View Full Version : GET YOUR OWN DEDICATED JK2 Server !!!

04-27-2002, 06:35 PM
Hey all, Go here to get a dedicated server for great prices!

Click here to Get a Dedicated game server On a 0c-48 backbone. Your pings will be liek 35!! (http://artofwarcentral.com/welcome.asp)

I have one for CS,come check it out if u play CS IP = They just started taking orders for jk2 servers. Here is a IP of a test server they set up for u to see how great there servers are. IP= .The test server is located in Texas. so if you are on the east or west ans testing ur ping from this server, ur pings will be liek 70 - 100, But if u order a server, they can provide u with a server at 3 different data Centers wich are located as follows...San Jose Cali for the west coast, Dallas, Texas for the mid- USA, and Atlanta Georgia for the east coast so ur pings will always be low like 35 no matter where u LIVE!.Best of all, they do not charge a setup fee to get ur server started. Great customer service and Prices are very reasonable compared to other places like here->
GRiffinRun dedicated game servers

So just go check em out. I am a paying customer. Took me awhile to find a great place to rent a server. So i am tryin to pas some info. If u end up getting a server, they have some great features on there website. U get complete FTP access if u wanna control it through FTP. So u control it as if it were right in front of u. And at there web page, u can also control ur server and lots of other features if u dont wanna use ftp.If u dont understand anything, they have 24/7 customer support. U can contact there tech support through email, at the websight, on AOLIM, or ICQ. SO someone will always be there to help if u need help or are haveing problems with ur server .If ur server ever crashes, they have programs on there server that automatically restarts it's self. U can get stats and web hosting for about 10 more bucks a month.

SO get get one now, u wont be sry

Click here to Get a Dedicated game server On a 0c-48 backbone. Your pings will be liek 35!! (http://artofwarcentral.com/welcome.asp)