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04-27-2002, 11:51 PM
This is how to make a very simple sky in your level. Maybe it will help some people avoid browsing the internet looking for help doing theirs.

*I'm assuming you loaded the MP entities and project settings for this tutorial.

1. Make a giant cube and hollow it
2. Load the sky textures and turn shaders on(the option is a checkbox in the textures window)
3. Find a texture you like, but instead of applying it, apply the shader texture above it(will look like a purple/black tiny box above your desired texture)
4. While the cube is still selected, bring up the entities list(hit N). The entitiy selected should be the worldspawn, if not, just scroll to it and select it. Add the key ambient and give it a value of say, 250(a good value, think dusk/twilight). Hit enter to add the key, and hit N to close the entity list.
5. Now make a room within the skybox. Just to be very simple, make 4 walls and a floor(no ceiling, the skybox roof will be your ceiling). Texture them, drop in an info_player_start, and save it in /base/maps. No extra lighting entities are needed, because you did ambient light.
6. Compile it using BSP Vullfis (Extra).
7. Load JK2 Multiplayer, bring down the console, and do a /devmap filename(no extension needed)

You should be able to look up and see a nice, wide sky in your level. Always make sure your players can't jump high enough to clear the walls, because if they can look over, it more than likely will look fake and tacky.

One of the problems I'm getting with this is that ambient light seems to be bleeding in between the brush joints, so where the walls meet the floor and other walls, you can notice a thin line of light along the joint. I believe I have a way to fix this by adding thin brushes behind the outer brushes, their by seeling the room a little better, but I'm in the process of doing it, so I'll let you know. Hope this helped!


I have a friend that runs a gaming site that is going to start allowing me to publish tutorials there, I'll let you know when it goes up.

04-28-2002, 12:38 AM
thanks a lot for the tip
i got several questions b/c some of the links on the mapping tutorials dont work

-how do u set it so that a person dies falling off a cliff, instead of just falling forver?

-how do u make elevators/stairs/sliding doors?

-is there a way to toggle between placed models (whatever they're called) and entities even when they're placed down?

-are glass/mirrors already shaders and what group are they in?

-what are some of the purposes of some entities
also i know what info_player_start is, but what is imperial
and such for (other types of multi-games?)

-i tihnk if loaded sp entities into mp entities and it still was there, could it possibly work in multiplayer, or does it just show there but doesnt work?

-its hard to find smart, informative, and nice ppl

04-28-2002, 10:41 AM
Originally posted by xlXTaIXlx
-how do u set it so that a person dies falling off a cliff, instead of just falling forver?

I think I know that one: make a cube as an trigger_hurt and set the dmg to -1
this is the way it's done in ctf_bespin

04-29-2002, 02:47 AM
-how do u make elevators/stairs/sliding doors?

Draw a brush representing the object you want. Left click in the map and select func_door or func_platform. Make a series of brushes for stairs.