i want nothing getting through!

*Meanwhile on the ground, Deac shows off his powers to the Sith lord, whom is not impressed*

Cracken: you are over confident in this new power you have. Mastery of the Force is greater than these primitives have to offer.

*With a burst of hatred, Cracken send out a massive burst of vengeful electrical energy like a nova from his being, wipeing out many Fremen, countering Deac's attack loss for loss*

Now, you die!
*Cracken unhooks and ignights his lightsaber, and rushes Deac, and slashes! The DUEL IS ON!!!*
(Deac, let's keep this interesting, Mano-e-mano, while the armies fight)

*More Fremen are pouring into the Area, as are Imperial Ground Forces, matching eachother in open combat. Imperial Walkers start thier firing, decimating the Fremen. Suddenly a gigantic worm erupts from the ground, taking several Troopers with it. The fighting is bitter and harsh*

Cmdr. Cracken
04-29-2002, 07:10 PM
*Commander Fel, leader of the elite 121st fighter squadron, has seen many a sight, but not such as this! Imperial Firepower proved useless against the new threat, and new orders came though*

Beta2: ORders?
Fel: Moveing, and penetrate the shields, the apear to be ray only, and destroy them from within.
*His TIE Defenders shields glowed with a new impact, and he jerked his ship into a climb, and rolled down, getting the slower and less menuverable inerceptor in his sights, and destroying it*

Beta4: are you nuts,a squad against those?
Fel: Rebels can do it, so can we, move.

*one at a time, the squad souned off a yessir, and moved in, dog fighting thier way to the first carrier. Moving past the shield, a new wave of intereceptors headed thier way.*

Fel: Lock on to a srtong energy source, that should be thier main generator, find it and destroy it!
beta5: I picked one up, can't shake him!
Beta6: I'm on him..... got him
beta5:Thanks Ghost.
Beta6:No prob 5.
*The Interceptors were met with resistance, and Fel and Beta 2 slipped away, on a lead for the power genertator. After a few brief moments, they were on it*

Fel: Fire Protons, i'll get Cons, you fire, i'll delay 6 sec. GO!

*Beta 2 speed ahead, and fired his protons, and curved away, on an exit vector, The Prontons, pirced the shielding, and hit square on, but the Generator was still in tact, Fell's Concussion missles also hit, and vaped the reast of the generator*

Fel: 121st, we are leaving, vector to the next ship. Command, this is 121st, we've found the weakness, transmitting target data
Command: We read you. Hurry up, Fel, our Star Destroyers are having a hard time.
Fel: Rgr.

*The 121st speed away toward the nxt scarrier, leaving the destroyed one in flames.*

04-30-2002, 08:51 AM
At last Lord Cracken reveals himself and Zassek sees him rushing towards Deac. Zassek was about to help his close ally when he just stopped and said to himself:

"I must not interfere in a Jedi duel, It is the Sacred and Holy for them to lightsaber duel each other without any exterior help, it is the Jedi way and I must respect it"

He turns towards Deac:

"I suggets you remove your armor for more agility."

He walks way with his companions and turns his head back one last time:

"Good Luck and hurry, this place is falling a part and everybody is about to evacuate... I'll see ya outside."

He headsoff , leading his Fremen and The Protoss Zealots towards the main hangar so they can leave this Destroyer before it becomes mere star dust. A long their progression Zassek and his men leave several bombs in the cleared areas so they can have a garantee that this thing will really blow up once they escape.
More Battle rages on as they nearly arrive in the Hangar and more Fremen are lost but at least the Imperial troops are the one who suffer most, they and their blasters seem to be useless againt the mighty Protoss Zealots...
Zassek starts giving the orders towards other boarded ships to get the job finished before he can order a full Protoss fleet strike on the Imperial fleet.
Zassek sayd to himself:
"I hope Deac will get out in time when the time comes..."

04-30-2002, 12:22 PM
The Protoss's fleet weakness had been discovered, it was time to change Strategy. The Protoss fleet Executer, who was surprised that such a primitive race and technology could cause him trouble, had started to get things back in order:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "En Taro Adun to you Carrier Executer"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "En Taro Adun Executer, what is thy biding?"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Proceed to Defensive code sen5 and attack code hesen6. For Adun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "For Adun!"

The Carrier executor orders all carriers to turn their ships in specified directions so that the generators can be the most out of reach from the Imperial fighters as possible. He then proceeded in ordering, for the first time in this battle, to the launching of Scouts, Fast Attack Fighters, leaving the Interceptors that were so far the only ones out their with VERY big help.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "To Scout Executor and squadrons Sam, Sa and Shib you have permission to take part in the battle. For Adun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/scout.gif "This is Scout Executor and leader of Shib squadron, permission received. For Adun!"

The mighty Scouts fly into battle and in less than a minute after the first undescriptable unknow "lasers" were fired 9 imperial fighters had already been destroyed.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/scout.gif "This is too easy! I pity this race and their ridiculous technology. I gain no Honour in battling against them!"

The word Ridiculous was perfect to discribe Imperial fighters compared to the Protoss Scouts

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/scout.gif "Scout Squadron Sam, insure that the Carriers do not receive anymore projectiles that can harm them. Ignore the Lasers, they have no effects on our Plasma Shields. Squadron Sa Head for those Destroyers, but Only those that are tagged in Red on your Screen, those are the ones who have not been boarded or that have already been unboarded. My Squadron, Take out all fighters! And watch out for those missiles and tropedoes, they are the only thing that can harm our shields, even if they do not cause much harm they can still be dangerous. For Adun!"

Squadron Sa had quiclky destroyed their first destroyer but this was because that destroyed was already almost a part because of their lasers that had previously bounced back on them. Sa Squadron were heading towards a second one.

The imperial fighters were left hopeless against these Sam squadron scouts that seemed like Death that wanted to reap their souls. The Carriers were all safe and left alone because all Imperial forces had already their hands full with these Scouts that seemed to be everywere in the same time. The imperial fighters were quickly awar that laser had no effect and alas their only hopes, the missiles and torpedos were too slow and not enough. Against the Protoss, the Imperial striking force had only battled against Weaponless Carriers and mere Robotic Interceptors BUT NOW they had met what seemed to be their ultimate doom: The Scouts.

04-30-2002, 11:15 PM
It would be completly false to say that the Fremen/Protoss Forces were doing as good in space as on the planet. They could not take any kind of advantage over the evel Harkonnen and Imperial troops for one simple reason: They didn't receive the Protoss's help. They weren't even awar that their Commander had called upon the Protoss, earth/space Communication was jammed. But that didn't stop them from giving Lord Cracken's army a harsh time. The Fremen were thankful for ownning worm callers and Psi-emiters. The SandWorms were their main weapon. Keleyx, Zassek's right arm, proceeded in giving orders after spoting Troopers coming their way:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremenfedaykin%20avatar.jpg "Let's Try and concentrate those troopers in on the Psi-emtiters so the Worms can take care of them! I'd say that group has about 50 men, if we're lucky the worm can swallow them all in the same time"

Four of Keleyx's soldiers proceeded in catching the ennemies attention by fireing upon them:


Afterwords they run back and wait. Keylex Observes then slowly smiles:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremenfedaykin%20avatar.jpg "It Worked. Get Psi-Emitor A324 working now!"

The specific Psi-Emitor is activated and they wait. That is when: [Qoting from Cracken's post:] *suddenly a gigantic worm erupts from the ground, taking several Troopers with it*:


The scenes of violence became so recurrent that the mear sight of death numb the mind from fearing it.

05-01-2002, 04:42 PM
Ok, then...one on one...no God powers...just my artificial Jedi ones...

*Deac actives his sabers*

May your blade chip and shattter...

Cmdr. Cracken
05-01-2002, 06:06 PM
*The Army scattered, the Space war going badly, the only one appearing to achieve any success is the Sith Lord himself, who has been beating Deac unmercifully.

Despite Deac's best attempts, the Sith Lord's power is too much, and on several occasions, his powerful swings has almost knocked Deac over.*

You cannot win, you will be dead, and soon i will personally crush your insignifigant rebellion.
*Deac, furious at the Lord's taunts, wildy attacks the Dark Lord, and Cracken parries every blow*

*In Space, a different story unfolds. The Imperial Navy is being hammered, and quickly runing out of projectile weapons. Another Star Destroyer sacrafises it's burning hull to crash into a Protoss Carrier, taking itself and the Carrier with it. Pilots engage the new fighter threat, but with signifigant losses. The scouts prove most menuverable, and cannot gain signifigant advantages.*

Weapons: Sir! Proton and concussion missile reserves are critical, i don't think we can hold position much longer!
Admiral: Keep at it, any ship that doesn't have ammunition is to kamakazi the enemy, we can;t let them win!
*The Admiral turns to the communications officeer*
Call in the Death Star, We'll evacuate the Lord and blow the planet up itself!
*The Communications tech relays the order, and the Death Star, floating on the Edge of the system, engages it's hyperspace engines, in moments, it's amist the battle, launching it's fighters and salvo's of missles at the enemy*

(Death Star)
Officer: Sir, we have begun charging the Superlaser, 14 minutes untill full charge.
Permission to fire at will

Commender:No, wait until Lord Cracken is off the planet, then fire immediatly.
Officer: Sir!

05-01-2002, 09:34 PM
[Hey Cracken since when are you and Deac on the planet?? Zassek and deac have boarded your destroyer, the Yamato, remember?]

Zassek and his men reach the main hangar bay and are about to steal some fighters so they can escape the Executor class Star Destroyer that is collapsing from everywhere:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"Quickly men! take those Tie Defenders and Advanced, do not take the Tie Fighters, they suck! Watch out for ennemy fire!"

As he says this a troopers manages to hit his left shoulder, Zassek falls:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"Aaahhh Damn! I'm hit!...Ahhh! Go on without me, It's nothin'! Dogmeat, Attack!"

AS he says this, Zassek points at the trooper who shot at him. His vicious dog starts grownling and drooling as he heads for the terrified trooper who is paralyzed in fright. Dogmeat jumps, bites the throat, ripping it a part. The Trooper's agonizing scream is heard from almost everywhere. The Zealot captain helps Zassek to get up:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/zealot.gif "You must come with us after all your men have evacuated, the Executor wishes to speak with you"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"Tell your Executor not to worry. But for now we have more important things to take care of"

Zassek continues to fight against some of the remaining trooper as if he wasn't injured and with the help of the Zealots who have no difficulty at all...

The Battle also continues outside:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "This is Carrier Executor, we have lost Carrier Kzey and Foss due to suicide impact from the ennemies"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "How primitive and barbaric, this defines well this specie. They don't even die in honour. You know what to do Carrier Executor. For Adun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "Yes Executor! To all Arbiter, you have permission to enter battle zone area. Your abjective is to protect all carrier by cloaking them and stopping any desperate ennemy Destroyer trying to collide with them. For Adun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/arbiter.gif"Orders received. For Adun!"

The Arbiters succesfully cloak the Carriers and all Protoss units located in its perimeter, this causes great confusion within the imperial force who can't understand what is happening. The Arbiter also make use of their Stasis Field to trap Kamikazi destroyers within a field.

05-01-2002, 09:37 PM
Meanwhile, in an other part of space, Protoss observers, the silent cloaked witnesses, spot the Death Star threat and alert the fleet executor:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/observer.gif "Significant ennemy target spotted. Transmitting coordinants and data information."

The Fleet Executor studies the data:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Yet another primitive weapon. It is no threat to our fleet.

But one of the Fleet Executor's advisors warns him that according to the data it is not heading towards the fleet and the probabilities indicate it has 99.99% chance of striking Zassek's planet and it will be ready to fire in exactly 14 seconds...

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "This is not good, Zassek's planet is the cause of our help. Although this weapon is primitif so are Zassek, his men and the planet. They do not have the proper defenses against this weapon."

The Fleet Executor immediatly contacts Elite Aerial Fighters Corsairs, even more horrific than the Scouts, to strike upon the Death Star.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "En Taro Adun to you Corsair leader. I need you to Teleport in the following coordinates and render this primitive weapon useless. They will surely not make use of this weapon until their fleet has evacuated the area because the Blast wave of the planet can destroy all of their fleet hence their Lord who is somewhere in there. For Adun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/corsair.gif "En Taro Executor. Coordinates received, Teleport proceedure activated. Teleport succesful. Target spotted, beginning strike. For Adun!"

