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04-27-2002, 10:30 AM
This thread is meant for laughing at the worst moments you had in JKII MP. this can be anything you like, but please keep it to either things you screwed up or somehting lame that happened to you, or was done to you... but NOT whiner sob stories know what I mean?

think of this like real life war stories, rarely do real life war stories involve the teller of the tale killing an entire platoon of the enemy with a mess hall spoon, or the cap from his canteen, so please keep the heroic tales to a minimum ok guys? this isn't a coolness contest or something heheh... I will accept complaints, but not whining ones either ok? so saying **** like I was gripped ten times and the fag wouldn't stop when I had my saber off will be ignored by me... I will except tales of spam however as I find them amusing :)

I was going to tell that tale of the guy I fought tonight that endlessly spammed DFA for about 10 minutes, with no other move, or even force power ONCe being used in the fight... I lost that fight of course due to my own stupidity... I just ended up rolling away and thought I was safe cuz I lost him... but he found me and DFA me while I was typing LOL...

but then I realized I do have a better one... in the spirit of this thread this is not about acts off coolness on my part... though I have a few cool stories like that, we all do... and I don't want to sound like a whiner so I won't tell all my sob stories... so like I said, I want to keep this amusing... so what follows is the tale of the luckiest, coolest, and funiest DFA move I have seen EVER in my humble opinion... to be honest for once it was an honor to die in this fashion!!!!

We where on that one temple map with the tunnels (not the one with the big open area with the center arena thing many saberists love, the other one I forget the name off...)

Anyway Our team was wining on this private server (Saber only full force) my friend hosted for the night...

We got a little cocky though and the score evened out, till it was 3 kills away from us winning and 4 away from the other team winning.

all five of us ended up in the halls, heading for the likeliest place the other team was waiting... i had just finished killing two guys so was down to about 25 health and no shields, and basically didn't think to get health up items ETC in the tunnel...

As I came to the exit I noticed a guy from the other team racing my way.

i kept my view on him, so when I backpeddled I had no idea I was being blocked by my teamates... who turned out to all be lined up pushing on eachother pushing on me to get out, while I was trying to get in...

due to the door they didn't see the guy coming with the DFA move... I didn't both to dodge figuring even if I died my friends would take him out...

He DFA hit me effortlessly, making mincemeat out of my head... I then heard 3 other death sounds, and sabers falling, and the score board popped up signalling the end of the match... what happened? Well as we all know the DFA moves does full damage all the way through the animation sequence... I died quick and the others basically all ran right into it one ofter the other, after the other... somehow it was timed just right so that they each managed to walk right into it... I never thought this was possible till it happened, and god how I wish I had a screenie to prove it... but I nearly pissed my pants laughing so hard!

By the way just to make it all the more amusing this guy was at the bottom of the other teams list of frags with a whopping 4/15 score LOL, those 4? those of us in that hallway!!!

The next map we all begged for him to join our team figuring he was some kind of good luck or something heheh!

So yes thats my humiliating but funny story of patheticness in JKII:JO

so if you want to post a similar tale, please remember try to keep whining to a bare minimum, and don't flame the others sob stories...

this is NOT a rant thread, or a complaint thread... so ANY bitching about X saber style, or Y force power being unbalaced should be ignored, and simply doesn't belong here... this thread is intended to poke fun at ourselves... and regardless of how good you are, we have all had one of those OOOOOPPPSSSSIE!!! moments... If you haven't you are lying, I know you are heheh...

So no shame in this thread, if you got owned in the most embarising way known to man (got crushed in a garbage thing after tautning the guy who is about to push the button to activate the crusher? told someone they had no skill only to be owned by a lucky DFA attack? just got done telling your newbie friend that all strong stylers suck and then get owned by a guy who mastered strong style? if you can answer yes to any of these questions or any similar ones, PLEASE post here :) )

Once again lets keep these posts whine free, and bug free... the bugs and complaints have by now been done to death I think (I hate to say that because I am an advocate of making sure bugs are fixed even if whining is the key to doing this). So please just share your worst JKII:JO moments in this thread, with screen shots if you have them to make it all the more amusing.

No politics here (Ie debates on styles bugs ETC ok?) please, just tell us the funniest and or most humiliating moment in your mulitplayer JK history, and I will be happy :)

04-27-2002, 10:35 AM
your post is too long :D

my most laughable memory is when i first started playing I saw this afk player. So i went over thinking easy kill! what basically happened was the auto block was too good for me, and he killed me, without doing a thing ..............

04-27-2002, 11:35 AM
haha OPP, I'd be scared to share that with the public :newbie: