View Full Version : Grab your clan and Join IGL!

04-27-2002, 11:17 PM
The Ilan Gaming League has just launched yet another Jk2 Ladder. This time being a FF CTF Open Ladder(4vs4 & up). Other Jk2 ladders we offer are:

- 1vs1 FF Saber Only Duel
- 1vs1 NF Saber Only Duel
- 1vs1 FF All Weapons Duel
- 2vs2 FF All Weapons Team FFA
- 2vs2 FF Saber Only Team FFA

And now FF CTF Open ladder. Hope to see ya there =D


Any questions....email me at : dratex@iglnet.com


Drop by our IRC channel : irc.EnterTheGame.com #JK2-IGL