As swift as the desert wind the Corasirs head towards the Death Star. Resistance is useless and eliminated. The powerfull Corsair squadron move in and unleash their terrible never seen before weponry upon the Death Star, ripping it almost apart:

:deathstar ----Corsair Strike----> :deathii:

The Imperial fleet surrounding the Death Star have only begun to realize what had happened, everything occured in only 52 seconds.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/corsair.gif "Observers indicate the Death Star is still operational at 52% and can still fire. Observers aslo inform that the Weapon's power has been dramatically diminished and can no longer reach it's full potential. Squadron, prepare for sychronized U-turn and second strike"

Cmdr. Cracken
05-01-2002, 10:16 PM
*Down on the Planet, the duel rages, lightsabers clashing, suddenly, Deac and Cracken feel a disturbance in the Force, and look sky ward. They can see shards of teh Death Star Raining down upon the planet. With Deac distracted, the Sith Lord maskes his Force aura and slipps away on a shuttle.*

*In his shuttle, Lord Cracken issues orders to the Fleet*
Cracken: Fire the Death Star At once, and leave this system, we will regroup at said co-ordinates*

*The Death Star, now beaten, but still operational, charges up is superlaser, Green Beams collect on the fireing dish, and a large beam strikes the planet. The ensuing laser impact vaporizes the atmosphere, killing millions, destroying both armies completly. The planet, still togeather, undergies mass volcanic eruptions. The Planet now is ripping itself apart!!
Deac, using the Force and his supernatural powers, shield his personal shuttle and himself from the Atmosphere depervation, and boards it and leaves to a Protoss Carrier, while the Imperial Fleet withdraws into hyperspace to an unknown location. The Death Star, unable to engage it's hyperdrive, starts on it's self destruct sequence.*

*The Planet explosed violently from it's own gravatational forces violently, damaging many of the cloaked Carriers, but none destroyed.*

05-01-2002, 11:28 PM
What happened on the Fremem/Protoss side while all of this occured? This:

As the Corsairs were preparing a second strike they realize that the Death Star was charging up:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/corsair.gif "They are preparing to fire! Observers indicate that we have no time to stop it! Give me the fire potentiel the weapon can reach!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/observer.gif"Optimal weapon potentiel is 43% of its normal total efficiency"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/corsair.gif"Reveal destruction predictions aftermath and General planet status after strike, now!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/observer.gif"Probabilities indicate that at 43% of weapon's efficiency targeted planet will have 87% of total surface destroyed. 64.0264% of total higher underground destroyed. 35% of total deeper underground destroyed. 3.0127% of core destroyed. Planet will lose 79.86 % of it's total lifeform. Planet will not be destroyed but rendered useless at 77%"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/corsair.gif"Transmit data to all Executors! May Adun's Gaia have pity on the Fremens's doomed souls!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif"Data received. Proceed in teleporting all units located in boarded enemy ships to the Carriers. All Scouts and Corsairs are to get back in Carriers for precaution."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"Executor! we might not have enough time to teleport all Zealots back to the carriers!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif"Do it, for Adun!"

Meanwhile Zassek and his men on several boarded ships realize what is happening thanks to the Zealots:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/zealot.gif "We are to teleport out of here due to this Death Star fire. You and your men arn't equiped for teleporting so you must..."

The Zealot didn't have time to finish his sentence as he was being teleported away. Zassek radios all oh his men:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"TO ALL FREMEN! WE MUST EVACUATE NOW! GET ON THOSE FIGHTERS and head towards the Protoss Carriers!!! Be sure to insert the specific Protoss codes I once gave you on the ship's computer or you won't be reconized by Protoss fighters! GO! Get everyone on those Transports! Go go go!"

Many are confused as they head towards the Ties and transports and leave the Destroyers, some of them make it some don't.

05-01-2002, 11:29 PM
Once Zassek is out, inside a transporter carrying many of his men, he realizes something awful:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"WHERE ARE THE CARRIERS!!! HAVE THEY ALL LEFT!!??"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"To all Fremen, we are cloaked, head towards coordinates 123:34:08 and our tractor beam will take care of the rest. For Adun!

Zassek radios all Fremen:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"You heard him! let's go!"

Many Fremen are left in Destroyers, unable to escape on time or access the Hangars. All Fremen survivors from the boarding of many Destroyers are about to arrive to the proper coordinates but that is when The Death Star Fires. Only a handfull of escaping Fremen manage to reach the Protoss Teleport Tractor beam on time and live. As for the others, unprotected from the Plasma Shields, they all die due to the blast and shockwaves. The remaining Imperial fleet had already Hyperspaced out of the area, some of the escaping destroyers still had plenty of Fremen inside.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "The Cowards! They even leave some of theirs behind to die"

All imperial units who were unable to Hyperspace were left to see death coming.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/observer.gif "Enemy weapon has activated self destruct mode"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/corsair.gif "That doesn't stop them from being able to fire once more. One more Shot and the planet will completly be destroyed. To all Corsairs, follow my lead and destroy the weapon! For Adun!"

The Corsairs close in and destroy the Death Star. Its blast causes a second devestating Shockwave as the Corsairs teleport back to their Carriers.

The planet still stands but after such destruction is it still alive?

Cmdr. Cracken
05-01-2002, 11:58 PM
*Cracken is brooding at the head of a long table. It is the meeting/briefing room for his Captains and officers of the fleet.*

Admiral: ... with 50% loss of all combat fighters, and a 25% losses in our capital ship fleet, we are running on nothing more than a rag tag fleet of ships. We must regroup at Kuat for refits. Our men should be able to store larger quantities of proton and concussion projectiles, and a new space bomb R&D has been developing.

Cracken: and what of the Sun Crusher Project at Maw Installation?

Admiral : *gulp* sir, Maw has been been terminated by the Republic by the Jedi scum, and the Sun Crusher was thrown into one of the Black holes, as waas our last Death...

*Cracken angerly throws his fist down onto the table.*
Cracken: Then where are we supposed to get a final fleet to destroy these intruders? That super laser was the only hope of wiping these Protoss out.... what of the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer Akira?

Admiral: Final outfits are being done at Kuat Drive Yards. It should be operational by the time we arrive.

Cracken: Send a burst transmission, tell them i want another Eclipse Class built immediatly, and put the Yard into full war time production.

*Cracken turns to his new General, General Eisenhower, and motions to him to begin*
General: My lord, all resistance has been wiped out, thier leader must have escaped before the jump to lightspeed. Our interrogations show tha these Protoss carry personal shield generators, and our blaster fire is ineffective. I've requisitioned older projectile semi-automatic and automatic rifles from Kuat to penetrate the shielding. Sir, if i may, this teleportation technology is rendering any of our vessles ineffective, it is to strech us thin to commit a ground assulkt while defending or naval..

Cracken: I want results. You can have your relics of ancient history.

*Cracken gets us and stalks out of the room, brooding on his loss.*

05-02-2002, 12:24 AM
:thread made thinking story was made long after ep 6:

A Lone Warrior, whose the last of the long lost Sith's Elite Platoon of Soldiers, Thought to have whom be dead...
...rises from the Ruined Corresant... (sry about spelling)
...A city which was the First Target of the Protoss, thought were to crippel the Imperial Forces, a city replacing a entire world, desimated nearly to the core of the planet.
Wielding relics of ancient past, weapons whom he's thought to only to activate himself, including which the Encuveted (and OutLawed) LightSaber...
His name: Cmdr. Grendal of Sith.

After Survaying the damage delt by the Protoss, quickly he attempts to find a communication source to Contact the Emperor

05-02-2002, 03:36 AM
[lol General Eisenhower, good call Cracken. And welcome to you Scarface2k2. BTW if your character survived the attack on the planet we are talking about know that it was an Imperial Death Star that destroyed it and not the Protoss. But in an other hand your Character may know nothing of this and think it was the Protoss who did it thus seeking to aid his Lord who was actually the only responsable of his near doom. Get my drift? so is this our planet or a new one?]

Meanwhile, inside a Protoss Carrier:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"Give me the aftermath!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/dragoon.gif "We've lost 2 Carriers and 1 is heavily damaged due to the first wave of Torpedoe and missile fire, 3 Arbiters lost due to the blast and 11 Zealots bravely perished inside boarded ships, none where left or captured. As for the mechanized units we've lost 25 Interceptors and 12 Observers once again mainly due to the blast"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"I hope The Fremen in those escaped destroyers know who to be silent... How about the planet? and the Spice Melange?"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/dragoon.gif "About of 60% of its life form is destroyed and our observers scan that only the surface spice were severly destroyed and burnt out. The planet still has against all odds 80% of its initial spice"

Zassek arrives in the deck, injured from almost everywhere:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"Your Spice can wait Executor! I need to go down there and see if anyone survived. Where is Deac?"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"As you wish but you will surely be dissapointed, your race is surely extinct. Deac is in the meditating chamber, you should be in the healing chamber."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"Where I should be is down there Executor and that's where I'm going."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"Some Corsairs will bring you there"

05-02-2002, 03:47 AM
And so Zassek along with Dogmeat and the Corsair Squadron head towards the devastated planet and observe the Horror. Everything was destroyed, even the planet's geography is entirly modified, dead Worms and people, Fremen and Imperial troops, all dead, everywhere. Zassek steps out the Corsair and starts walking on the cold sand. He despratly yells if Anyone is out there. Suddenly someone shoots at him but misses, Corsairs immediatly fire, they were flying above Zassek. Whoever shot that laser was eliminated. Zassek runs towards whoever fired and finds a lonely trooper who is now dead due to the Corsar fire.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"A survivor!!?" this means that some of my men may have survived!

Zassek immediatly asks for observers to enter the planet and scan the area, he is filled with hope but stays pessimistic on the number of those who could have survived...

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/observer.gif "Fremen survivors found at following coordinates, transmitting. Number of total Fremen survivor is estimated at 3260 persons. Number of total ennemy survivor is estimated at 290 persons. All are Scattered in different areas of the planet. Fremen presence is higher in deep underground zones "

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg"Underground? That means they used the Worms! God bless these beast! 3260? But that means that millions have died...this is horrible"

Zassek, along with the help of Zealots and Observers conduct a search and rescue. The Corsairs take care of the remaining ennemy ground troop. The first surviving Fremen is spotted:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20gun.gif "Over here!! We're over here!!"

Zassek is full of Joy as he meets the first group of survivors, the emotion is deeply present:


Zassek's search party continues seeking for more survivors with the help of Dogmeat's sent, heading to the areas the Observers indicate and staying out of the surviving worms activity. Not all can be saved, some Fremen are buried alive deep inside the sand and are unreachable. The only thing Zassek can do is pray that they have a quick and painless death.
Zassek spots an old freind, it's Keylex!:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremenfedaykin%20avatar.jpg"It is good to see you are alive my dear Zassek, we've suffered so many losses. So many have died in such a insignificant moment..."

Keylex went on, revealing all the horror to Zassek. He told him how they knew what was going to happen when they spotted an extra moon in the sky, how they managed to survive using the worms to reach the deep desert undergrounds and how some even let themselves be swallowed by these beast, knowing that they would have a better chance of surving within it's mouth. But all who did this lost grip and got swallowed. Thank god for the deep worm tunnels, those were the only refuge that could wistand a chance against the Death Star's destruction...

05-02-2002, 11:13 AM
so, Coruscant was captured by the protoss??
then devistated by a third Death Star?

05-02-2002, 04:58 PM
Deac mediates:

So, I have allied my loyal Fremen with the new Protoss. My powerful new allies came from no-one, helped me, and have yet asked for nothing in return...why? Yet I believe I can get more help...the destroyers will want what I can offer them

*Deac then opens a huge distance comlink using a subspace node and a box marked "Etak". A large image of an alien with three lower legs, and two on the top side of its body appears*

I have what you want...

We need nothing...

I have a way home for your people.

Give us that or die!

If I die, it will go with me. Use Knossos portal 34 to get here, and bring as many ships as you can.

We're on our way...Master

*Deac looks out of his window...a subspace portal opens, and a Sathanas Juggernaut arrives.*

Cmdr. Cracken
05-02-2002, 05:43 PM
[oos Coruscant is in the hands of the New Republic, the battle was fought over an outlier world. These events occur shortly after the Maw Installation Incident in the Jedi Academy series. This goes as if Cracken, my char, is the Leader of the Empire as of now /oos]

*Cracken stands at the bridge of the Yamato , which is is dry dock at Kuat. The Eclipse Class Star Destroyer now hovers above, guarding its brood. Kuat is busy with massive construction orders, and a new Imperial Mark II Class Star Destroyer now floats serenly out of the dock. COnrtsuction droids work at peak efficancy, working at all hours, crews drilling and preparing. An officer stands behind Lord Cracken, shaking.*

Officer: My lord...
Cracken: yes.
Officer: we have reports. an unknown person claiming to be a Sith lord has wished to meet with you.
Cracken: I know. I have seen it. bring him to me, give him every curtosy. He might have knowlegde of our enemy, and will prove to be a great ally.
Officer: at once, my lord.

*The officer hurried out, and Admiral Kirda walks up beside the Dark Lord*

Kirda: Sir, we have uncovered science documents and research on clone technology from the Clone wars. We believe we can implement it's used in our army and navy.
Cracken: proceede at your discresion.
*Admiral Kirda stays by the Lords' side*
Cracken: Something else, Kirda?
Kirda: Sir, prelimenary sensor scans to the battle area show a new destroyer class vessle may be in bound. We have no records of it's make or techonology. It could be unfor...
Cracken: This new ship bothers me not, I have come across the one creature that these new invaders fear. The Zerg, they are called, and through the Force, they are aware of us, and are coming. it's only a matter of time.
*Cracken waves the Admiral away, and Kirda walks off, puzzled. He knows better than to cross the Dark Lord of the Sith. for it would be his undoing.

The Dark Lord senses teh Zerg. They are now on the outer rim of the galaxy. soon.. revenge shall be his. soon.*

05-02-2002, 08:21 PM
Several countless hours and adding a few Protoss Search Parties onto the MIA lists, Grendal finaly finds a evactuated building with not much damage delt to it, and luckily having to turn on a communications device with very little repairation to it.

While knowing that the likey possibility he's position could be triangulated, he tries a emergancy sub-space channel to riase the Emperior...

Let some plot come through (me and cracken talk) before protoss discover communication...

05-02-2002, 09:18 PM
*Activates Sub-Space tandsmittor*
*Notices about the resurve power meter was low*
*kneels down*

Grendal: "My Lord"

Cracken: "Yes, you clam to be a lord of the Sith?"

Grendal: "No, My Lord"

Cracken Sends his Gaurds out of the room: "Tell me Who Are you?"

Grendal: "My Lord, have your forgotten me?"

Cracken: "I believe I have been occupied for the time being, Tell me About your Origins"

Grendal: "The Sith that you have Sucessfully eliminated but your self some Five-Hundred year ago. Then made a Force of Elite Soldiers attoned with the name Sith which you, yourself sought to the effectiveness..."

Cracken curious: "But this was 150 years ago, I would have thought that it might have been disbanded"

Grandal: "No it hasn't, infact we recived orders to this planet that a un-predictable force would arrive. Then it was just then amist of our battle, i sensed your presence and then a Jedi like presence, felt weaker then yours, then the disturbence..."

Grendal in shock: "How meny..."

Cracken: "Never mind about that. Whats done is done." *Getting anxious* "Who are you warrior!?"

Grendal: "You dont remember? I was your fir..."

*Transmission was cut due to power loss*

Cracken standing infront of his transmiter, falls to his knees thinking that Man was still alive?
The very few beings who'd Cracken created from his own Dark Side Force Power, Him alive?

05-02-2002, 10:44 PM
[Scarface2k2, avoid taking the places of the other players. what I mean is avoid doing actions or talking for other players...unless Cracken has no problem with this, Cracken?]

The search party continues on it's race against time to save as many Fremen they can, even the Desert sand storm doesn't stop them. Zassek kept thinking of everything that had occured and couldn't imagine what would have happened if he hadn't called upon the Protoss. Suddenly he remembers the refuge his ancestors had built! The Vaults! They were 25 in all but only 7 were preserved: Vault 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 13 and 15. Maybe some of his people were in there!

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen avatar.jpg"Observers, scan for underground Vaults located on the the following coordinates. Transmitting data now. And give status report."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/observer.gif"Only 3 vaults were succefully detected: Vault 5, 13 and 15. The others were destroyed.

They immediately heads towards these Vault and are content with the discovery of more survivors even if they are not much, about 30 per vaults. The Vault survivors explaned that there wasn't enough time to fill the vaults as they were obliged to seal it before it was to late. They said that they could hear desperate cries and fist banging on the Vault's Seals, but they could do nothing for them. It was an unbearable thing to witness.

The Search was partialy interrupted due to MIA Zealots. Zassek's opinion on this was that they were swallowed by some Sandworms. But the Fleet Executor wasn't satisfieds with this explanation and order some Carriers and Scouts to teleport in the planets air space and help in establishing a new Colony.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif"Xesson, I now give you responsabilty of the planet. Find a stable and secure area so we can teleport a Planeterial Plasma Shield Generator (PPSG) in the planet so it can be fully protected and not fall apart. And I want solid answers on the MIA Zealots. For Adun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/dragoon.gif"For Adun Executor."

Xesson sends yet more observers to cover the whole surface of the planet in search of a proper location to establish the new colony and to alert of all unusual surface activity. Once the most optimal zone is found a great number of Probes are teleported in the area and Teleportation of the basic buildings can begin. Every Probe has it's own task as each of the Probes internal computer are filled with its specified data :

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/probe.gif"Probe 1 Teleport succesfull. Teleportation of Nexus has begun ........................... ..................................... .................................. .................................... ........................... Teleportation of Nexus Completed. Teleportation of first Pylon has begun. Teleportation of second Pylon has begun. Teleportation of third Pylon has begun. Teleportation of first Pylon completed. Teleportation of fourth Pylon has begun. Teleportation of second Pylon completed... "

Other probes take care of different areas and start teleporting Gateways and Photon Cannons more Pylons and of Course the PPSG.

Meanwhile the now smaller but more protected search party continues its goal with the precious help of the observers and the Corsairs watching over them. They rarely encounter Imperial survivors, these survivor see no point in fighting and surrender.

In outerspace the alien lifeform appearance creates confusion within the Protoss fleet:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"By the great power of Adun's Gaia, what is this?! Prepare to strike BUT wait until they do the first hostile move, it isn't because we do not know them that they are our ennemies. Observers, begin scan."

Cmdr. Cracken
05-02-2002, 11:35 PM
Scarface, pm me about the stuff with your history and what it has to do with me so i can better co-ordinate my plan. THANKS]

*Cracken now strides the Bridge of the new Flagship Akira , the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer. using the original plans, his techs modified it so it's larger than the Executor class, with more firepower and more fighter and heavy weapons space. It's main prize was it's Superlaser, concealed in the hull very carefully. The unexpecting enemy would not notice untill it is too late, and the Superlaser would rip through them. The Super Laser itself was more powerful than any Death Star could rpoduce, running off of a seperate reactor system than the main drives of the ship, enabling it to recharge faster, and fire harder.

With one of his creations running amok in the galaxy, he pondered how he would move next. A sense in teh Force piqued his interest. the Zerg. They found a home system planet, and were growing.*
*This conversation takes place completely through the Force*
Cracken: Overmind, i sense you have found a planet and have started producing your minions.
Overmind: We have, and are pleased that you have alerted us to the Protoss presence. You Galaxy is rich in recources too, and we find it benificial.
Cracken: yes, of course. You have the co-ordinates of the Protoss fleets, correct?
Overmind: we have processsed them , and gearing for war.
Cracken: Excellent, we'll alert you when to move.
Overmind: Yes. of course.

*The Zerg. He heard that they were not to be trusted. No matter, he could destroy that planet thrugh the Force if they got out of hand. The Dark Side was strong with him, and he grew stronger every day, like a leech grows on a human.
He only hoped the unstable Elite Guardsman did not grow as much as he himself did. Cracken hit the com*

Cracken: Hojo, status on the Accellerated Clone Program
Hojo: Excellent, my lord. We should have our first troops in the day.
Cracken: keep me updated.
*he cut the com abruptly. He began formulating the attack plan.*

05-03-2002, 04:08 PM
Protoss commander, fear not. These new creatures are with me. I have someting they desperatly need, and are willing to destroy entire species for...see those clawlike structures on the front of the largest ships...those weapons are as powerful as the Death Star lasers. Four on one ship, and 100 juggernauts, not to mention the surrounding fleet of Destroyers and the like. This recording came from Sathanas 35:

*A Santhanas Juggernaut descends on an ISD. The ISD weapon fire manages to do about 2% hull damage before the Sathanas's super beam cannons have torn it to shreads*

05-03-2002, 07:02 PM
After viewing several structures appearing from practically nowhere, Grendal finds his drop zone, with his trade marked Emperial X-Wing mk. II (basically the same as mk1 but its painted balck to reduce visibility in space and its r5 unit can retract to prevent it from reciveing damage...), still intact...

Grendal: "R5! Activate all systems where leaving!"

R5-x1: Bleep! Bleep!

*X-Wing Powers up*
*Next: Protoss worker drones see a craft speed off into the upper atmosphere and hitting into lightspeed overhead*

05-03-2002, 08:00 PM
[Hey, this has nothing to do with the story butweren't we suppose to hit page 2 a long time ago? This is weird...It's getting longer an longer to scroll down...]

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"Impressive Deac even though they use laser technology it is still very impressive. Inform them on the situation."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/observer.gif"We have intercepted part of a communication via sub-space transmitor coming from the planet, playing file":

**Unknown: "...Elite Soldiers attoned with the name Sith which you, yourself sought to the effectiveness..."

Unknown curious: "But this was 150 years ago, I would have thought that it might have been disbanded"

Unknown: "No it hasn't, infact we recived orders to this planet that a un-predictable force would arrive. Then it was just then amist of our battle, i sensed your presence and then a Jedi like presence, felt weaker then yours, then the disturbence..."

Unknown: "How meny..."

Unknown: "Never mind about that. Whats done is done." *Getting anxious* "Who are you warrior!?"

Unknown: "You dont remember? I was your fir..."**

Communication was lost a this point."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"This is very interesting, twas surely Imperial men speaking...one of them seems important. Procceed to intra-space waves analysis and report to me where the destination of this message. Send more observers in extra-outerspace so we can confirm if the Imperial have definatly fled."

Afterwords Xesson reveals to the Carrier Executor more information:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/dragoon.gif"En Taro Adun Executor one of the probes detected a rebel craft type X-wing tha tleft the planet. We didn't have time to capture it... "

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"Hurry an get the PPSG operational so nothing can get in or out the planet."

Meanwhile, on the Planet, Xesson has everything under control as the Colony grows faster and faster. Now that Cybernetics Core and Chield Batteries are teleported the Teleportation of the PPSG can begin. The Death Star's Laser blast caused the planet to have a drastic increase in Volcanic and Vespen Gaz activity. The Presence of This Vespen Gaz was a great advantage for Protoss development has a great number of Assimilator were beeing teleported. Advanced buildings are starting to appear, in particular Stargates.

The small Protoss army located on the planet grew faster and independently from the fleet thanks to the now fully operational Gateways.
Fremen were equiped by Protoss technology but not all could be used because almost every equipment needed a Protoss 6th sens only known to them.

The Fleet Executor, who let us remind is the Great Executor of this Protoss intervention, is consulted by one of The Supreme Executor's High Templar:

"En Taro Adun Executor I bring a message from the Absolute Supreme Greatness. He senses the presence of an evil still far away but slowly ascending to strike upon you, an evil very known to us, this evil is the..."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif"The Zerg, I have also felt their presence. Tell his greatness not to worry. En Taro Adun High Templar!"

05-04-2002, 11:35 AM
i think it should come soon (but i have a high post count per page so it might not come for a bit)

Hyperspace was hetoric, after jumping while still in an atmosphere nearly knocked Grendal unconsious... but still amased that he'd actually made it out of there...

*jumping out of lightspeed*

Grendal: "R5, Where are we?"

R5-x1: Bleep! Whistle! Whistle! Bleep! Bleep! (Ariving in Tatoonie Sector)

Grendal: "Tatoonie, eh? Nice thinking, remote.."

*Orbiting Planet*

Grendal: "R5, are there any signs of the Protoss in this sector?"

R5-x1: while incorperating the best R-unit sound effects ^_^ Whistle! Bleep! Reep! (no.)

Grendal: "Alright, now lets see if the huts wont bother us while we stay here for a bit..."

*Desends into Planet Tato0nie*
*a Star Wars type of Scene-Switching effect occurs*

okay im sure i got some spelling wrong :) Cracken, correct my spelling if you please :)

Cmdr. Cracken
05-04-2002, 12:07 PM
*Planet side in the Kuat system, The Imperial Accelerated Clone Program is under full swing, creating a Clone Army worthy of the Clone Wars of yester year. Loading on to massive transport ships, they head to orbit. COupled with teh Zerg, they will outnumber the enemy 10-1.

In orbit, Kuat continues is massive production, with more IDS rolling out every day. TheEntire Imperial Fleet is at Kuat, awating the orders of thier the Dark Lord*

Admiral: the fleet is ready, the new Imperial Army is now fully operational, your orders?

Cracken: We jump back into the system, and we destroy these intruders. The Zerg should be arriving anytime now.

Admiral: SIR!
*Cracken's massive Imperial Fleet enters hyperspace.
At the battlefield, all is quiet... a sole creature can be seen coasting toward a protoss carrier..... harmless, it comes right along side it... and explodes. then another, and an another. Be hind this wave of Scourges, is the Mutalisk and Guardian threat, and they now decend down upon thier unsuspecting prey. With the Carriers tied up, Overlords bee-line toward the planet, and make a forward base, Lurkers crawling every where, and Hydralisks and Spore and Sunkun Colonies taking root n the Creep.*

05-04-2002, 03:59 PM
The Empire Strikes back, with the Zerg:


This is almost no surprise for the the Fleet Executor, he had "felt" the Zerg's presence several days ago, little after the Imperial fleet had fled. The Zerg were very well known to the Protoss, especially their ludicrous way to prolifirate. From previous wars they had against them the Protoss had learnt how to deal with the Zerg's omnipresence in a battle. A war isn't won by the number but by wiseness, and the Protoss mastered this.

The past few days were more than enough to built a great colony in the nearly devestated Colony thanks to Teleport technology and it's quickness. In only those few days the Protoss Colony had become extremly greater then what took centuries fot the planet inhabitants to built and only took a few seconds to destroy. The Protoss had teleported everything, Robotic Facilities, Support Bays Observatories, Fleet Beacons, Citadels of Adun, Templar Archives, and much much more but most importantly, several PPSG were teleported in almost every part of the planet. One PPSG was more than enough to protect the whole planet against any type of laser fire, even a Death Star laser would bounce off if fired. The Fremen can't help but to feel useless, but they still seek revenge for the dead ones...

Thanks to thousands of Gateways and Stargates that were teleported on the planet and the Abundance of Vespen Gaz and Spice Melange the Protoss were able to obtain an army so great that the first arriving fleet that caused such devastation to the Empire was now considered a squadron. Carriers, Scouts, Corsairs and Arbiters replaced the skies and filled the empty spaces of space. Twas the same situation on the planet, Zealots, Dragoons and the devastating Reavers had almost repopulated the planet. The Empire had surely not considered the possiblity of the Protoss proliferating as they advanced with the Zerg towards a Carrier that was just a mere drop of an ocean.

Zergs managed to enter the planet. Once this was realized, all PPSG were activated at 100% making it impossible to bypass the Plasma Shield that surrounded the planet. But this didn't mean that the Protoss located on the Planet were safe, Zergs were known to grow like weed with only one Drone. Spores and Sunken Colonies were appearing. Xesson quickly orders Dragoons and Reavers to try and Contain the Zerg Colony and stop it from expanding while it was still time, they weren't much but not for long if nothing was done. Protoss aimed for the Drones, Larvas, Overlords but most importantly the Hatchery to try and stop the parasite growth:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/reaver.gif"Target located"

As the Reavers take care of the Hatchery, the Dragoons slowly wipe out Zerglins, the Hydralisk are tougher and manage to end a few of the Dragoon's lives... Scouts rush in to take care of the Larvas who are hard to spot from the ground, they also manage to kill kill several Overlords. Observers are on code red to alert any new Zerg Colony or wandering Drones.

In Space, the Empire slowly discover the Hugeness of the new fleet as they start losing their first fighters. Interceptors do their best against the Scourges but they are many, Scouts arrive to protect the Carriers. The Real War Has Begun.

05-04-2002, 04:13 PM
After a quick refuel, and rest, Grendal feels a disturbence in the force...
...He felt the war beginning...

He left the planet hurried to the front.

*Quick message to Emperior:*
Grendal: "My Lord, I shall arrive soon."

Cmdr. Cracken
05-05-2002, 03:10 AM
*On planet, Zerg are extinguished, diying by the thousands, Larve try to flee, only to be destroyed, drones flee, to planet, and millions keep this attempt up. Hours pass, the Protoss, now wery, are stuggling to keep up. Overlords unleash hordes of drones, thousands, millions, colonies of Zerg rising and falling, each attempt more succesful than the last!

In space, the immense Imperial Fleet Hyperspaces in, and unleashes a volly of torpedo's and concussion missles. The carriers, aware of the oncomming threat, had thier fighter screens up, only to see them annihilated by the barrage of missiles and projectiles. Millions of fighter craft capitalize on this, and launch from the bays of the Star Destroyers, streaking toward the target. With Protoss Stargates on the planet, the only way re-enforcements can arrive is if the shield is taken down to move the increadably slow carriers, leaveing the planet open to the awaiting Zerg overlord horde. The fleet now closes in, fighters over powering and now out numbering the Protoss fighters, and the Imperials gain the advantage. A carrier explodes off the port side of the Yamato , as it dives into the heart of the battle.*

05-05-2002, 06:42 AM
The Zergs were suffering heavy losses but faster and faster more were rising, the Protoss were still containing them but for how long?

Because the Sields had to be powered down so that teleported fleets could participate in the Space Battle more Zergs were penetrating the planet. The capability of the Shields to power down on selective shield surface areas made this infiltration at its minimum. But unfortunatly for the Zergs the Protoss had activated their Photon Cannons that were teleported on all of the planets surface. These Photon Cannons exterminared nearly every Overlords, all defensless, before they could unload.

In Space the Protoss witness their first casualties, as a Carrier explodes close to the Yamato, it's explosif debrees damaging it a bit. This exploding crashing Carrier headed directly to an opened shield area and crashed on a Zerg colony located on the planet, some ground Protoss units are killed but the Zerg suffer the most. The Carrier Executor is not worried:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"I must give credit to these Imperial nonsense that managed to destroy some of our units. So it appears that this Carrier squadron that is participating isn't enough. Send in more! For Adun!"

Then from the other side of the Planet and the dark side of its moon, also colonized by the Protoss thanks to an artificial atmosphere, appears a Colosal number of Protoss units. The Scouts rush on the Impoerial fleet and the Corsairs move in on the Zergs. Their number are so great that almost each imperial fighter have three Scouts on their tail. Uncountable Overlords are killed before they can reach the opened areas of the planet's Shield, those who make it through the shields are destroyed by the Photon Cannons.
The Empire who thought they had the advantage were starting to have doubt as hundreds of fighters were destroyed and the first Star Destroyers were being boarded or turned into space dust:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/zealot.gif"This is Zealot Executor, we've succesfully boarded several Star Destroyers and we have already engaged the ennemy. For Adun! "

the Interceptors were a nightmare for the Imperial fleet they were too fast and too many. For now the Protoss were doing well against the Empire and Zerg without the help of Deac and his Santhanas Juggernauts, but this was no reason for them not to participate in the battle...

05-05-2002, 12:15 PM
*A fleet of 20 Sathanas ships bears down on the Kuat drive yards. The superlasers rip through the stations and ships in dry dock.

The empire will certainly need these "Zerg" now...

But I have a plan...

05-05-2002, 02:14 PM
*As Grendal jumps out of HyperSpace, he immedately has to dodge dibris and friendly and enemy fire, he's jumped right into the middle of the fight...*

*Although he prefers the ground attack on foot, he can still dog fight a few enemy fighters*

*But sence he's fighting along with Imperial Fighters, and he is flying in a craft that still resembles an Old Rebel Fighter, he decides to attempt a landing on the planet, this way he'd see more of his kind of action....*

*Before Grendal is able to start a decent, Grendal is accidently hit by friendly fire*

Grendal: "You fool! Who's side are you on!"

Fighter: "Im for the Empire! You Rebel Scum!"

Grendal: "You Moron, If the Emperior finds out the you shot at a Superior Officer--"

*Before Grendal finishes his sentence, he gets hit by enemy fire and starts an uncontroled decent into the planet!*

*As Grendal tries hard to get control of his craft teh fighter who shot him (knowing he'd die anyway becuase of his foolishness) nudges Grendal's X-Wing so it will level out, while sacrificing hjis own life.*

Grendal: "Now that was awfullly Polite of him..." *shrugs* "R5, we're making our decent"

*by this time the shield around the planet was compremised, just enough for a fighter to make a landing*

Cmdr. Cracken
05-05-2002, 09:16 PM
*Abord the Akira , the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer, The Dark Lord looks onto the battle field. Carrier formations were tight and precise, thier fighter squadrons elite. Superior in every way. But not to the power of this ship. Giving a signal, an officer nods to fire control, and the Akira begins its fireing sequence. At the nose of the giant ship, 2 doors swing open, and reveal a giant superlaser, pointed directly at the moon. Red beans collect on the firing dish, and a massive SuperLaser Blast streaks out from the Akira. it hits the moon dead on, the Superlaser taking several re-enforcing Protoss Carriers, platoons of scouts and interceptors, and the moon itself. The Doors swing shut, and the Akira engages the new Imperial Hypershield, proving the new ship impervious to damage. Now, revealed, the gigantic ship uleashes a terribal barrage upon the planet, striking at all the unshielded zones, casuing irrepreial damage to the protoss. Proton torpedos and cucussion misslies lance out at fighters and Carriers, causing damage across the battefield.

Abord the Boarded Star Destroyers, and the Akira herself, scores of Cloned Stromtroopers battle with Protoss legions, using the ancient relic machine and sub machine guns. Penetrating the shielding these enemy troops carry, there are killed by hundreds, and the clones smartly cover the entire hallways with walls of lead and durasteel.*

05-06-2002, 12:51 PM
Clonetroopers. I must counter with mine own forces...

Fremen, ready!

Sarduakar here! For God Emperor Deac!

Shivans here. Troopers being deployed from carriers...

*The clonetroopers weapons are no match for the Shivan skin. The Shivan's bio-pulse weapons in their arms atomise several troopers at a time, whilst the upper arms are used to tear them apart. They are the destroyers...

The Sarduakar are engaged in pitched battle with their new Fremen allies against the Zerg. It is fairly equal, but the arrival of a new ally will increase their chances greatly...

Ash DEAC debataluk!

05-06-2002, 03:59 PM
The Distruction of the moon encovered the yet another Protoss fleet that was behind it. The Fleet Executor regret not having ordered the teleportation of a PPSG on the moon but it was now too late. All the Carriers that had to leave the planet to participate into space battle had finished doing so, the Shield was now optimal at 5903 %, with no opened areas, making it impossible to penetrate. But the Zergs were already in.. Thanks to the shields now being fully operational, the Superlaser was only a menace for the Carriers, the Destroyer that had it had to be destroyed:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/scout.gif "This is Scout Executor, The Destroyer that fired is new, it is equiped with advanced shielding but still inferior to ours. Reaching the hull will take too much time and victims will be too many if this new type laser is fired again. Observers! Scan the ship for detailed analysis! For Adun"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/observer.gif "Ship Scanned. known to the Empire as an Eclipse Class Star Destroyer, code name Akira. Bio-scan reveals a great number of ennemy lifeform with exact same DNA code signature. Transferring detailed structural data to all units."

As every protoss units receive the data, the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer holds no more secrets to it's structural organisation. It was as if they Protoss received the Destroyer's blue print. But the Fleet Executor was curious on this DNA anomaly, he ordered a rescan but the results were still the same:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Clones, they have used the ancient cloning technology. This will make it easy to eliminate them...but for now: To all units boarded in the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer I will transfer you the proper information concerning the Superlaser cannon, your mission objective has been updated, you must destroy the SuperLaser."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/zealot.gif "This is Zealot Infiltration Executor, the imperial troops are using Terran technology weaponry that can harm our shields and they are too much, we are suffering a great number of loss! The SuperLaser is out of our reach!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Very well, Fleet Executor! Order the teleportation of our Zealots out of there, make sure they bring a DNA sample of an ennemy trooper. Give the proper orders to paralyze this destroyer and stop it from firing. You have my permission to use the Dark Templars to infiltrate and destroy the SuperLaser. For Adun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "For Adun Executor! begin Teleportation of Elite Dark Templars in the destroyer"

The Dark Templars were immediatly teleported.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "To Arbiter Executor, use Stasis to paralyze the Destroyer! For Adun!"

The Arbiters trap the destroyer within a Stasis Field.While trapped, the destroyer cannot be damaged, move, attack, or use special abilities and the Dark Templars ar on their own.
These mighty warriors, drawing secret powers from the cold void of the cosmos, are able to bend light around themselves, which renders them virtually invisible. Armed with modified Psi-Blade technology to easily eliminate anyone that comes in their way. Hundreds of troopers seem to die by themselves as they fail to grasp what is going on. The permanent cloaking ability of all Dark Templar makes their disabling mission towards the SuperLaser's generator a walk on the park:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darktemplar.gif "We have arrived. Destroy it."

A few strikes of Psi-Blades is enough to turn generator to dust as they head towards the Core of the SuperLaser. All Imperial witness to this havoc that comes from nowhere die quickly. The Core is reached and a few seconds later destroyed, nothing can stop the Dark Templars.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darktemplar.gif "First objectives completed, heading towards shield generator"

Again, these ghost swiftly reap death on their passage and disable the Shield Generator.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darktemplar.gif "Second Objective completed. Teleportation begining"

The Eclipse Class Star Destroyer was now defensless and without it's SuperLaser. As the Stasis Shield went down the Dark Templars could leave and the Destroyer was fired upon. The Dark Templars, these silent assasins were as invincible as they were invisible, the ennemy couldn't understand what just happened.
Thousands of interceptors and Scouts target the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer, they fire and cause it to explode and seperate in two parts, on of them slowly crashes out of control towards the sun as the other heads towards the planet. The Huge mass that was heading for the planet had barely touch the PPSG's shield that it exploded in a severe blast causing thousands of small and medium imperial ships and Zergs to be destroyed, the Protoss were protected by their Plasma Shielding and The PPSG remained at optimal efficiency. The second chunk of what used to be the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer was quickly nearing the sun as surviving passengers despretly fight for the escape pods.
Meanwhile, on the planet, the Protoss are having more and more trouble to contain the Zergs. Te Fremen allie themselves with the Sarduakar and under Deac and Zassek's leading they engage the ennemy.

Cmdr. Cracken
05-06-2002, 05:35 PM
*Lord Cracken calmly walks toward his shuttle, and boards it, the Dark Templar use not the Force, but are present in it. Odd, he thought to himself, as they were not ancient Sith Magiks, but just as potent. No matter, if he could call a cease fire, he would study under these preists, and pervert the power he would gain.

If only.

His shuttle took off, and through the Force, made it invisible to all, and headed toward the planet. Sqeezing in by a millimeter, he managed to get by the closing shielding surrounding the Planet. Like the Imperial Center's shield, it surrounded the planet, protecting it from space. he locked on to the power source, and landed the shuttle. He quickly departed, seeing a horde of Zealots headed toward his direction.

They came at him, methodically, professionally.


He ignighted his lightsaber, and confidently stood there, waiting for the first. The first Protoss gave a smile, and charged, swinging his engery blades, parry, parry, jab, he knocked the blades out from the Zealots defensive zone, and came down with a hard slash. The lighstaber stalled for an instant on the shield, and then cut through, slicing the poor fool in half. now two came, one from the front, and one from behind. No matter.

Using his power, he held the one at bay, and lifted the poor fool off of the ground, crushing it's skull into nothing more than mucus. The other heasetated, and Cracken took advantage, and sliced him in the mid section, cutting him cleanly in half.

This went on for hours, as he cut a path to the shield Generator. ass he got closer, the zealots were ignighted in a pitched fervor. it would be thier last. Suddenly, a spider like machine walked on, and fired a blast, Cracken jumped high, and launched his own orb of destrouction from his hand, laying waste to the machine. These technological terrors were no match for the power of the Force.

Entering the shield generator, he found a Shivian, a menacing creature not of this galaxy, though present through the Force. Easy prey. He cut left, dodging it's fire, and wall walked up on th left wall and onto the cieling, and dropped down, slashing the Shivan in half.

He stared to sprint. Cutting through the enemies like butter, and reached the shield generator. using the Force, he let loose the fury of the Dark Side, and dark lightning ripped through the circuts of the generator, explosions going off all around him. warning klaxxons went off all around him as he ran out, avoiding the enemy for speed of escape.

He burstout into the arid sunlight, and made a break for the open field. The Generator exploded violently behind him, and shratnal landed all around him. Fragments of the Akira now were being let through, and hit the planet causing massive craters. He hit his comlink*

Cracken: Kirda, the Akira has been lost, but the shield is donw, Fire turbo lasers onto the planet. Vaproze thier bases. Launch the Devastator.

