View Full Version : Fighting dirty - A guide to the new players

04-27-2002, 11:57 AM
A few suggestions from a gamer, most people seem to just swing wildly with the saber and use very little finess this will get your arse whooped if you do it against an experienced player. Try for timing and tactics it will pay off.

Force powers yea they are great and even the most simple general force powers can assure you a kill most of the time, as with the saber it's all about timing.

Push - Aim it just above the head of the victem and use it only when they are excecuting a move like attack or landing from a jump and they will go down 90% of the time - Use it overmuch and you deserve to be called a lamer

Pull - From my experience push is more effective

Speed - not really worth it

Seeing can be usefull at times but only limited efficiency on a duel server

Force Duel Tactic:

The common tactic for me is to use medium or fast style to remove shield from the opponent then a timed heavy attack such as will take them down, or a push followed by 2-3 fast midium style hits will leave a corpse.

Against people who use force drain alot heave style is most efficient, though speed is also good there about the only time i've had use for it, lowest lvl speed will do it.

The grip well any light side will know that this is nothing more than free heals for him, pretty useless in light vs dark fight.

A move/tactic i mentioned earlier that is unbeatable is drain lightning combo it takes practice but done right you can keep a player from using heal and slowly wear away their health with lightning and if you are good at dodging they stand very few chances of winning - extreemly lame in the long run, only works on lightside, against dark side it's not worth it.

Absorb is in my oppinion the most usefull power in the game if you chose light side, it will protect you from people who are obsessed with push/pull/grip/lightning

Saber throw lowest lvl is usefull for taking out 25 shield in duels, just make sure you throw while they are executing a move or using a force power and you will hit.

No force duels:
Light/medium to remove shield then heavy stance is in my experience the key here.

Dueling in this game is all about timing and controle of the heavy saber in most cases, some people are to fond of dfa though while it's good it's not unbeatable and it can be dodgede, takes some practice and sometimes you will get hit.

Also remember to use the right style at the right time, so keep that saberstancecycle botton close at hand, chaning style between one sec and the next will keep the opposition off balance and quite often land you a good clean kill