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04-28-2002, 10:12 AM
I admit that its ok in everything else BUT IN DUELS. you cannot beat someone that plays Drain and Grip in a Duel where the force power comes back at a default rate and believe me I tried everything. The guy kept running from me the whole time and after repeatedly running from me as he would drain me, he would just grip me. and just try to turn on absorb before someone drains you, its "impossible since drain takes less then a second to drain your force powers. not even the best players could stop a "skilled" drainer. I am a excellent player so its not my skills that are at guess here. Its that the Drain power is broken for anyone other then another drain player and I dont want to have to play that way. you cant use mindtrick because seeing cancels that and doesnt take a lot of force. drainer doesnt need force push or pull. he just run from you so even if you can get close enough to push or pull, your force power is gone. In duel there is no place to run to recover and the drain reaches stipidly far, so they can be across the map and use it on you. also you dont have to be line of sight. I dont of any light side power that has 3 effects like drain. drain -heals them, drains your force, and leaves them with force power still so any force attack is automatically a hit. just by nerfing the distance it reaches would make this power much better to deal with. If i dont chase after the drainer then he continues to drain me from across the map and then runs in for the grip. I did beat the drainer a few times due to me having enough force to pull (he usually drained it before I could get close though) and some lucky hits. his dueling sucked, but he didnt have to duel me since he was a drain grip monkey. just Drain, Run, Grip. The power Needs to be Nerfd. I would propose maybe a second delay with a warning (like a glowing hand) before it starts to drain so that absorb can be turned on. there should be a way to block it. everything on the light side is blockable before a person can capitolize on it. .... you simply cant push a drainer away either. that only helps in his quest to drain you. Like I said, In anything other than duel the power is fine because you can run out of range to recover, but in duel the range usually covers the entire map. I at first though you could always beat people with drain until I played a skilled drainer. Also I have never been so agrevated in the course of the game. There was nothing I could do but join another server or turned to the dark side in anger and let it consume me. Luckily I joined another server : )

04-28-2002, 12:59 PM
I agree. I also dislike drain and heal (and really any light or dark power) in a duel simply because it drags them on. Mainly with heal and dragin people tend to do more running rather then fighting. With heal they can rush in swinging crazily with no care in the world and then leap out and run until they are healed....yawn

04-28-2002, 01:57 PM
I really cant complain about heal and realize that drain is the dark heal, but it needs to be adjusted. I dont mind people healing because you can kill someone with one to two hits if you know how to combo your moves well. What I do care about is that drain is that there is not counter to drain. you cannot react fast enought to make absorb effective. that itself is mainly the whole problem, drain should have more of a broadcast time before it starts effecting you. just by doing that you even the force powers back out.

04-28-2002, 02:31 PM
Thats why I do challanges gets rid of thoose issues.
But personally I havent had to much trouble with drainers, usally if i can get close I can cut them down, if they want to play the backward run game ill just run off the other direction and go on with the game.

04-28-2002, 07:02 PM
it really sucks in levels where you have to force jump :(