*he smiled, he would win this war. He headed to the largest battle field, to the largest Zerg colony to help it's growth through the Force. Arriving, he was a gizzly sight. A disgusting goo surrounded the colony, and Zealots were being eaten for food. The Zerg colony was a mass of organic tissue, and fening off all attacks. A Zergling came up to him, and motioned to follow. It lead him to the front, where he engaed the Templar for the first time. Lightbning rained down from them , but he had the Force, and the basic protective abilities prevented them from harming him. He let loose his own concussion blast, killing hundreds of Protoss, and one templar. easy. A Templar snuck up behind him, but he sensed it, and sliced it with his lighstaber. A Massive explosion went off. The Devastator.

Devastator was a high powered fusion bomb, capable vaporizing entire cities. They just hit the largest Protoss base, anihilating it. Turbolaser fire rained down, causing havoc in the Protoss ranks. Bomber screeched over head, escorting the Overlords, and bombing targest all along the front.

In space, the Imperial Navy destroyed another carrier, it's burning carcass exploding violently. Fighters tangled with the scouts and interceptors, gining small victories here and there. The Yamato fired another wave of torpedoes, vaporizing another carrier. Kirda watched, and laughed. The Ysalimari worked. they prevented all teleportation onto the Yamato. He smiled.*
Kirda: launch another Devastator , target thier shipyard. Then aim them at thier fleets.

*anoterh Devestator was launched, headed toward the Planet, and another launched, hitting the tight Carrier formation, destroying it.*

05-07-2002, 12:17 AM
*In the distence, Grendal was approching Emperior Cracken at the shield generator, on his way, Grendal was admiring his Lordship's hand work.*

*It amaised him to see that soemone with that age could have easily single handly eliminated a force of this caliber. Then yet again, Grendal was created rather accidently by a surge in Cracken's powers... :rolleyes:*

Grendal: "My my my, My Lord," *With a slight smirk* "Aren't you a sloppy butcher. Heh heh heh."

*Grendal pig-headedly smiles at the Emperior, while looking at the Crystal Lightsaber that was wielded by Emperiors before him...*

05-07-2002, 11:24 AM
[lol Cracken ! I predicted since I started to build the colony that you would go for the Shield Generators so I got prepared in advance ;), check it: ]

What Lord Cracken Ignored was that:

Originally posted by Jem
PPSG were teleported in almost every part of the planet.

When Lord Cracken thought he had destroyed THE shield generator he had actually destroyed only ONE of the many shield generators tha covered the whole planet. His foolishness did not make him think they could be more than one PPSG as the planet's shield was quickly restablished and in space the studies on the sample Imperial clone DNA had begun, the Carrier Executor had a plan but until this plan was revealed more and more Destroyers and Carriers were joining the already long casualty list.

Back on the planet, a mysterious voice ascends towards Lord Cracken:

"Lord Cracken you may use this "Force" or even master it but do you actually know what it is? The "Force" is a Psionic melding that you would fail to comprehend. And I am a Psionic Entity, I do not use this "Force", I am the "Force"."

Once this was said a ghostly being appeard in front of Lord Cracken:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Tis I, the "Dark Force""

Lord Cracken smiles and swings his saber cutting the being that had appeard in two making it dissapear within a redish fog that invades the zone. The being that Lord Cracken though he had easily slained reappears behind him:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Ha! You Jedis are all the same, foolish!"

Lord Cracken then proceeded in some series of stuning combos using saber and force, in particular "Destruction", revealing his superior skills in lighsabersmanship and Force mastering. But Once again his hits only caused a dissipation of this being into a red fog and seconds later its reincarnation.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "I already told you, I am the Force! What you see in front of you is what you think I am but tis a simple illusion, I do not have a body, I am energy. You can do nothing to me with your useless weapons and the fact that you try to harm me with the Force gives the exact same result than trying to fight fire with fire. We, the Psionic Entities are the origin of your capabilities of using the force, our power is so grand that we cannot contain it all and are obliged in releasing some. This insignificant force, the one we release, is the force people like you, Jedis, manage to use and take for granted. I say We because there is another who ressembles me, an other Psionic Entity, I am a Dark Archon, known to your kind as the "Dark Force."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "And I am an Archon, known to your kind as the "Light Force". We care not for what you use our released "Force" but we will not tolerate it's use against the Protoss, the lifeform we have given birth through the "Force"."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Now you must release the force you irresponsably contain"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "Or you must die"

As the word "die" was pronouced the two beings vanished into thin air, the sky turned red:


A mysterious swirl carried Lord Cracken up high, letting his saber fall. His body took the position of a crucified man and he slowly went higher and higher. Lord Cracken was paralized it was as if something took control of him. While this occured The Dark Templar had formed a circle with different patterns in its interior and they whispered ancient Protoss relic prophecy sayings.

Both Psionic Entity could be heard:

"Let go of the "Force" you hold within or you will die"

Cmdr. Cracken
05-07-2002, 08:20 PM
*Cracken, now beaten, and paralized, quaked with anger. Never could a being be more power than he, and to humiliate him in such a way was death. The anger swelled in him, and reached it's point. if he could not have this planet, it would be DESTROYED. Realeasing all his hate and rage, saddness and anger, he unleashed a spherical nova of dark energy, breaking the bond which held him, he aimed his hands down, and muttered an ancient Sith spell. He would not loose, even if it ment his LIFE. The column of energy emitted struck the planet, driving to the unstable core.

It hit the core, ignighting once again what the Death Star III begain, a chain reaction which would culminate in the destruction of this world.

He looked up at his tormentors, and laughed*

Now you all will DIE, Every single one of you pitiful fools. I AM THE DARK LORD OF THE SITH, YOU WILL NOT LEAVE HERE ALIVE!!!

*he laughs maniacally, and decends to the ground. Quakes and tremors can be felt, as the planet ripps itself apart. Amongst the molten explosions, he can be seen, laughing in his revenge, his final moment of glory.

And the Planet exploded.

The Dark Lord of the Sith, and everyone on the planet, was dead. In space the great fleets watching in horror, as the planet with thier esteemed leaders was on, went nova. On the Carrier of the Protoss Fleet, the beings rematerialized.*

05-08-2002, 10:09 AM
What about me?
i was right there right aside Cracken the entire time, and i didnt get to do anything...

i must have gotten off the planet some how...

05-08-2002, 11:15 AM
[Don't worry, you'll find something...]

The two Psionic Entities had succeeded in forcing Lord Cracken to let go of the Force he contained, but at a price. Lord Cracken's Force was so immensly grand in him that it's release caused the destruction of the planet. But how could the Psionic Entities, the Force themselves could not know what havoc would Lord Cracken's force release cause? The answer was simple, Lord Cracken was severly underestimated by the Psionic Entities. If they had know that Lord Cracken could have caused such destruction they would have immediatly killed him, but it was too late for that, what was done was done. The planet is no more. The Chain reaction that caused it's doom happened so quickly that no one had time to escape: Zassek, Keylex, Xesson and their men had perished as these were the last words they uttered:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremen%20avatar.jpg "THE FREMEN WILL NEVER DIE!!!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/fremenfedaykin%20avatar.jpg "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT ZASSEK!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/dragoon.gif "May we all join the Psionic melding, FOR ADUN!"

Battle continued in space but for how long? Now that the planet died along with Lord Cracken the Protoss had no goal to fight for and the Empire no leader. The very few Fremen who had stayed in the Carriers were still unaware of their planet's fate...

05-08-2002, 11:54 AM
*Abord the Akria, the ships Commander recieves a transmission of unkown origin Otherwise saying knowone knows where it came from, It was a Hologram transmission from Grendal In a typical Emperior's cloak. Still alive!*

Grendal: "I Fear Cracken is now one with the Force, I will be Taking over from here on out.

Commander of Akira: "Yes, My Lord!"

Grandal: "I want My Fleet to eveacuate and regroup in the Former Alderon Sector, I have a surprise there that the Last Great Emperior Cracken Left for us.."

Commander of Akira: "Yes, My Lord."

*Transmission ended*

05-08-2002, 04:48 PM
[BIG mistake dude, The Akira was destroyed after the Dark Templars rendered its SuperLaser and Shield generator useless, remember? The Akira was the Eclipse Star Destroyer that was exploded and was divided in half. A Chunk of it exploded in the planet's shield and the other headed towards the sun and eventually colided with it... If you're abord the Akira then you'ra in a Ghost Ship...]

Cmdr. Cracken
05-08-2002, 04:48 PM
The Akira was destroyed, the Yamato is the Command ship. juts an FYI

05-08-2002, 04:52 PM
[lol, now that's what I call perfect timing.]

05-08-2002, 05:06 PM
Impressive...he can destroy a planet...but I am God Emperor. I control all that falls beneath my all seeing gaze....his command ship will learn this

*With a cool, calm wave of his hand, Deac destroys the Yamato. Sathanas juggernauts are seeking out the other ships.*
It is time I was involved in the battle...but first I must complete my transformation...

*Deac glows gold. Whatever he will become depends on what happens next...*

Cmdr. Cracken
05-08-2002, 05:08 PM
*Kirad was amazed, a being maganed toleave the planet. More amazed was he of this former Lords untapped power, thta energy. A pity it couldn't be used against the Imperial Center, that the New Republic occupied. Pity.

Well, orders were orders.*

Kirda: Helm, get me a hyperspace solution and get us out of here. this war is usless. Recall all figh..

Officer: Sir, we lost our rear deflector shield!

Kirda: Intensify rear firing battieries, i want nothing getting thourgh, helm, do you have that solution?

Helm: Sir, we have one, engage?

Kirda: at once, tell any remaining fighters to get abord other craft, and tell them to Hyperspace immediatly. any ship that doesn't make it back is to self destruct, they must not know our technology or our knowledge of the galaxy!!

*The grand Imperial Fleet begins it's retreat, one by one, winking out of the system to the new Emperor's location. very few fighters were unable to reach the Star Destroyers, and followed thier superiors orders, and self destructed. Soon, the battle field was quiet once again....*

05-09-2002, 10:25 AM
Originally posted by Cmdr. Cracken
The Akira was destroyed, the Yamato is the Command ship. juts an FYI

[BIG mistake dude, The Akira was destroyed after the Dark Templars rendered its SuperLaser and Shield generator useless, remember? The Akira was the Eclipse Star Destroyer that was exploded and was divided in half. A Chunk of it exploded in the planet's shield and the other headed towards the sun and eventually colided with it... If you're abord the Akira then you'ra in a Ghost Ship...]

oops! i guess cracken or someone will have to edit the post for another ship then :)

*A few Ships made it back to the Rendezvous point in the Former Alderon sector, to the amasement of the scattered fleet the Emperior Cracken has ordered the construction of multiple Super DeathStars where about twice the ize of a normal one but with the new Laser Cannons and Shields featured on the Akria, and a few more tricks; each contaning more then 1Billion+ clones constructioning each Super DeathStar; Maneuverability was increased exponentially.*
*Otherwise, one could say this fleet was invincible in everyway one could think of.*

*Grendal aboard the SDS#138 Commanding the Fleet*

Grendal: "I want all DeathStars completed as soon as possible, We'll be taking on the Protoss Fleet soon..."

*Conversation Through the Force*

Grendal: "Cracken, your plans for domination of the protoss fleet will come full circle soon..."
leaving room for cracken to speak back...

Cmdr. Cracken
05-09-2002, 05:36 PM
*deep in a mountain, on a distant planet, in the depths of the Unknown Region, mahcines buzzed and whirred. Life support systems kept an indevidual in a Bacta tank alive. it was human, and male, and floated lifelessly in the bacta.

the bacta started to drain, and the human opened his eyes, and and was briefly confused. He then remembered. The planet, the Force, those beings. he detached the breathing mask, the bacta low enough for him to safely breath. he held up his hand, and a blast of destructive Force energy melted through the container.

Now his revenge would be complete. Tehy all thought he was dead, even that minion of his. He laughed briefly, and reached for his cloathing. dressing, he walked to a table, which on it was a lightsaber. HIS lightsaber. He looked at the rest of the room. all the rest were in complete stasis. He smiled. He knew this trick would be valuable. The Emperoor taught it to him personally. Though the Force, and these clones, he would be immortal.

He walked down the catwalk, and boarded his shuttle. one of many. It took off gracefully, and he for Kuat. Through the Force, he felt his minion contact him..*

Grendal: "Cracken, your plans for domination of the protoss fleet will come full circle soon..."

Cracken: "Proceede as directed. I will be with you, young learner."
*He cut off, and smiled.

Arriving at Kuat, he found the great shipyard destroyed. Only a few minor shipyards remained, and those still standing were heavely damaged. construction driods worked to repair the damage. With Deac gone, and the valuble planet destroyed, the Shivans no longer had buisness in the galaxy, and left, never to return. All that was left in the conflict was the Zerg, and the Protoss. And him.

He moved his shuttle on an out bound flight path. His hidden fleet waited him. Entering hyperspace, his course was layd in for the Kharak system, an unknown small system, void of any habitable planets. There, lied his Eclipse Class Star Destroyer Bismark, and a full escort fleet. He knew his minion was headed to Aldderan, and he would move when he moved.

Leaveing Hyperspace, he saw his fleet undergoing adjustments for the eminant engagement with the Protoss. Soon.... Soon.. *

05-09-2002, 05:37 PM
*A being coated in gold armour appears. Deac has become infused with all the powers of the species with him. The ultimate form...

A God Emperor...

05-09-2002, 07:20 PM
Meanwhile the Protoss fleet were eliminating the remaining Zergs most of them had already died along with the planet. Once these vulgar beast would be no more the Protoss had planned to leave the zone, there was nothing more left for them here, the planet was no more. As for the remaining Planetless Fremen, they were welcomed to tag along but all they really wanted was vengeance in the name of their heroes: Zassek and Keylox who had both perished in the disaster...

