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04-27-2002, 01:33 AM
:atat: When a jedi has his saber down and is not making any moverment ...he is most likely watching, Typing or challenging someone. PLease spread this word and mention it to people that you see being jerks. dark jedi tricks like drain and choke are cheap and honorless, even if they can be countered, but i do love pushing those cheap asses off of ledges with push. Dont run up and saber, shoot or choke a jedi with his back turned to you, Its just lame.

04-27-2002, 01:57 AM

Mr Lewis
04-27-2002, 02:45 AM
:jawa That happens all the time to me
I turn off my saber and i face someone to challeng then BAM! Some idiot slices me on red
i hope this catches on

04-27-2002, 07:22 AM
Closing the saber is only a recommendation. You can't force anyone to not attack you when u'r saber is down. Mostly likely they are newbies and easy prey, so just slash them to oblivion.

It's called -SC-... the saberist code.

04-27-2002, 10:30 AM
heh, it's no skin off my back to run past em without attacking, and if it makes them happy then that's good :) but i dont think they should get upset when someone does saber them, there'll be people like that in any game, it happens :)

i did see one fella who'd stand there looking at the ground (which in 3rd person gives a bird's eye view), facing into a corner, with his saber down. as soon as he saw someone coming, he'd adjust his position slightly and backstab them. he didnt always hit, but when he did it brought cries of surprise from many a player im sure :)