View Full Version : Finished map, need some help before i release it.

04-27-2002, 06:01 PM
Hi, i finished a duel map i'd like to release tonight just a couple things.
1) i seem to have trouble getting the map to show up in the multiplayer duel list (i can't start a server using my map). I packed it into a .pk3 (just the levelshot and the bsp) and and i placed in the same directory as the default pk3's that come with jk2. I also tried placing it under base/maps but it didn't show up.

2) i think i forgot, oh yes...how do you make teleporters in jkradiant? same as q3radiant? i had the trigger brush and the target position and selected them both and made them a pair but it gave me a message that said "can't connect to world" and would switch the trigger brush back to a worldspawn...even though i had one already...oh well....thanks for your help in advance.