But Something troubled the Psionic Entities:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "This is strange, I havn't felt the Psionic Melding Lord Cracken held coming back into me... Tis possible he has..."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "Survived? This cannot be!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "I'm afraid so, can you not feel his Psionic Melding still burning?"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "....yes...Yes I do! It is very weak but present in him! He is not far but how can this be?!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "We must finish what we have begun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "Do not worry, Lord Cracken cannot support humiliation and will surely seek vengeance, we only have to wait. But for now I suggets we rid ourselves of these Zerg parasites once and for all."

The Dark Archon, The "Dark Force", enters the mind of all remaining Zergs and simultaneously cause their implosion, explosion and death.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "Now, we wait."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Why not deal with the Empire the same way I just did with the Zegs? I can get everything over with in less than a second."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "No, the Empire is not our ennemy. We only seek to take the Force out of Lord Cracken who foolishly uses it. He is a menace for the being we have created: The Protoss. And these Battles against the Empire are good experiences for our beings, they need to learn how to be strong and independant THEN they will become perfect!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "Yes, Perfect!"

In The Carriers the Dark Templars proceed in meditating and whispering ancient Protoss Sorcery to awake the Psionic Melding that is in them. More Carriers make there appearance as the Protoss prepare for the univetible third confrontation...

05-09-2002, 08:03 PM
Meanwhile, very VERY far away, in an unknown secret Space Laboratory orbiting the still undiscovered planet of Aqualox:


a mysterious voice speaks:

Unknown: "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology"

Unknown nš2: "Professor, here are the blueprints you asked:"



05-09-2002, 09:22 PM
Great here comes the 6 Billion Rupublic Decterian Man...:rolleyes:

*Grendal knew of Cracken's plot to have himself cloned, that way
A: Cracken would be in prefect health and preform just as fast and effecient as his slightly older but yet still formidable apprenace Grendal.
B: Due to Cracken and Grendal being technically the same being, they'd look the same as well, so running an Empire wouldnt be easier to control.
C: And, now even if Grendal or Cracken dies, it wouldnt matter who would take over as Emperior, becuase the age difference is lessend so the if one died he'd fuse with the other living entity and become even stronger then both fighting along side each other...*

*At this thought, both Cracken and Grendal smirked with an insidious smile, knowing if the time came they had to, they would fuse without a second thought, all at the same time, LightYears apart.*

05-11-2002, 05:57 PM
*Deac is now filled with power. He teleports himself to the planet's surface. Stormtroopers surround him*

Troop: You're under arrest, Deac!

I advise you not to mess with a god...

*Deac swipes his hand and the troopers are knocked flying.*

Why do i leave them alive? Dead men can't learn from their mistakes. I must now find my enemy. Or he will find me. But first, I have a promise to keep...

Shivan warriors: I am opening many jump gates for you to return home...

Thankyou, master. We will bring more help. Many Shivans have gone unavenged! For the journey!

05-12-2002, 12:36 AM
*Grendal senses a disturbence in the force...
It seems the second person he'd felt before when he was on the planet soon after the first attack, became stronger somehow...*

*Knowing that whoever this was had to have gotten these powers at some cost, and it seems like this power is almost equal it his own; Grendal is quickly tempted at this challenge, but unfortunately Grendal still had meny thing that he'd had to attend to.*

*Grendal cleaning off his assortment of lightsabers, making sure that each crystal was finely polished... and places them in a different safer location. Grendal replaces these crystals with his own obsidian like crystal, prefect for creating a black beam of light...*

05-12-2002, 05:54 PM
It seems like so long ago now that I melded with the dying worm's heart to gain these powers...what have I become? Abomination? Warlord? Deathbringer? Tyrant? A god?...no....not a god...but an almost omnipitent man. The shivans have brought more than their Sathanas and their new, larger ships. The Shivan Mother Queen herself wishes to meet with me. It will be a metting of destroyers...on dark, one light. My enemies belive themselves powerful, but they cannot be for long. My forces are ones of endurance...rightteousness. The empire is one based on fascism and slavery. The New Republic fully supports me...but even now...where did I come from? Yes...a planet far away named Earth. I had a small country...Deacland...yes...where has all the time gone?

*The door opens. A huge dark being, flanked by her Shivans, enters. The Mother Queen.*

05-16-2002, 04:16 PM
Several days have passed. The Psionic Entities and the Protoss were well known for their patience, they still waited for Lord Cracken's return knowing that he would never give up even if he had to die for his evil cause. The Psionic Entities were obliged in being impressed that a single lifeform could contain such a great amount of Psionic Melding, Lord Cracken should have normally implosed a long time ago due to the intensity of the force he contained but this didn't happen and the Entities failed to comprehend why.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "This being is different from the others that use our excess Psionic Melding. He shouldn't be able to contain this Psionic Melding he holds but it is not so...Why? What is hidden whitin this being? And This Deac is also interesting he has such power but contrary to Lord Cracken he does not depend on the Psionic Melding to be strong."

Meanwhile back in the orbit of Aqualox, after many intense non stop days of Bio-Mechanical-Surgery, insomnia and desesperation the mysterious proffesor surrounded by hundreds of his assistants is about to finish what he had begun.

Unknown proffesor: "All that is left is the insertion of the Ghost in the Shell and he shall be reborn.."

Unknown: "Be careful proffesor, remember that we have detected unknow energy source highly concentrated within the Ghost itself. Probabilities indicate that it has a 65.678 % risk of releasing itself in a Super Omega Nova Blast that would cause the Destruction of this entire Galaxy thus causing an infinite exponentially rapide expanding unimaginable Galactic Blackhole that may render everything that exists to nothing at all in a very short amount of time, darkness for eternity. How can such force be contained in a little volume? This is unbelievable..."

Unknown proffesor: It is because it is unbelievable that we can take the risk my dear collegue. I am inserting the Ghost now.

As the Proffesor inserts the Ghost he starts pumping the Esper fluid within his creation, giving it life. Glittering a bright white gleam from his eyes and the central core located in his torso, where his Ghost was located. This Bright light was unexpected by the scientist and all execpt the proffesor started to have doubts on what they had accomplished. The Supreme Being rises:


Unknown proffesor: it's alive ! IT'S ALIVE ! MUAHAHAHAHAA !!! ALIVE !!!

05-16-2002, 06:22 PM
*sensing yet another pitiful lifeform coming into play, Grendal only grins at when they find out that he's in power, and is now more stronger then Cracken himself. Not forgetting the power increase that could be made through a fusion between Grendal and the cloned Cracken.*

05-17-2002, 03:46 PM
It is agreed them. My allies will all meet. We will discuss our battle plans. But I must do something first...

*God Emperor Deac removes an old bone from his arm. He doesn't need it anymore, his bones are re-growing as titanium.*

This blade of my bone will slice through anything. I name it, "DarkKiller"

05-23-2002, 12:44 PM
Professor! Scanners indicate that the energy the Ghost contained has immensly decreased! it seemed to have vanished!

No, no my dear collegue, he is simply hiding and containing it because he knows what havoc it can bring.

The Professor then turn towards the new being as it spots for the first time the face of it's creator:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/tp-sv.gif"I am professor Dexter SteinFranken. You used to be a biological beeing like myself but something destroyed you and an unknown force brought what remained of you to us, do you know who you are?"

The Cyborg looks and studies himself, pauses and then silently speaks with a deep and dark voice:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"My body...where is it ? Who am I ? WHO AM I !????!!"

The shock wave of his scream caused an earthquake level 7 in RichterScale causing severe damage to the laboratory and injuring the scientists.
The Cyborg realize what happens and after order was restored professor SteinFranken tries to calm down the Cyborg:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/tp-sv.gif"We understand that you are lost but we cannot help you. When you came to us you were already dead ! We chose to give you a second life because we knew you were important, so musch energy was being releasing from your corps. It was your Ghost, it refused to leave your body, we recuperated it and gave you a second chance."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"Tell me, how much of my body is biological ?"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/tp-sv.gif"Only 11% of your burnt corps came to us. We used a unique unburnt muscle tissue to determine your DNA and with that information we "cloned" your brain. We also integrated an artificial nervous systeme that you can choose to put offline whenever you wish."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"So nothing in me is really reel? Tell me more !"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/tp-sv.gif"You will now everything about yourself by accessing your central core chip computer. You can also access everything that is technological. You may find your new body tricky to manipulate at first but you'll get the hang of it"

After this was said, The Cyborg enters in some sort of meditation as he visualises the information he holds.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"A question is left unanswered, who am I ? And What is this energy I feel within me?"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/tp-sv.gif"That my dear friend, we cannot answer. All we know is that it is that energy that saved you and brought you here and gives you such power..."

05-23-2002, 12:46 PM
Meanwhile the Psionic Entities have sensed this new being:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif"Something has been troubling me for a while..."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif"You have also felt him havn't you, It seems to be him, his energy has increased !"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif"Impossible, a mere mortal cannot survive such destruction!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif"But do you not feel the Psionic Melding that is in him? It is very strong, such force has never been seen before in a mortal. Why havn't we detected this earlier? There is only one explanation possible for this, after all his life the Psionic Melding he holds only chose to come out in his death."

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif"So Zassek lives on..."

05-23-2002, 05:36 PM
*Deac stands above an army of 10,000 of his most elite troops. Selected from all of his allied forces, their job is the bidding of Emperor Deac*

My StarAngels, you have trained for many years for these days. Your race, your nationality, your religion, your background matters no more. What matters is the destruction of the evil enemy. We go forth, to the Imperial garrsions to destroy them!

I personally will join you!

Hail God Emperor Deac!

Maud'Deac! Maud'Deac!

For the journeyman!

Cmdr. Cracken
05-23-2002, 06:01 PM
*Cracken sat in the Captains chair on the Bismark, silent and brooding. His new Admiral walked up.*

Tojo:Sir, final preparations and out fits are complete. The Clone Troopers have been trained with these new weapons, and are stationed on all commands. Ysalimari are inplace, and we should have no teleporting... pests on our ships. Your orders?

*Cracken was silent, lost in thought....*

Tojo: sir?

*cracken looked up*
Cracken: I will tell you when i am ready, now, leave me in peace.

Tojo: yes my lord.

*Cracken went back into thought. he rememberd the first time he encountered the Protoss, on the outskirts of the Unknown region. How vicous they were. merceless in there destruction..... he was a small bow on a secret Imperial Colony when they came... and killed his parents. everyone he knew, every one they loved.... they would pay... all of them. Every single one of them!*

05-24-2002, 04:10 PM
Where to, my liege?

A small planet in a system called Sol. It's now under Imperial rule since they found one of our gateways. We're going to retake it, AND MAKE THEM PAY!

*Deac explodes[not literally!] in a rage, causing several ISD's to explode. The power is becoming difficult to wield when concentraction is not full. Deac must find something...something he can find only on Earth...

Landing, they find it overrun with clonetroopers, killing innocents. They don't stnad a chance. During the battle, Deac himself enters the field and draws the bone blade...*


Cmdr. Cracken
05-24-2002, 05:07 PM
*Deep within the bowels of the Bismark , Cracken moved his hand over a control panel. The doors open, and revealed the ultimate destroyer.

An Evangelion. standing at about 1000 ft tall, the behemoth stood in wait. an officer came up to him.*
Sir, should we pre...

Cracken: ...pare the entry plug? yes. I assume the S^2 Engine is operational.

yessir. It sustained no damage in the last sortie.

Cracken: good.

*Cracken went to the lockerroom, and changed iinto the Nerv suit, and entered his plug. His creation, his weapon. The plug inserted into the Eva's neck, and the nerve connection commenced. brilliant light surrouned the plug, and LCL filed the plug. When the view became clear, his sycnronization ratio was read to him. 399%. good. yess..... AT field was active, and ready. He moved the eva, gathering his pulse rifle, and enlarged lightsaber. The lightsaber went into the storage fin above the Eva's left soldier, and the pulse rifle slung onto the Eva's back. The Eva then reaced for his positron rifle, now pluged into the Eva's S^2 Engine plug.*

Comm:Sir, we are dropping out of lightspeed. Protoss home planet in sight.
Cracken:Open the Eva hanger.

*warning klaxxons went off, and Eva's Wings of Light appeared. The hanger opened, and Eva jetted to the Protoss homeworld. A carrier came to inspect, but Cracken knew it. The Eva raised it's hand at the carrier, palm open, and fired, THROUGH THE FORCE, a destructive blast, destroying the carrier.

Evangelion was not only an extension of him, but an extension of his powers though the Force, amplified.

Eva fell to the planet, gracefully landing outside the main city. He leveled the positron rifle, and fired. The blast ripped the city apart. again, and again he fired, destroying the fragile protoss on thier home planet. Probes raced to warp in new shield generators, but it was to late. The Bismark already was pointed toward the planet, it's main superlaser doors opened, and it fired.

The planet exploded violently, and amongst the chared remains in space, Eva stood.

Undamaged. It flew back to the Eva Hanger, and docked. Here, Cracken would stay. The Fleet hypered to Sol, the new Imperial outpost. He knew that bait would lure Deac out into the open.

Arriving, he flew from the hanger, and one by one, destroyed his ships with the Eva.*

((OOS: An Evangelion IS hard to destroy. Since this assumes the Evangelion has awakeend, Evangelion can regenerate all it's parts from nothing, and has a Strong AT field, which nulifies all weapons thrown at it. Even a planet exploding cannot harm it, esp. with Cracken's Sync ratio so high. (399%, max 400% before you meld with Eva.))

05-24-2002, 07:07 PM
http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "Great Executor! The Empire has Destroyed planet Stanun XIX, one of our outer satellite planets, all that were responsable to survey this zone have joined the Psionic melding. Observers report use of new Empire robot technology equiped with AT field"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/darkarchon.gif "So they have discovered the AT field, one of the first steps towards our Plasma Shields. This Lord Cracken has grown stronger and it seems that The Protoss, our Perfect beings, are not as perfect as we predicted they would be... Fleet Executor, proceed to the initial strike plan and head towards the Empire fleet Nav point, eliminate the ennemi. For Adun!"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/archon.gif "This will be the perfect ultimate test for the Protoss. But what troubles me most is this great energy mass, can it really be Zassek?"

Meanwhile back in The Space Laboratory in an other Galaxy, the Cyborg continues to study himself and tries to find answers deep inside his ghost but all is hazy. He then asks Professor SteinFrank why he is equipped like a war machine.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/tp-sv.gif "These were the orders of our Great and Noble Savior Lord Deac"

When the Name Deac is pronouced everybody bows down and the Cyborg fails to compute what's with this Deac.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"Who is Deac ?"

Everybody bowns down again

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/tp-sv.gif "He is the one who will rid the Galaxy of the Evil Emperor Cracken."

Once the Name Cracken is said the Cyborg seems to spark from the inside.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg]"That name! I know that name !! I know he is evil ! but why?"

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/tp-sv.gif"Lord Deac..." Everbody bows down "...has called upon his finest men to participate in the ulimate battle that will destroy the Emperor once and for all. We are his finest scientist, we are not warriors, so we have created you the way you are so you can be a great aid to lord Deac..." Everybody bows down once more "...He told us you would know how to take the right decision, he also said that he knows you and is responsible for the energy that is within you. Now you must go and Join Lord Deac" Every bows down, again.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"Lord Deac..." All bow down "... I have this feeling inside my Ghost that I know him and I can trust him, I don't know why but I can feel his energy... He awaits me, I shall go! Thank you Professor SteinFrank, thank you for everything."

The Cyborg Blasts out of the Space Laboratory and heads towards Deac's location, in an other Galaxy. The Cyborgs speed being exponentially faster than the speed of Xestwiq (Xestwiq is a still undiscovered plasma that travels so fast that speed of light is like Snail Speed and considered REALLY slow) he already reaches the targeted Galaxy. On his way he encounters Lord Cracken's fleet and flies right through several Destroyers including the Bismark causing them to desintegrate into uncountable tiny invisible dust. The EVA incredibly survived such blow. The Cyborg knew it was Cracken's fleet, he also felt Cracken but he was patient and he new the proper time would come. The Cyborg slows down and approaches Deac.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"Lord Deac, Professor Dexter SteinFrank has sent me to you. I don't know why but I know I know you from an other life, before I biologicaly died. All is not clear in my Ghost, I spot hazy image flashes of my now inexistant bio life. Tell me Who are you? Why do I feel I know you? Who is this Cracken whom I know is evil and cannot help but think is responsable for my biological death? And Above all, Who am I ?"

((OOS: BTW Deac, let me remind you: the Cyborg is Zassek the Fremen Leader. But you can choose not to tell him at first, you are free to decide))

Cmdr. Cracken
05-24-2002, 07:17 PM
*A new contact flies by Cracken's Eva at high speeds, and amazingly distintigrates his fleet! all of it! Anger swell,ed and he turned his eva toward the planet. his anger boiled, and Eva started to break loose! It's helmet which contained it's head came unhunged, and it roarded with ferocity! The Eva brought it's hands back, swirling with Dark Energies of the Sith and the Dark Side, and when he brought them togeather, a massive evergy blast 2000ft wide eminated from the Eva.It streaked toward the planet, and destroyed it!

The Eva, now iwth it's wing out streached, moved with increadible haste to the main protoss fleet. There, he will kill. and kill. and kill untill there is no more to kill.

Inside, there was an empty Nerv suit. A meter showed. Synch ratio:1000%. a small warning light blinked.
Cracken and Evangelion Unit 01 were now one.*

05-24-2002, 07:29 PM
((OOS: Uh-oh, Now I've done it... Deac, if you skipped page 2 to directly go to page 3 be sure to check my last post on page 2, I have important stuff for you there...))

The First Wave of the Protoss Fleet arrives in the Zone were Lord Cracken's fleed used to be.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif "What is wrong? There is nothing here! Is it possible that the Observers have made a mistake?"

As The Carrier Executor tries to figure out what is going on a white bright light rushes at full speed towards his fleet...

Cmdr. Cracken
05-25-2002, 01:59 PM
*The Eva came at the first carrier, leveled it's rife, and fired. 180 Gigawatts of energy rushed at the helpless carrier, the blast deflectied, but the carrier's shields were no more.
The Eva closed in, and at point blank, fired the rifle again. The Carrier distintigrated into nothing, the blast ripping it apart.
Small interceptors swirled around it, their shots bouncing of the Eva's now impenitrable AT field. Eva outstreched it's hands, and a brilliant white light hit all the small snub fighters. Thier minds, raped and left to nothing.
The power of God.
One by one, Eva mercelislly destroyed them. Another carrier. Eva outstreched it's AT field, and the carrier rammed into it, exploding brilliantly.

And so it went. for hours, waves of Protoss came at Evangelion, only to be destroyed.

05-25-2002, 04:24 PM
*They've done it! Cracken and Grendal have succesfully planed out an attack so well the renforcements would arrive to overwheim and crush the enemy fleet!

Grendal's fleet had arrived! approx 1500 super Deathstars have arrived each jumping out of light speed and now of withs left of crackens fleet and eva just about to leave, all the SDS's open fire onto the front line, creating a massive screen of lasers each of that had the approx 1.5x effectiveness in power that the Akria had*

Grendal talking to Cracken through force with glee: "We have done it, our foes are going to be crushed!"

Cracken relucktantly: "I'm afriad this isnt over yet"

*Suddenly an attack from nowwhere nearly 20% of the super death stars where destroyed!*

Cmdr. Cracken
05-25-2002, 04:28 PM
((OOS:Scar, when a person melds with an Eva, he is no longer existant. he comletly, in body and mind, becomes on withe Evangelion, and has to WILLINGLY want to return.
So, you can't talk to me. at all. not until i return to the physical.))

05-25-2002, 04:35 PM
oh yeah... duh. :) um okay, maybe i attpemp it get ahold of you and not be able to :D

05-25-2002, 05:52 PM
[Lord Deac! Now that's cool!]

You are my most loyal lieutenant, Zassek. You were the mightiest fremen leader who was ready to die at my whim. And now, you are re-born. It is not your place to leave this world yet.

*Deac is informed of the Eva*

Fool! It is powered by evil itself! The dark lord will fall to Darkkiller, the blade of the bone of Deac!

*The sword glows. The Evil one's force's approach. A huge Darktrooper, the new MK3 towers over Deac. Deac, in response to the challenge, enlarges himself and halves it in one swift stroke.*

Evil must be opposed! Come, dark filth Evangelion, polluting the name of beautiful beings is one of thy lesser crimes!

*The Blade glows with lightening*

Godlike...no. You have merely strong pyshcic abilities. I am an Avatar of the All Father. Prepare to meet thine end!

Cmdr. Cracken
05-26-2002, 02:03 AM
((OOS: first, i'm waiting on Jem. Second, Evangelion is built from the Angel Adam, FATHER of humanity, and Adam was BORN FROM GOD HIMSELF. Eva is an extension of notonly the pilot, but God him/herself. Read up, yo.))

05-27-2002, 03:37 PM
[Sith=Evil. Therefore, you have taken something good and turned it evil]

Afraid, Sith. That is all you are. A sith in a metal suit. I am far greater. I am the Mahdi, their messiah. Divine or not, I intend to rid this universe of evil. You will be cleansed.

Cmdr. Cracken
05-27-2002, 06:53 PM
((OOS: Technically, Eva's purpose was to defeat God's Angels......and to bring the forced evolution of human kind....))

*Eva sat amongst the ruins of the Protoss fleet. It's eyes burned with hatred, and purpose....*

05-27-2002, 08:35 PM
((OOS: Eva was a creation of man to defeat the "messengers of God" (the Angels) copied from the genetic code of Adam. But since when was Eva an extension of God? :confused: Oh wellz...it's a godmode RPG anyways :D

Hehe...I love Evangelion :D ;)))

05-28-2002, 03:28 PM
Then it is clear. I am the fighter here on the Side of God. Chosen from humanity. I am not a God Emperor-

I am an Angel

*Deac walks amognst the ruins of the Protoss. An army that died for a person they did not even know. He sees the Eva sitting amognst the dead, and Deac is filled with his righteous Rage against evil*

You can run no further, dark one.

Cmdr. Cracken
05-28-2002, 06:51 PM
*Evangelion sits amongst the ruins, appears to be eating... something... Eva hears Deac and turns, and the grotesque sight of protoss body parts is seen falling from Eva's mouth. It's wailed, and stood up. It's left shoulder storage fin opens and reveals a lightsaber. it falls into Eva's right hand, and Eva ignights it. Surprisingly agaile, Eva slashes at Deac, leaving a gash across his chest.... reavealing an S^2 organ......*

05-28-2002, 08:55 PM
http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"Why does this primitive AT field resist us? give me Observer report"

No Observer survived long enough to do a complete scan on the EVA. the only Information that the Fleet Executor had was that the AT field seemed to be infinitly amplified.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/carrier.gif"How can this be?"

Suddenly the two Psionic Meldings simutaniously speak in the surviving Protoss minds and all those who have not yet participated in the battle.

"Enough! To many have joined the Psionic Melding, us, already. WE the Dark and Light Psionic Melding, creators of the Protoss, order the Protoss to cease the attack. You have failed your ultimate test to acheive perfect beingness. Can you not see that the EVA and Emperor are only one? His Psionic force is part of the AT field, this as you know it is the secret behind our plasma shield but contrary to us he as used 200% of his Psionic force thus ending his physical existance. This renders him almost invincible, but he is nothing compared to us, the source of his power is us the Psionic Melding, what they call the "force". Without us this mortal is nothing and compared to us he is nothing, just an other apportunist of our exces Psionic Melding. Protoss, you have failed to call upon the inner Psionic Melding we have given you and only saw power through weaponry, you have deceaved us. Once you learn to harness the Melding every single one of you can destroy this emperor with a simple thought but you have yet to learn before this is possible. We, your creators, ask you to stop the strike and observe this Deac and reborn Zassek who know how to harness our Psionic Melding, watch and learn Protoss, watch and learn, it will be your last lesson..."

The Voices fade away and the Protoss, ashamed, silently observe the scene telepathically.

Zassek is along side Lord Angel Deac. And stands back, knowing that he should not disturb the duel between the Lord Angel and the Lord Devil. The Eva slashes Deac who didn't evade because he knew he had nothing to fear from the EVA. Deac is injured but this means nothing. Zassek detects the injury and casts a level 3 minor heal, it is as the gash never existed...

05-29-2002, 03:32 PM
Fool. Hate can harm us both, as can rage. But you have one far major weakness I don't. Your blood is dark and full of evil. Let me "Cleanse it"!

*Deac casts a powerful heal spell. The power of this love and goodness burns at the Eva, tearing though it's dark power, weakening it from the inside. This anti-poision has the effect of a very strong poison to the Eva.*

05-29-2002, 07:13 PM
http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg "Evil one, the Holy Water Burn is having it's effect on you, there is no escape and soon you will be cleansed..."

Cmdr. Cracken
05-29-2002, 07:48 PM
*Eva reeled, and screamed in pain, it's flesh underneath it's armor burning. Suddenly, the Eva fell silent, it's limp body crashing to the floor.

it twitched. again, more rapidly, suddenly, It's AT fieled expanded rapidly, crushing all but Deac and Zassek, who were barely able to stand against it's force. Suddenly, it's eyes lit up once again, and it roared with fury. The Eva jumped, and landed in a crouched position, much like a turtle. It suddenly sprag at Zassek, and began devouring him. And arm thrown off, a leg bitten and chewed. It clawed at it's Zassek's face, ripping what remained of the flesh off, and begain destroying it's computer brain. it took what remained of it's head, and broke it on it's knee, it stood, and roared with fury and pain!

((OOS: Watch episode 20 of Neon Genesis Evangelion. An Eva Beserk is an unstoppable force... even without exaggeration.))

Deac took advantage, and cut it's arm off! Eva screamed, and pushed it's AT field against Deac, who was trying to regain balance after his quick move. He was flung far, and landed witha sickening crunch.

Eva cluched it's now severed arm, and went to a ruined protoss carrier. It stripped a long, arm length strip of metal, and put it into it;s shoulder socket, it hanging. Amazingly, Eva's body began forming around it, using the metal as skeletal structure. A few seconds, and a new arm was fully formed.

Eva eyed his target, which was getting up from the blow.*

05-30-2002, 01:41 PM
((OOS, don't worry, I've seen every episode of Evangelion. But contrary to most people I find that anime not to be amazing))

The EVA thought he had finished with Cyborg Zassek but without this evil knowing it, the remains of Zassek had risen and also started to reform.
Unlike the EVA, Zassek did not need any exterior help by using metal as skeletal structure. His mechanical body parts were reformed from some sort of liquid metal that sprouted out of every dislocated parts and merged. As for the biological fragments that were in him, ludicrous Mitosis, cell division process, quickly restructered what was ripped apart. Cyborg Zassek was nor Biological nor Mechanical nor The Force, he was the fusion of those three elements. Circuits, Cells and Psionic Melding were one. There was no such thing as a central computer in him...

((OOS: Watch the episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion were that Bio/Mecha virus Angel invades Magi...))

Zassek was already reformed way before EVA could form his arm. He is surprised by his own power and as EVA turns and spots him it rushed and strikes Zassek that seemed to be cut in two. Then from behind the EVA something reaches for the jammed Entry Plug and starts pulling it away. EVA tries to figure out who is doing thisby turning his head and sees Zassek, again:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"Fool! The Zassek you thought you had cut in two was only a reflection of myself, my shadow. My evade speed being almost infinitly faster than the one of light my image still remained while I was already behind you..."

Zassek keeps on pulling the Entry Plug that is retained by the force while EVA desperatly tries to take him off his back. The Entry Plug slowly starts to budge but the resistance is so immense that Zassek's arms begin to rip apart.

((OOS: Watch Ghost in a Shell when Motoko Kusanagi, the Cyborg girl, tries to open the tank's vault.))

Cmdr. Cracken
05-30-2002, 05:30 PM
((OOS I did. ****, looks like i'm screwed. hehe))
*Clawing, reaching, EVA screamined in agony. Suddenly, it's AT Field pushed Zassek, but he managed to hang on to the now loose enrty plug. Roaring, Eva jumped and fell onto it's back, crushing Zassek.

It did it again. and again, and AGAIN, high with every jump, with more force, and rage each time. Zassek's cirutry crushed, eva reached and pulled away Zassek's limp hand form the entry plug, and Eva's body covered the plug with thick organic resin, which dried into a hard armor around it.
((OOS: Took me a sec, but i figured how to get you offa my back))
Now, it turned to Deac, who was rushing madly at Eva. Swinging, Deac tried to hit it, but missed. it was amazingly fast, Eva was.
A down ward slash, and Eva caought Deacs wrist, stopping the blow, and began crushing it. Deac screamed with pain, tried to punch Eva with his free arm, but that was also caught, and Eva began to crush that.
a struggle between wills.

05-30-2002, 06:25 PM
Deac roars in anger. This beast is strong, but then he remembers something. Something his priest had told him to read. He creates a chain of light and empowers it with love, and lassoos (Sp?) the Eva whilst Zassek pulls on the link.

Read Revelation, you LOSE!

05-30-2002, 10:04 PM
((OOS:I made a mistake in my previous post, In the first "OOS" I meant to say: "contrary to most people I find that anime not to be amazing". forgot the "not" there... Deac I have no idea what revelation is so I have no idea what is going to happen...))

Zassek doesn't fully compute what exactly Lord Angel Deac wants to accomplish with the link but he knows he can trust him so he just pulls with all his might.
The Link shines brighter and brighter...

Cmdr. Cracken
05-31-2002, 10:57 AM
*Eva is cought by the mysterious white, light, but the enemy doesn;t notice the small orange light below the line...
Suddenly The AT field expands, breaking the white webbing that contains the Eva, and it envelops Deac and Zassek.
A dome forms around the three fighters, and the AT field reverses it's direction, pushing in instead of out.
Inside the Entry Plug, the Nerv Suit is now once again conatined a human body, Cracken, and his finger was held over the red button labeled S^2 engine over heat. he pressed it. The Eva started to glow, and it exploded with a massive force.... but the explosion suddenlly started to reverse, and in place of EVA, was a black spot.
The AT field suddenly collapesed, creating a Sea of Dirac, sucking in all that was in the field, Deac, Zassek couldn't escape, and they were placed into the new dimension of nothing.

The entire planet, gone. The protoss were amazed.
Noone survived.*

05-31-2002, 06:12 PM
((OOS: You must be refering to that episode were the body of the Angel was what they thought was it's shadow...))

None survived, at least that's what the Protoss thought...

Darkness, emptyness, nothingness...

Zassek's sensors failed to detect anything and even after he had put his nervous system Online he couldn't feel anything. He quickly did a self scan to check if it was due to damage he might have but nothing, he was as optimal as he could be.

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"This does not compute."

In this dimenson, the 5th dimention, all physical laws that apply in the 3rd dimension were totally modified, notion of time and space converged and had no meaning. Zassek tried detecting other lifeforms, Deac and the Evil one in particular, but no aura was emitted from them. This is when he noticed that he also didn't emit any aura, could it be that the Psionic Melding, the Force, was inexistant in this mysterious dark and unknow dimension?

Cmdr. Cracken
05-31-2002, 07:10 PM
((OOS: yeah, and this is what happend to Eva Unit 04.))

*Inside the Sea, far from the two, Cracken sat silently, laughing maniacally.*

05-31-2002, 07:20 PM
[Revelation is the last book of the Bible. It details God's final defeat of evil and the ending of the world.]

This is strange. But I can adapt. You are just a man in a suit. This form is what I really am. Get out of the robot and prove your power.

06-03-2002, 12:23 AM
Drifting in a mere short ranger fighter, with all of his and the protoss' fleet in ruin.
very few survivers.
As Grendal's fuel is about to run out due to a search of a possible feighter or something, form either side. nothing of use.
Grendal turns off his engines and desides to go a drift.
when his O2 ran out, he'd be one with the force.
be one with Cracken. Be one with his maker...

(OSS remember when grendal dies, all of his dark side power will fuse with Cracken. thus making Cracken even more stronger)

06-03-2002, 04:45 PM
Come out of the suit. Show me your real power. Not that of a feeble machine.

06-04-2002, 06:52 PM
Zassek hears the echoes of Lord Angel Deac's taunts. Using the super computer that is within him he calculates the dimensions echoe resonance factor. Once this is done Zassek proceeds in a playback of the echo he heard and mesures it's intensity in Decibels. Using andvance Quantum Physics Calcus and yet undiscovered theories of "Sound travel in the 5th dimension", theories he has just finished researching on and mastered, he determines Deac's exact position.

Zassek hurries and heads towards Deac. He notices that has 12.56382% of his speed which is caused by the Dimension ackward Gravitational laws.

On his way Zassek discovers new Scientific theories in which this dimension functions, theories that are completely absurd and preposterious in the dimension he is used to. For instance, an object falling downwords will not accelerate and keep the same direction, It can accelerate but afterwords it can slow down or just stop and all of this while it follows an undetermined course, zigzaging from one spot to an other. Zassek solves this crazy phenomenom by calculating that in this dimension their are several gravitational centres, not only one. This peculiarity makes it, of course, very difficult to travel but Zassek quickly adapts by predicting the the course he is suppose to follow because of the dimentional law and by countering it with the proper mouvements. He then puts his researches in automatic mode once he spots Lord Deac and notices that he has also adapted with this dimension...

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"At last I find you Lord Deac. I cannot seem to detect the Evil Cracken, Energy flow is inexistant in this dimension. Tell me, since Energy is inexistant, can you use the Force in here?"

06-05-2002, 11:13 AM
GRendal has parished. all the energy that made him, and that has evolved over the years has returned to Cracken.
Cracken and Grendal are now one.

Cmdr. Cracken
06-06-2002, 07:26 PM
*Cracken is adrift, alone is his victory.... suddenly, his mind is blaring, like a million voices yelling at once*
*Cracken is inheriting Grandels power, and suddenly, a white ball envelops him.

Far, far, far,far,far,far,far,far,far away, Zassek and Deac make out an infentesimally small white stream of light.*

06-07-2002, 03:24 PM

*Deac sees the light, and he and Zassek begin to walk to it's source*

06-09-2002, 06:38 PM
The Evil one's shadowy grim silhouette begins to be visible and Deac and Zassek dash towards him. Deac prepares his saber but because of the dimension's particular gravitational laws the sabers is bent like a U-turn. Evil Cracken is faced with the same problem when he activates his saber. While Deac and Cracken are busy trying to figure out what's wrong with their respective sabers Zassek takes advatange of Cracken's distraction and gives the first blow:

http://membres.lycos.fr/zetorealm/files/Cyborg%20Avatar.jpg"OMEGA WAVEPUNCH !!!!"

Zassek extends his arm as if he was giving a punch and an unknow wave comes out of his fist and hurries towards Cracken who is immediately propulsed 20 metres away.

06-10-2002, 04:23 PM
*Deac is unafraid. Placing his blade in his scabbard, he draws bows of burning flame and lightning, and fires them faster then the eye can see at Cracken*

06-14-2002, 08:24 PM
((OOS: No one seems to be posting anymore... Please confirm if everybody wants to stop this RPG so I can Conclude.))

Evil Cracken rises only to spot Zassek rushing towards him. Zassek gives a high Hurrican Kick but Cracken saw it coming and quickly parries and gives a powerful upercut right on Zassek's chin, dislocating it and almost ripping his head off. Zassek is thrown upwords by this hit but succeeds in flipping over and using his boosters he accelerates his downfall, armes extended and fists towards Evil Cracken. Cracken receives the blow on the thorax, this blow is so immense that he is temporarly unable to breath. Zassek takes advantage of Cracken's chocked status and gives a Dash Double Dread Kick followed by many critical point hits causing a very deadly ultra 65 hits combo that ends with a blowing upercut.
Evil Cracken can be seen propulsed and landing several meters away.

06-19-2002, 03:43 AM

*Grendal's energies help Cracken heal his wounds almost instantaniously*

06-19-2002, 08:14 AM
((OOS and not OSS: It wasn't an attempt to get back on this, I just don't like leaving stuff undone, even if it ain't critical. I don't have time to post right now, maybe tomorow.))

Cmdr. Cracken
06-19-2002, 08:52 AM
((OOS: Sorry, but i kinda lost intrest. I'll make this interesting))

Cracken's Eva's wounds healed, however, cracken was still dazed after that flurry of attacks. Suddenly, Zassek strick again, and Deac fired blast after blast of power magiks. The Eva screamed, like wise did cracken. It fell onto it's knees, doubling over in pain. It looked at it's assailents, and down came an energy beam to the head of the Eva.
The nerv receptors fired off, and Cracken was in incredible pain. He screamed, grabbing at his throat.

The Eva powered down, no movment was inside. Cracken, dead, cut his own neck.

They won, but how to get out of the Sea of Dirac.....

06-20-2002, 06:11 AM
The whole dimension revolving around Cracken's and his Eva's existance it began erasing it self, slowly ceasing to exist. Deac and Zassek were surrounded by this nothingness that spread quickly towards Cracken's corps. They were going to be submerged in the "nothing" and in a last and desperate attempt to escape it they began in releasing the most energy possible to try and create a barrier, or if lucky a Quantum Leap. They could only slow down the approaching doom as their force release fused and became more and more intense. The Force bcame so grand that a gate opened just in time, they had succeeded in Quantum Leaping.
Hours passed before Deac and Zassek regained consciouness, almost lifeless due to the energy release. Back in their dimension they realized something was wrong, nothing was like before, everything was so diifferent. It is at this point that Zassek realized that time was different in this dimension and in the 5th one and with the space distortions that Quatum leaps create they found themselves to be in their world's past. An unknow past, so far back during the Primitive Universe. They seemed to be the only intelligent species to exist. They had defeated Cracken but at what cost? and for what? Nothing had a meaning anymore and nothing was accomplised. Everthing that they believed in and fought for was saved but didn't exist anymore, there was no point. And knowing that a living being can die but it's Psionic Melding always lives on, did the evil Cracken really cease to exist?


06-21-2002, 01:44 AM
[You seem to have forgotten something: Deac's Lord Angel powers could easily help him move through time, also the Shivans can open a temporal portal. Deac's not staying in some crud past for long]

06-21-2002, 02:10 AM
[Zassek doesn 't care much either because he has now mastered Quantum Leaping. All of this is only for dramatic effect.]

06-21-2002, 06:29 AM
The whole dimension revolving around Cracken's and his Eva's existance it began erasing it self, slowly ceasing to exist. Deac and Zassek were surrounded by this nothingness that spread quickly towards Cracken's corpse.
Suddenly a last great attempt at conquest, Crackens and Grendal's Combined Engery escapes from Cracken's Corpse right stright into Deac and Zassek! (cracken's energy into deac and Grendal into Zassek)
When this happened it made both not only emencely more powerful, but at the same time in a skitsophentic rage (good poor usage of english :p) creating Entirely separate personailities in both beings, completey neutral.
At this, they turn to each other:

Transformed Cracken/Deac slightly dementedly: "Brother, we shall go?"
Thrasformed Grendal/Zassek: "Yes, i agree. WE shall leave this place before it all falls apart on itself..."

*Both leave the dimension, and re-entering the normal dimension, and into a surprise turn: both having dark energies (so tempation to do bad still there) they both start to destroy the universe and (sence thier light energies are still there as well) restore it, only for them to devistate it more, in an endless game of destructionand rebuilding!


06-21-2002, 07:19 AM
Sorry scarface but your ending does not apply, the RPG ended 3 posts ago and when something's said it is said and cannot be modified. You just gotta learn how to lose and besides you've had no power on the story since your character died.

Everything you just said is ruled out and doesn't have it's place here. As I said, the end was pronouced 3 posts ago and there's no going back.

06-21-2002, 11:14 AM
@Scarface: Hey, stop arguing, that was a great ending. Good defeated evil at an enormous personal cost. It's classic. I love it. ;)

@Deac: "...almost lifeless due to the energy release."

Besides, it was only an AU Deac. ;) :D

06-22-2002, 05:12 AM
That is true Deac, the Lord Angel may have lost all of his powers and won't get'em back... and as for Zassek, he did master Quantum Leaping but it is unsure he may use it once more because a second time would kill him and he needs his energy release to fuse with the Lord Angel's who has lost a lot of energy... It's a heavy price to pay for victory.

So Redwing you've been following this RPG since it began? I also have been eavesdropping on the Cantina :D. Maybe I'll pop-in one day ;)

06-25-2002, 09:53 AM
i got bored to i wanted my character to die

but i finialy decided on a alternate ending for the hell of it.
it migh tnot have been good, bu tit was for ****s and giggles anywho :P (and who says im arguing)